Pokemon Talk #18: Oh Brother (ft. The Pokemon Professor)

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Check out the Pokemon Professor!! /> In this episode of Pokemon Talk, Squirtle and Bulbasaur bring back an old guest from a past episode! However, things aren't exactly as they seem.... More Pokemon Talk! Season 1: />Season 2: /> I make Pokémon videos of all kinds, and I try to post as regularly as I can. If you’re a Pokémon fan of any level, check my videos out! T-Shirts and Merch! /> If you're hyped for Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to subscribe for more news, speculation, and hype! Subscribe to me! /> My 2nd Channel JMikeyG! /> Music by Rob-Ez! YouTube: />Soundcloud: /> Facebook! /> Twitter! Puppy Love (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( />Artist: #pokemon #pokemontalk #pokemontoy #bulbasaur #squirtle #plush

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Well I just stayed there watching through the whole end card waiting for something to happen...
Arph Arkins
who wants a Ditto episode??? coz I want one.
I'm your brother Chespin Chespin Hug me harder Lol
Buddy Jacoby
I wish this show was uploaded daily I can't get enough!!?!?
"Sorry I'm late, I was told couldn't ride my bike inside..." So funny :Di love it everytime they break the fourth wall..and love the mustache part..hahahabtw, Michael have you ever considered being a professional voice actor? Cause you'd rock it
"Wait, are you cousin Squirtle?" "No"
"Sorry I'm late, I was told I couldn't ride my bike inside." Well I have now completely lost it
Chespin Jr 98
uou can never have too much chespin XD lol and the brothers meeting was emotion add links and hilarious
Long Huỳnh
I know it's supposed to be funny but I teared up a little bit (just a little bit) when the Chespin brothers reunited.
"So your parents were Ash." Oh man haha.
Shiny Swalot
Now it's time for the biggest question that arose during watching this... Which of the Chespin doesn't have a gift for his mother on mothers day?!
Saphiria TheBlueDragonKnight
When the first Chespin was talking to the other I thought he was going to say "I am your father."
Rachana Baditha
"Cousin Squirtle? Is that you?" "Nope!" Hahaha! This got me laughing so hard!
Brandon Murphy
As someone who has never watched Pokemon (sue me, pricks, I dare you) I find these pretty funny
KawaiiSodaSlime 9
bulbasaur:wait how did that moustache happen? bulbasaur:really i want those me:XD
Full Of BS
"harder chespin harder* 😂😂😂
KinG Darpa
Did anyone get the reference when Chespin said, "I was told I wasn't allowed to ride my bike in-"
Elesa Brooks
"Our parents weren't creative." "Do your parents were Ash?" XD yaaaasssss
Mirsab Matano
If this was every two weeks I'll be a happy man. But of course, Michael has other content to put out. So, you do you Mikey :) Love the content bro
Trainer Sean
I'd judge you for playing with dolls but I have a shit ton of Pokémon plush dolls myself
lik if u cri evrytime
Speedy G Potassium
It's always funny when they break the fourth wall. And that ending. XD
ellen lucy
Thanks for reminding me about Mother's day.
Alexandru Marin
Can you do Raccoon man voice on a Zigzagoon
I lost my crap at 3:56
I loved this :-) Hey Michael can you do one with Flareon?
"So your parents were ash" Hey, at least you weren't manga red's pokemon, or you guys would've been Chespy
Yah a new episode of Pokemon talk
i loved this episode!!!! They just keep getting better and better. Keep it up bro
Srijan Kaushik
2:43 "its been soo longg!!" i just really would have loved if the other one said: ITS BEEN 3000 YEARS!!
UnovaKid 24
"How did that mustache happen?" XD
Vicente San Miguel
Hey guys I believe or think that the Pokemon Sun and Moon could be based on the Legends of the Flat Earth.....🤔...... And that is why they are hiding the news about it because it is a super controversial topic. Think about they all ready have Pokemons that represent Sun and Moon and there is no need for it to be more, but one of the creators did said that the game is based on when he sees the sun and moon on the same time and many flat earthers use that as proof of a flat earth!
widowmaker main
omg i love Pokemon talk i originally subed to you because of it
I already laughed at 0:05... I lost the challenge from your sun & moon reaction vid :P
The Nexu
I love this series! It never fails to make me laugh.
Enebee Ogloospls
i wasn't allowed to ride my bike indoors ... well he knows oak...
Tony Tang
B: Michael why didn't you say anything? M: Don't look at me you run the show. B: I am a toy! S: Bulbasaur stop breaking the fourth wall That was hilarious.
The Shnall
My mum's birthday is on mother's day!
Nutmeg Okami
XD hahaha so good! Loved the part where Chespin dropped his mustache and then Bulbasaur freaking out at the end about the bad joke. XD Love Pokémon talk keep up the great work Mikey! ^^
Jakob Mannheimer
Cousin Sqirtle, is this you? No Oh, my bad I love it!
GD Insidget
2:20 There's a container of Tide Pods and this is an old video so that's kind of a warning Oh wait the meme's dead
Jonathan Soria
I love your work! It's amazing and entertaining! I give it a bravo! 😎😛
Shiny Charizard345
Who else waited till the vid was over just in case they did the "oh brother" part again??
Jeselyn Rhodes
OH brother chespin and squirtle
Bulbasaur! Stop breaking the fourth wall!
Really? Two Chespin plushies?
Ahhh yes, pokemon talk always make my day! Keep up the awesome job! :D
Gabriel Gutierrez
Zack Lunas
1:46 Yeah, I think we all forgot that episode
Fennekin_ Fan101
MandJTV im a big fan of ur channel lz do fennekin that would mean a lot to me i subbed
Natalie D.
"our parents weren't creative" "so your parents were Ash" DEAD
pokemon fan
Oh brother
Theory: what did kids do before they were 10 and got Pokemon and why they don't know of some Pokemon when they encounter one. You would think they would study them growing up.
OMG POKEMON TALK!!!!!! YASSSSSSS!!!! #pokemontalk and, nobody can forget our favorite person in the world, #MandJTVPokevids !!!!! WOOOOOOOO
uhm, has Bulbasaur's voice got a lot lower.
There are many voices saying mothers day has currently passed xD
This is so cute and funny
the sweet sylveon
yayyyy!!!!!!! i so glad your back!!!!!! i love you and pokemon talk😄😄😄😄😄😄
Banber 2000
I swear these videos keep getting funnier and funnier. Great job michael!
Adam Eason
now THAT ending joke was good.... XD
blastbot 73
this was actually an emotional video for me
Joe Huang
This is literally one of the funniest type of videos Mikey makes aside from some of his videos with his bros and some vlogs
3rd Year Ravenclaw
I'm not gonna lie this was pretty funny Lmao
Oz Ofri
great as always! really cheeres me up! keep making those! love your channel!
Josh Gamer
omg I did say "oh **** " thanks for the reminder xD and great video keep up the good work :) and is there any reason you don't have a patreon account? I know you would get a lot of support even if it were just for this series. So this show could be put out more often. Just an idea
Doggy Dog
"Our parents weren't creative." "So your parents were Ash." I died at that
Coolio Olguin
do mudkip next to be the last hoen pokemon. pokemon sun and moon will come out dec 31
Jade TheGem
The part where Chespin said "It's been so long" was a FNaF reference?
The DiamondGal222
LOL the ending is SO funny XD
Butterfreeguy Butterfree
Once again a great video of my favorite show!
I am an toy at 2:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂
oh brother at 3:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Workout music
Germaine Jillings
Michael. I'd like to see you get a Ivysaur and Wartortle plushe and replace bulbasaur and squirtle with these 2. Like they evolved?
ѕнσυтα тσdσяσкι
I love the ending XD
Eoghann Millard
I've never seen a pokemon plush video like this one. This is great!
Shawn Mandan, Student
Sonicdude 2
i love your pokemon talk videos keep up the g0od work
Masked Marzo
You are funny
Oh sh!t
Jesse Villecas
Kanto got four games Johto got five Hoenn got five Sinnoh got three Unova got four Kalos got two And Alola got four
Raniya Floyd
Me (laughing)😅😅😅😅😅😅
*gives Bulbasaur a mustache* Here ya go Bulbasaur a mustache for you xD
Nora Lineberger
The floor tentacles are drowning me!!!!$
Rahne Sharrock
chespin: our parents weren't very creative. squirtle: so your parents were ash? me: *dies on the floor laughing*
Eddy Bolanos
Before I start this video, I predict this is how the intro is going to go Bulbasaur: "Hi I'm Bulbasaur" Squirtle: "And I'm Squritle" Bulbasaur: "This is pokemon..." Then Squirtle messes up the intro just like every other pokemon talk.
Gracyn Yoder
Bulbasaur: How that mustache happen? Seriously I want one. Me: how many lol comments will this video get?
Gracyn Yoder
Sorry I'm late up was told I couldn't ride my bike inside-WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
Gracyn Yoder
Cheap in: Sorry I'm late I couldn't ride my bike inside who the hell are you? Me: ITS RAININ LOLZ
BB Mc's World!
You know what would be drama if chespin wasnt chespin's brother and it turned out they both had a different long lost brother named chespin DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!
Sameet Khadka
Michael comments have less likes than true greens comments in this comments section
Elzje van Rooyen
how did that moustache happen?
Wolfixx . 1569
I'm still so confused on how the moustache actually stays on his face
Josh Malone
He must be triggered that they already get there sequel
Anuradha Shaji
Yeah I remember you said you have three chespin plushies
Reggie Renz
"hug me harder Chespin, Hug Me Harder!" -Professer Chespin (also O_O)
Greg ninja
Lol I nearly died when chespin said he can’t ride his bike indoors
Jorge Monreal
At the Chespin family reunion: "Chespin meet your sister,Chespin. Chespin this is Chespin." Repeat for entire family adding Quiladin and Chesnaught