The dairy

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes


Take The Dairy Free Challenge → ← Dairy is scary. Please share this video with anyone and ...

What the Dairy Industry Doesn't Want You to Know - Neal Barnard MD - FULL TALK


This is Dr. Neal Barnard's full one hour talk on cheese, milk and the many reasons you want to break the dairy addiction. This is ...

Everything You Need To Know About The Dairy Industry In 15 Minutes


Most people think of dairy as being as perfectly harmless food. Even though more than 65% of the world's population is unable to ...

The Dairy (Short Film)


Tom enters his usual dairy to find himself accused of stealing by the shop owner. Cinematography: Akshay Bijawat.

The Dairy Industry-- Undercover Investigation of Slaughter


Dairy cows are considered "spent" by the industry at about age 4 and are shipped to slaughter to become hamburger meat.

Clean in place at the dairy factory


A Finnish dairy producer chose FlexLink's stainless steel conveyors to increase output and simplify cleaning ...



Hoots Mon was released on the 27th of April 1940. Starring the now legendary Music Hall comedian and original cheekie chappie ...

Emily Deschanel: Behind the Scenes in the Dairy Industry


"Bones" star Emily Deschanel gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between mother cows and their babies and ...

The Dairy Show 2015


This one-day event has become one of the most important dates in the dairy farmer's calendar, combining a comprehensive trade ...

In The Dairy - Doddington Dairy


Download the audio track at All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. What a ...

Mary From The Dairy - Max Miller - Cheeky Chappie - 78 rpm - Green HMV 102 Gramophone


Here's the great British Comedian Max Miller "The Cheeky Chappie" singing his signature tune 'Mary From The Dairy ' Mary From ...

The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds Flat


Where do cheese, milk, and even ice cream come from? Go behind the scenes in the dairy industry for just one minute. PLEDGE ...

Cannibal Feast: Survivors Eat Mark at the Dairy (Walking Dead | Clementine | Telltale Games)


Before the outbreak, Mark was formerly employed at a US Air Force base before it was overrun, but did not appear to be familiar ...

You Won't Believe How The Dairy Industry Treats Calves


You Won't Believe How The Dairy Industry Treats Calves Newborn calves are typically taken from ...

Mark & Alessandra wedding, The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury. 18 May 2017


Mark & Alessandra wedding, The Dairy , Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury. 18 May 2017. This is my video edit put together from other ...

How Robots Are Saving the Dairy Farm


March 9 -- Today's dairy farm is a far cry from what ads and movies would have you believe. Cows go to robotic milking stations on ...

Meet the Dairy Farm Families of Virginia


The dairy farmers from Virginia tell us about life on a family dairy farm.

7 Seconds in the Dairy Industry


Many people are surprised to learn that nearly all cows used for milk are born with tissue that will develop into horns.

Robots Hard at Work on the Dairy Farm


About 20 Minnesota dairy farms are now using robots to do their daily milking chores. One such farm ...

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