what happened to mackenzie ziegler's dancing?

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!! CLICK READ MORE FOR ETERNAL LOVE FROM ME !! I decided to do a video of Kenzie Ziegler's dancing evolution and how far she's gotten over the years! This includes clips from Dance Moms all the way back to season 1 with iconic solos such as the mouse trap, Daisy Chains, Party Starts Right Now, Bully and Sink or Swim to Rumer Noel combos such as Do it To it and That's what i like. This isn't hate!! What do you guys think? Don't forget to like & subscribe & comment down below whatever requests you may have! OTHER VIDEOS: - Dance Moms - Did You Notice? Part 1: /> - Everytime Maddie Ziegler has done Front Aerials: /> - Everytime Maddie Ziegler has done Side Aerials: /> - Everytime Mackenzie Ziegler has done Peewee's/Spiders: /> - Best of Kalani Hilliker's Flexibility & Acro: /> CONTACT: Instagram: /> Email: [email protected]

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She’s seems so much more happy dancing hip hop.
Marla Jones
aside from seeing how her dancing improved, you can deffo see how much the camera quality improved over the years too😂😂
teanani coco
When your younger you tend to be more flexible so that probably factored in on her loss of flexibility over the years and of course her not practicing was a major part of it too
i feel like all of those years of working with the ALDC have gone to waste tbh. she doesnt do what she use to anymore nor what she could do. her flexibility, gone. it was a waste of time and money
Abby Butera
ofc she’s going to be better bc she was like 6 when she started the show
Priya Anand
i love mackenzie, i wish she was less in maddie's shadow
Milly Mc
I always felt that Kenzie could’ve done harder solos that involved great technique and no mistakes but Abby gave all the hard solos to the older girls instead of giving them to Kenzie, I feel Kenzie was always sort of left out while Dance Moms was on. (No hate it’s my opinion)
Obviously she hasn't gotten worse, but she definitely stopped the flips. She basically just started dancing like everyone one else
Ella Jade
It’s better what she’s doing now. On dance moms she had to do whatever she was gave. I remember an episode around season 4 where she said she doesn’t like acro dances anymore. She was maturing and nobody saw that because they were focused on maddie and saw kenzie as the same 5 year old. Now she’s doing what she wants to do and even if she loses flexibility. She won’t need it that much
Most of the dance members left to do hip hop though lol. It’s more common for teenagers. The little kids usually do jazz and ballet.
I wish you had done a comparison of the “Stomp the Yard” dance in s5 e2 and e19. Her performances were very different, and the earlier was far better to me.
Progga P
What's the song after 5:15 ?
The Tashinator
I'm happy that she's doing what she loves. She's absolutely AMAZING at hip-hop. However, I'm really sad that Kenzie lost her flexibility. She could probably get it back over time if she wanted to. That little girl had so much potential and she still has. But there's one thing that's missing:- TRAINING. Not just Kenzie but all the girls they deserved proper training and as a result technique and flexibility has been lost. She's still a little beast and my opinion ultimately doesn't matter to Kenzie or anybody for that matter but she desperately needs her training back for her technique. Otherwise, years of hard work will go down the drain.
Macie Miller
She improved loads in hip hop/jazz but her flexibility has gone down, and I'm not sure how she is in contemporary/acro/lyrical because we haven't seen any vids...
Luetianna Msp
Dance isn’t about flexibility. And yes this is a hate video because your hating on the way she dances. You don’t need to be flexible to be a great dancer. She doesn’t need to meet your expectations. Leave kenzie alone She can wear what she wants and you guys don’t need to be acting like you’re her mother. I would love to see yall haters do what she can do. Dance is about moving to your own rhythm your own way. Feeling free. Not being criticised all the time by random people for no reason
It’s Pete Wentz from My Chemical Romance
My opinion is that the title was click bait
allison g
*it's because she started twerking*
Just Abby
I'm starting acrobatics if anyone cares
Sara Fatema
She was always good but I think I like her doing hiphop more😜
Megan Kane
I say it got wores because I feel like for when she was younger she was dancing and no she's just doing leaps and Abby likes her so Abby doesn't push her hard so she's not getting the training she deserves. But that's just my opinion.
Amy Aschoff
I feel like Mackenzie got worse and through away everything Abby actually taught her. She moved onto hip hop which Abby didn’t the pace to her a lot.
The Dancers Always awesome
Your always like: her leaped look at them!! They are so good here! Like who cares let us watch the video
Kaiya Spencer
She grew up, thats what happened 😀
Chelsea Lytle
She seems so much more happier doing hip-hop
How do people make up Good memes?
I think Abby made ‘Kenzie focus way to much on trying to be like Maddie
Aloha Aroha
I clicked on this for dancing comparing without knowing the person or this girl when she was doing hip hop I thought she was 17 and found out she is 13 in my opinion her hip hop needs more work I kinda liked her acro better and the clothes were kinda innopropriate for her age and the type of hip hop dancing too. I am a hip hop/kpop dancer myself and I am just stating my opinion (^-^)
Pandas 424
Thomas Boafo
She feels so happy doing hip-hop I think shes into it and my daughter loves dancing hip-hop
Hailey Frost
I didn’t see any lack of form in her feet and I’ve been a cheerleader/ gymnast for 7 years and I help my little sister in cheer to so don’t start saying that I’m not professional enough to realize
Vesa Bajgora
She looks much more happier doing hip hop I think she can still do other dances but she won't be able to do the stuff she could with is a shame
[Question (title)] Answer: Shes getting older.
Reecie Girl
Lollipop Poop
Welcome to puberty
Richard PICK
She is good but she lost her flexibility 💃😍
Naddy barry
she grew out of dance moms and into a amazing person shes better now then ,then
Christina Kessler
Makenzie is still in good at dancing she's better than good like if u agree
Ylenia Raso
I love mackanzie❤
5:48 Jojo siwa?
Camilla Perez
8:54 look at the gurl in the bun IM WEAK!!😭😭💀💀
SK 123
Dance moms is just about doing flips being in the ground and the littlest bit of dancing and moving around actually standing and now she DOESENT di that she just does dancing like everyone else
Kaylee Alexa
At 3:24 is that maddie or Mackenzie
HailStorm 0_o
I think she does better when she wasn’t doing hip hop only because she had so much skill in flexibility and had a lot of experience
iDuhh_It'sMia :p
I never really watched dance moms but I remember one of her routines and she was great at dancing but I like her doing hip hop to because she really good at it. 😁👏🏼😁
Mackenzie Can Still Dance She Improved A Lot She Came A Long Way That Goes To Show That You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To Do Sky's The Limit Keep Up The Great Work Mackenzie
Michael Gray
Y’all it’s called a different style of dancing. So she ain’t gonna be doing all crazy moves. Like firebirds or stags.
luci hollinshead
She’s so much more happier doing hip hop you can tell she’s in her element
Kayleen Orozco
well I think she is not that good of a dancer.I mean when she was on dance moms she did not win much not to be rood
Brooke Fannon
Leave a like if you think I’m right
Baby Galaxy
We love her flexibility but it passed away somehow she seems happier in hip hop and Jazz
Margarita Bambach
I think is amazing, and that is so happy to see her happy, i really heated when people was mean to her, specially her mom... Just saying
Lizzie a Dog lover
How many dance studios did she compete for jeez!
Amy Clark
Did anyone else see jojo Sita in this video
heather gentry
She improved lots!!!
So much better and she is happier in Hip-hop 😚😗😙 Love Kenzie.
DaWonder Tato
She’s so good 0-0
Alys Rose
I think the person that made this really likes leaps😂
Una Karen Guðmundsdóttir
She is so good
Ariana Cruz
Well her hip hop is amazing but her flexibility is not improved so she should really practice and practice like she’s with Abby,but I’m still proud of her for always working hard every time!☺️
Cheesy Potatoes
Netty Bazile
She used to be more flexible
hollie loves slime
I think that her dancing is more mature for her age now that she is older I mean she lost loads of flexibility but she is still a really good dancer.
Cezza yolo
I would say she was the best at the end of season 5 Up in till she left and then she lost her flexibility a bit after but she got better at hip-hop. I prefer her at end of season 5 to when she left tho, but i still support and love whatever she chooses. Xxx 😘😘💕💕
raymond wang
she gets better and better
Sissy Lynelle
She got sooooo much better
Weed Friendly
You can’t really compare the then and now because they are different types of dancing. The dancing she does now doesn’t require all the flexibility that her dancing then did.
Brooke Fannon
You said this is not a hate video but you are hating on McKenzie btw if your going to hate on somebody at least be better then them at it
Sophia Starks
She’s a singer and hip hop dancer
christina ochoa
sis vs sis
She has improved so much more
Georgina Taylor
You can't compare Kenzies dancing from Dance Moms with her dancing now. Totally different styles of dancing. Then she was doing competition dance and her technique and flexibility were required more. Now she dances for pleasure, for her videos, when she's on tour. She's a great dancer for what she needs it for. She doesn't need to be doing tricks and flips anymore. She admitted she's lost a lot of flexibility but, to be honest, she doesn't need it the same. So Kenzies dancing was great doing competitions, it's now great for her records, touring, videos etc. It would be wrong and unfair to say one was better than the other. Just my thoughts x
Brittney Munoz
Karlie Lopez
Inmaculada Díaz
Yes a lot
Naz naz
Out of 10 stars Flexibility :8.5 stars Improvement :9 stars Dancing :10 stars😘 Her subscribers: ???????????????????
Nasreen Ali
I think Kenzie has improved tons in hip hop but she hasn't been working much on her contemporary dancing and acro/flexibility. I still love all her dancing though
Chloe Hodgson
i think she was really REALLY goodin season 6
Allison Batchelder
I think she found a new passion
Makayla Cross
I know what happened SHE GRU UP DUMMYS
Elena Reyes
One of the girls is Maddie her sister
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Nelly Emilia Torres
I love her like she wants to be because she is asome
Sydney Pollard
You are just hating because she's better than you
Puppy Playz
Jane Salgado
This is my ships: 1.Jenzie 2.Falec 3.Hanie 4.Fevan Ya sooo dats all
Honestly it looks like she’s only improved jazz and hip hop but her flexibility looks like it’s gone. I feel if she tried to do a leap she wouldn’t be able to get any height. It’s kinda sad to see such an amazing dancer loose a lot of skills Edit:gUysss I didn’t say she wasn’t amazing at dancing,she is aNd Kenzie isn’t you,you might still be able to get height but she miGhT not be able to. That’s what it SEEMS like. Stop judging me for an OPINION 😂
shes growing up deal with it...
Jessica Cauchi
My opinion is that Mackenzie had every right to do what she did. It took a very long time for her to learn all of these techniques and it was hard for her because Abby doesn’t exactly go soft on anyone in dance moms. I think she is better at dancing. In dance you can be more free to do what you do and move to your own rhythm and if that is what Mackenzie decided to do we shouldn’t hate on her for that! She would have put a lot of hard effort in to this decision.
Aisa Rose
Every one can change
Danielle Van Horn
6:58. It’s learned. Not learnt.
Angel Reid
i think her dancing is soooo goood
Isabella Graham
Can u do better???
Belle Kim 김이나
She got fatter
Vids by Bella
*forgets to subscribe* oh well.......
Catalina Chanler
Kenzie has improved so much and it KILLS me that she doesn’t train that hard anymore 😰😰 she was always my favorite
Cayden Autry
she's so much better Abby had her doing kiddy stuff
Heather B
She is better at age like 6 than i will ever be... 😭(´-﹏-`;)
Lindsay Panezich
“She learnt”
jasmine manning
Hay Do not Do tings lilk this but if you are Mckenzie that is fine sosotpe ,,,,!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅
Gryffindor lover
Shes grown at hiphop and tricks but her elevation could be better but she was stressed when she was younger by dance moms and that probally effected her.