Guillermo – God's Plan


Drake has a new video where he goes around and gives money away called 'God's Plan.' This video is very popular and it has

Jimmy, Cousin Sal & Guillermo Prank Aunt Chippy at an Aura Shop


From time to time, Jimmy likes to have fun at the expense of his aunt Chippy with help from his cousin Sal. Aunt Chippy is one of the

Guillermo at the Oscars


The stars were out in Hollywood for the Oscars and our very own Guillermo was there to get them drunk and file this exclusive report

Guillermo at Super Bowl Opening Night 2018


Every year at the Super Bowl they have an opening night where members of the media get to talk to players from both teams. Since

Guillermo at NBA All-Star Media Day 2018 – Finding LeBron


Every year before the All-Star game and before the NBA finals, they have Media Day where reporters interview the players.

Guillermo Tries the Terrifying Skyslide


Guillermo faces his fear of heights by riding The Skyslide, a glass slide that juts out of the 70th floor of a building in downtown LA.

Commercial for KeVita Master Brew Kombucha with Guillermo


What makes you feel alive? It's an important question and to get the answer from as many people as possible, we sent Guillermo out

Guillermo Live at a Legal Pot Shop in West Hollywood


As of January 1st it is legal to sell and buy cannabis for recreational use here in the state of California. There is a lot of curiosity

Guillermo Climbs the Empire State Building


During our trip to Brooklyn, we sent Guillermo to the Empire State Building. When you visit the Empire State Building, you don't have

Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day


We've been sending Guillermo to Media Day for six years now and he's talked to everyone including Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade

Guillermo PiggyBack-to-Back at the 2017 Emmys


One of the stars at the Emmy Awards was our very own Guillermo who went not just back-to-back but PIGGYback-to-back with Emmy

Guillermo at the PacquiaoMayweather Press Conference


Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao recently held a press conference in L.A. for their highly-anticipated fight. All the major

Guillermo at Super Bowl Media Night


On Monday in Houston, they had Super Bowl media night where reporters got to roam free for a chance to chat with the players and

LeBron Finally Acknowledges Guillermo


LeBron Finally Acknowledges Guillermo .

Commercial for Febreze with Guillermo


Unless you're living in a bomb shelter, you know that this weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and those of you who are lucky enough to

Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo at a Fortune Cookie Factory


Brooklyn is home to many great cooks and chefs and bakers and artisans of all types and is also home to the world's biggest maker

Guillermo Crashes Matt Damon Interview


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Guillermo at the Oscars


Each year, Hollywood's biggest stars walk the red carpet right across the street from us at the Oscars and every year, Guillermo tries

Giannis meets Guillermo


Giannis meets Guillermo .

North Korean Cheerleaders Love Guillermo


The Olympics in PyeongChang are under way and the North Korean cheerleaders have been getting a lot of attention. Kim Jong Un

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