El Mariachi (1992) - Pronto, Azul Scene (110) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Pronto, Azul: Azul (Reinol Martinez) and his men fight off some hitmen sent by drug lord, Moco (Peter Marquardt).

EL MARIACHI - Trailer ( 1992 )


Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's film.

El Mariachi (1992) Ending Scene


Ending scene of 'El Mariachi ' ( 1992 ) written and directed by Robert Rodriguez I do not own the content of this video.

El Mariachi (1992) - The Wrong Case Scene (810) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - The Wrong Case: El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) finally crosses paths with Azul (Reinol MArtinez), the man for whom ...

El Mariachi (1992) - Mistaken Identity Scene (410) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Mistaken Identity: El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) is chased from his hotel room by a group of armed men after they ...

El Mariachi (1992) - El Mariachi Sings Scene (710) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - El Mariachi Sings: El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) finally gets a chance to sing. BUY THE MOVIE: ...

El Mariachi (1992) - Mariachi Day Scene (310) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Mariachi Day: Azul (Reinol Martinez) shows up to a bar owned by Moco and kills almost everyone. BUY THE MOVIE: ...

El Mariachi (1993) (Dubbed) - Trailer


In this action adventure film a lone Mariachi musician enters a small town at the same time as a hitman. They both wear black and ...

El Mariachi (1992) - Calling Your Bluff Scene (910) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Calling Your Bluff: Domino (Consuelo Gómez) plots with Azul (Reinol Martinez) to find El Mariachi at Moco's (Peter ...

Entonces Tu eres el Mariachi


Escena de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez 1992 .

El Mariachi (1992) - Looking for Work Scene (210) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Looking for Work: El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) searches for work at a local bar. BUY THE MOVIE: ...

El Mariachi (1992) - Sing or Die Scene (610) | Movieclips


El Mariachi - Sing or Die: Domino (Consuelo Gómez) accuses El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) of being a murderer and forces him to ...

El Mariachi Best Scenes


En botella wey.

Desperado - Town Shootout Scene (Audio RE-DUB)


Another audio resoundredub I did for a classic 90's action movie, this time: Desperado. Special thanks to these channels where I ...

El Mariachi (1992) Full Ending Scene - Happy Ending (HD)


El Mariachi just wants to play his guitar and carry on the family ...

El mariachi (1992) Full Movie


The town he tries to find work a killer who carries his guns in a guitar case. The drug lord and his ...