Lina Inverse

DotA 6.83d - Lina, Slayer Beyond GODLIKE ! #2


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Slayers Revolution: Uh-Oh.... Lina Flipped!


Nice knowing you, fuzzy lil' guy. I don't wish to own this clip. It rightfully belongs to Funimation.

L*na I*verse's most complicated spells.


A video for my friend that shows off Lina Inverse's most complicated spells from the anime "Slayers"

Miracle- [Lina] Deals Insane Damage! Carry Build 7.19 Dota 2


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Slayers: The Motion Picture (1995).


+13(Mild Nudity, Violence). -English Mono. In this prequel movie to the Slayers televison series, Lina Inverse travels to Mipross ...

DotA 6.81d - Lina, Slayer Beyond GODLIKE !


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Dota 2 Hero Guides | Lina Inverse


Blow your enemies up in one combo! Lina Inverse is one of the hardest single target nuker in the entire game, and the best part is, ...

Double Dragon Slave


Lina and Sylphiel's Double Dragon Slave used against Hellmaster Phibrizzo.

★DoTa 6.83d Lina Inverse, Slayer - GamePlay | Guide★ Unstoppable, Ultra kill!! ★ #1


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Warcraft DOTA - Lina BEYOND GODLIKE | 2018


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Dota 2 - Stray228 играет на герое Lina Inverse [3700 MMR 05.04.2016 Mid vs Invoker]


Приятного просмотра! Stray играет в Dota 2 Рейтинговые MMR игры и Калибруется. Ссылки на Стрея - Канал на Twitch.TV:.

Lina and Amelia sing



Gourry vs Lina


Under Hellmaster's control Gourry fights Lina and the rest of the gang. It's proof that Gourry is about as strong physically as Lina is ...

Lina Inverse - Koala (ENG)


That classic Slayers gag of Lina hitting the tree and then speaking to the audience.

Lina Inverse gets kneed in the belly


This is a classic scene from Slayers where Zelgadiss hits Lina in her stomach using his hard stone-made knee. Lina reaction is ...

Slayers Try Clip - Lina gets a letter from Luna (English Dub)


One of my favorite scenes from Slayers Try. Lina Inverse has a job offering from Filia but refuses, that is until Filia gives Lina a ...

Unboxing the LINA INVERSE Nendoroid


As a long-time Slayers fan, I just had to get my hands on the Lina Inverse Nendoroid figure from Good Smile!

Paparazi Lina Inverse | 9334 MMR Dota 2


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Slayers Next - Giga Slave (Fabrizo's end)


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER The third part of the Lord of Nightmares appearance and ...