Ki-43 Kato Hayabusa Fighter Wing

Ki-43-III Warthunder ridiculous climb rate (in Simulator Battles)


I could be totally wrong but while testing the Ki - 43 -III in Warthunder it climbed to 3000m in 105 seconds. So that means 3000105 ...

War Thunder - Ki43-III otsu - Synchro Everytime (SB)


War Thunder is an excellent Free to Play about WWII planes. Try it, it's great ...

加藤隼戦闘隊/加藤建夫 激闘の軌跡


Kato Hayabusa Fighter Wing . 【KSM】加藤隼戦闘隊 東宝 昭和19年作品(1944年)映像・音声独自改良版 著作権消滅 加藤隼戦闘隊 ...

IJA KI-43-3 'OSCAR' 日本陸軍1式戦闘機「隼」 @ Secondlife


K-Lysmer IJA KI - 43 -3 'OSCAR' 隼 BGM 「活殺自在」 written by ilodolly ...

Target Rabaul guncams 1 (japanese)


Some older TR videos shot when flying for japanese.

War Thunder The Japanese Hayabusa


We have the Hayabusa A low level unlock but very strong framed Aircraft. The firepower is not all that great but it's airframe is ...

Imperial Japanese Army Airborne Forces Exercise (1941~42) - Rakkasan Butai


Video From: Imperial Japanese Army Airborne Force Paratroopers training Documentary Movie "Sora no Shinpei" (1942) ...

Pearl Harbor December 7,1941 Day of the Attack


On Sunday Morning on December 7,1941 The Imperial Japanese Navy was plan to launch a Surprise Attack On the United States ...

Public domain 加藤隼戦闘隊 "Katoo Hayabusa Sentoo-tai" ('44) 8-8


Public domain 著作権消滅 東宝映画『加藤隼戦闘隊』"Katoo Hayabusa Sentoo-tai" (Colonel Kato's Falcon Squadron ) 皇紀2604年 ...

일본군 Ki-43 영국군 전투기 격추 동영상


마지막에 탄알이 바닥나는데 조종사가 킬 당했는지 그냥 추락합니다.

A6M5 Zero vs. P-38 Lightning


Comparative description of these two outstanding but very different fighters , and some historical commentary.