WEIGHTLESS - Emotional Freediving

WEIGHTLESS - Emotional Freediving


For full experience it's highly recommended to use headphones or good speakers! Watch also in HD 1080p. --------------------------------

Hans Zimmer - Time - (ext. Freedive mix (by Hektiktrick))


My tribute to the *in my opinion* most amazing sport in the world Freedive ! *thx for 100k views :) Musik: Remix of Hans Zimmers "

Weightless is deep underwater. Freediving emotions


It's just a beatifull, delicious moment of the first dive, when you sunk yourself deep to the neutral buoyancy to feel your body finally to

Hektiktrick - Time RMX- ( Hans Zimmer) extendet Freedive mix (10 min)


My tribute to the *i think* most amazing sport in the world Freedive ! sry for the low audiovideo quality :( Video cuttet out of: 1.

'EXHALE' - A must watch for all Freedivers


Website: Instagram: Slowly sinking to the bottom of the

Safety Diver - Carl Thomaeus


Our safety diver Carl helped us all the way through the shooting of ' WEIGHTLESS - Emotional Freediving ' in Dahab, Egypt. Without

The Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Aspects of Weight Loss - Weight Loss Series


This weight loss series was released over the course of several months. Many topics are addressed including caloric intake, caloric

Mares - Explore Freediving


Are you ready to experience new emotions and discover new horizons? Immerse yourself in the center of heart-pumping action, or

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