Klovnen 1917

Klovnen 1917

clown funnyman harlequin funster Klovnen 1917 Клоун Режиссёр Август Сандберг


Жанр драма Режиссёр Август Сандберг Автор сценария Август Сандберг В главных ролях Вальдемар Псилан...

The Clown (1917)


KLOVNEN directed by A. W. Sandberg. I added English captions and a half-assed soundtrack to this Danish print.

Wild and Woolly (1917 USA) Salvaje y lanudo


Comedia del 'salvaje oeste' protagonizada por Douglas Fairbanks bajo la dirección, como tantas veces, de John Emerson.

Сатана ликующий (1917)


Пастор Тальнокс яростно призывает паству бороться с искушениями, пока сам не становится жертвой соблазна....

Klovnen (The Clown) 1926 - Unrequited Love


Scene of great dramatism with Gösta Ekman as the clown, Karina Bell as his wife & Robert Schmidt as Marcel Philippe, her lover.

Thomas Graal's Best Film (1917)


Despite what the opening title says, this is THOMAS GRAAL'S BÄSTA FILM directed by Mauritz Stiller and starring Victor Sjöström.

Homunculus 1916 directed by Otto Rippert, Olaf Fønss, Ernst Ludwig, Albert Paul, Lore Rückert


Жанр Фантастика Режиссёр Отто Рипперт Продюсер Ханнс Липпманн Автор сценария Роберт Райнерт В главн...

Thomas Graal's First Child (1918)


THOMAS GRAALS BÄSTA BARN directed by Mauritz Stiller and starring Victor Sjöström.

Cab No. IЗ (1926)


FIAKER NR. IЗ directed by Michael Curtiz. In French with English captions.

Sad Shy Clown With His Mind Blowing Version of Sia's "Chandelier" | Week 1 | America's Got Talent 20


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Charlie Chaplin - Food Fight - The Great Dictator


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A Time in Film: 1917-1918


Not the two most memorable years in film, and that could be because WWI was in the way and also because many films were ...

По закону 1926 By the Law


По закону (Трое) By the Law Режиссер - Лев Кулешов Премьера - 3 декабря 1926 Жанр - Психологическая, криминальная.

Chaplin Modern Times 'non-sense song'


I love this song and dance scene with Charlie.

as i moved on


This video tries to convey the beauty and eventual balance that exists in the relationship between nature and modern industrial ...

Romance of The Redwoods - Cecil B. Demille (1917)


During the California gold rush, a young woman travels to the west coast to live with her uncle. When she arrives she discovers he ...

Pseudocode + Climax Denial


Songs: Les Microbes De Dieu + Scorched Earth *Tribute to " Klovnen " A.W. Sandberg, 1926 -The clown figure, is health-