The Man with the Movie Camera(1929)

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Directed by Dziga Vertov Written by Dziga Vertov Music Michael Nyman

Lester Freeman
Vertov described his goals in the film The Man with a Movie Camera (1929) as follows: “The Man with a Movie Camera constitutes an experiment in the cinematic transmission of visual phenomena without the aid of intertitles (a film with no intertitles), script (a film with no script), theater (a film with neither actors nor sets). Kino-Eye’s new experimental work aims to create a truly international film—language, absolute writing in film, and the complete separation of cinema from theater and literature.”
Brian Collins
Essential viewing for anyone interested in film editing.
Jamie Laszlo
I watched this last night for the first time.  And as I watched I thought, “I will sit through this but not any Fast and Furious movies.  I am officially a movie snob”
Anyone seen "I am Cuba"? - a great Soviet film from 1964 by Mikhail Kalatozov. It has one of the longest opening track shots in movie history. Breathtaking! I believe you can watch it here on YouTube.
Rupert Loadman
Watching it, its hard to believe its nearly 90 years old! Use of jump cuts, tilt shift effect on high vantage cameras (me thinks vaseline on the lens!) innovative use of camera angles, and above a fascinating document of life in prewar Russia.
Kathy Coons
This must have been the inspiration for "Koyaanisquatsi, Life Out of Balance" by Godfrey Reggio with music by Phillip Glass. Same idea but with a wholly opposite conclusion.
this is absolutely beautiful.
Nikki Hodgins
Kuleshov Effect: The Movie
I had a dvd with this soundtrack then I lost it. I was searching for this soundtrack version for hours. I think it is marvellous.   
30:07-30:52 - Greatest film sequence of all time?
This is a subtle and artistic argument for the superiority of communism as a social organizing system. The director continually juxtaposes hard working ordinary folk with decadence. For example, the women getting done up in a salon intercut with women manual laborers. I suppose this is why the film was released in 1929, just 12 years after the revolution at a time when Stalin had consolidated his power.
Sharp Jennifer V
Today the following doc was declare the best of all time fantastic!! One of my favorites!!!!!!!!
Charles McAnany
A lot of progress has been made in cinema since 1928. Like, subsequent frames are now equally exposed rather than flickering all the time. And we have color now. And the director can choose the music to be used. And CGI is sometimes pretty good. But our ability to tell a story with film has really not gotten any better since Vertov. Vertov is like... Bach. His mastery is still evident, and his work is still compelling. Even after all these years of improvements in the field.
Luke Barroso
why can I sit throught this movie yet I can't sit at modern movies?
Joel Ludemann
this movie is unbelievably good and the soundtrack makes it so
Geoffrey Gainer
Shot in 1929, but the woman at the carnival shooting range is taking shots at a swastika already? War didn't start till '39, and nazi-soviet non-aggression didn't end till '41. Anyone know what that was about?
Vasyl Pavlus
Nice movie with great soundtrack!
Christian Gassner
It is a colossal loss for "western" societies to have not been open for such astonishing experiences made in the Soviet past. So many masterpieces of all cultural disciplines are completely unknown to their masses. Only a comparably small cultural elite knows oeuvres like this masterpiece of Dziga Vertov. Even nowadays Russia still has so much to offer, but the attitude in "western" societies is the same as before....50% of Austrian state TV (feeded by forced fees) e.g. is US-junktelenovelas. Ignorance does not kill the imagined enemy but only yourself.
There should be a copy of this film with every camera sold, in hope that someone will follow this film manual. Dziga Vertov was an advocate of using two cameras for assignment as you will see throughout the movie when he employs and applies any possible effect which turned any future filmmaker into a student taking notes. Just as Bach composed the study manual for all the future piano students, Dziga Vertov filmed his film camera user manual
Janice Ong
This is what I call “Soviet Montage”!
THe movie is like travelling to russia just by the eyes, beautiful
Pamela Rouse
this film is so beautiful... and the Michael Nyman music just adds to it.. 💜 thank you!
Paul Avery
A catalog of film modern film techniques!
Harry Dee
where can i get this soundtrack?
James Ram
I love the music at 1:54
Tarvek Val
Excellent film. You don't see its like very often today.... This musical score is perfect, the composition slots seamlessly into the film, and the music starting at 4:19 is truly beautiful.
Отличная русская лента. А Украиной в 1929 и не пахло.
Lopik Kocur
Version with this soundtrack is the best. I don't recommend to watch this movie with another background music.
At 19' I was mesmerized and ditched my phone. What an astonishing, gorgeous and at times poignant portrayal of a bygone era. Also, some mind-blowing ahead-of-its-time video innovations and so much art it made my head spin. The music was fabulous, worthy of buying on its own, and matched incredibly well with the video. Much thanks for posting.
I just got this on blu-ray, resored and with footage that was edited out and not seen since 1929. A real time machine this film is, and a work of art.
Михайло Заїка
дуже вдячний за публікацію - так цікаво побачити історію свого рідного міста
The R0wr
This is too snobish, even for me. Still a masterpiece tho.
Jesus Morris
Literally the greatest film of all time
Vyacheslav B.
Great Ukrainian movie!
There is something so hypnotizing about this movie.
Ludwig Hazlitt
Stalinism is horrible. It did not propel Russia into the modern era, it stifled it in every way possible, and killed and terrorized a gargantuan amount of Russians along the way. It bothers me that people are still apologetic about this, as if those people were sacrificed for a greater cause. It's patently false, and the country would have developed faster and more efficiently under a free market, there's no doubt that the amount of human life and resources wasted in their central planning can hardly be measured it's so huge.
paulo soccol
Depois de assistir ao filme vou dizer: 'Respeito, muito respeito meus caros colegas de filmagens'. Não é uma DSLR na mão e uma ideia na cabeça que vão fazer um filme.
Apox Fox
This Sucks
Some of you might have already known this, but this soundtrack was originally composed for the 1996 video game Enemy Zero after Kenji Eno tried to pursued him for 6 hours in his hotel room. Nyman would later redo the score for this print of the movie. Just thought some of you might like to know that... Anyways, here is the soundtrack used in both.
Movie Muscle
Honestly, I don't get the point of this film. Yes, you can look at its history of advancing editing, but right now, it's just a bunch of images to me. There's no storytelling going on. Just filming how people get through their day. It gets old fast. Not particularly impressive to me since parallel editing was already being used commonly by that point, and we already saw the Soviet montage.
marcelo marin
Una obra de arte en los comienzos del cine.
I get a feealing that people were doing alot more back in the days. All things being mechanical and all. I mean acually, life seems pretty noble. Policemen directing traffics, workers manually maintaining things, idk, seems beautiful.
Gavin Ng
archilic ga yau lol
James Wong
Anyone knows that's the music starting from 33.00?
Beautiful film.  It is worth every minute.  The music adaptation is amazing.  Thanks for the upload
Nikolay T
С 1926 года Украина (ВУФКУ) становится вторым после США поставщиком кинопродукции для Германии. Но уже с 1929 г. независимость украинского кино уничтожалась Москвой. В ноябре 1930 года ВУФКУ было  реорганизовано в «Украинафильм», подчиненное «Союзкино»(какое возникло на остатках «Совкино»), а ещё через несколько лет, с окончательной потерей экономической независимости, это учреждение прекратило свое существование. Подробнее о ВУФКУ указано в википедии. Получается, что фильм вышел в прокат в Европу до реорганизации украинского кино и подчинению Москве.   Спустя 85 лет мировая общественность признала этот украинский  фильм выдающейся лентой всех времен. Слава Украине!
Crash Course brought me here.
Klemen Kekec
Many people here are saying this is incredible and that's all well and good, but here's the problem: the film does not contain enough real, 21st century problems that a film of this scope really ought to portray. Topics of contemporary discourse, such as the ever-present question of whether chicken nuggets would taste better if they were actual chicken and should gays be imprisoned for their sin or just straight up shot and murdered? If a movie is fun and exciting and 3D that's cool, y'know? But I really wanna see some depth, some thought-provoking take on the problems of society.
James Sheather
Magnificent, thank you!
Edgar Duron
this is the best & worst movie I have ever seen because I have not seen yet, I will watch it tomorrow!
Aiden Drake
What soundtrack does this use
Francesca Fatichenti
soundtrack not needed, the rhythm of the images is definitely strong enough to let you imagine your personal music
Yung Rubens
What a beautiful video, and published one day before my birthday.
Paul Phillips
why am i being coerced into watching this marxist nonsense
Алекс Кортес
Nice Ukraine movie!
Rex Magnum
A funny little communist propaganda piece. It has some quite nice camera work. Greatest film of all time? Not even close... lol... only a trend follower would believe such hype...
How old is everyone? This is the oldest film i have seen and i am 15
Catherina Tapia
Maravilloso! Me carga con la Cinematic Orchestra ... gracias por subirlo con Nyman!!
naeemhasan sarker
watching from Bangladesh. Md Naeem Hasan. Jagannath University Film & Television Department.
Capt. G
This simultaneously made me hate everything AND fall in love with film all over again.
Warren Hardy
17:13 Black Friday
Max From Quebec Reviews
Dziga Vertov literally saved cinema...Michael Nyman's score is incredible
After Effects Blips
This isn't the origional score...
This is quintessential.
Matthew Martin
Oliver Heldens & Rumors - Ghost
free ingushetia
G.R. Kotsovos
Hey thanks for posting this. Also Michael Nyman is my favorite composer hands down.
Aоi Uye
Life London1929
Chris Coleman
24:46 So soft for a bit
Ricardo Araújo
I watched it and heard it on a live show in Porto. Michael Nyman band making live music while the movie was projected onto a giant screen. Unforgettable.
Nononymouse Thanks for playing
My favorite part is still where they shoot the swastika.
Super geil
Nikolay T
30мин36сек - машина скорой помощи. г.Киев, ул.Рейтерская
Jinda Azadi Alp
filmde emeği geçen herkesin bizzat anasını sikeyim ... oruspu cocukları 4 üncü sefer oldu izliyorum neden insan böyle anlamsız, amaçsız bir sey çeker anlayamıyorum. radyo televizyonununda okutanında filmininde amınakoyım
William Sands
damn this is good!
Стрічка "Людина з кіноапаратом" (1929) Дзиґи Вертова посіла першу сходинку Hайавторитетнішого KIHOрейтингу, який оприлюднив Британський кіноінститут (BFI)
Eugene Paquin
Did the soundtrack is on the original version?
Watch at half speed for drugs sounds and also its closer to real speed, probably
Kenji Mizoguchi
beautiful picture.
Se parece a "el triunfo de la voluntad" que muestra un poco la vida diaria en la Alemania nazi. pero esta película se me hace mas real y más artística a pesar de ser más antigua. Y sin ánimo de simpatizar con el marxismo, siento que me transmite una sensación de belleza y plenitud.
William Sands
whats with all the homeless people?!
music around 34 min is beautiful
Oliver Smith
Is the openness and acknowledgement of homelessness in the first minutes of the film an indication of the openness and honesty of the soviet state of the period?
James Lee
Soundtrack sounds astoundingly modern
Ярослав Войчук
music.. is it a compilation of cinematic orchestra and michael nyman? but no matter, movie is fantastic, even now
Marcm Weston
china let honda exist to get american steel in 2014-2022
Eric McDowell
What an amazing ride of a film!
watchin this with some far out jazz in the background
Travis Ark
cameraman was a dare devil
andre pilli me trouce aqui
Vipul Ghale
Great cinema !!!!
As much as I love Nyman. But this movie is "million times" better. Learn to understand MWAMC before you Die...
This was made in the second year of "The Five Year Plan." I saw this in 1996, first to be seen in Seattle, at the SIFF. They had a live orchestra at the Egyptian theater. This film had to be buried shortly after it was made, because Stalin was critical of everything that any artist made with free creativity, and thought of work like this as a mockery of the state, therefore making them guilty of treason, being unpatriotic enemies, and terrorists. A few short years after the walls came down in 1989, this film was found.
Halley Nicholas
im seeking for a film based on a war (from low classes).
Felipe Fernandes
at 14:08 "Enemy Zero"
Elijah P
Anybody know the name of the very first piece of music? from 0:00 to 1:30?
David Mal
I love this!