Best Highlights From the 2017 NBA Playoffs | 1st Round

Relive the memorable highlights from the 1st Round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs!

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AAA Batteries The Illuminati
So much disrespect to Indiana, didn't even put turners poster in
Justin Liu
boston would have been swept if rondo didn't get injured and thats factz now hand me those W's
Britton Larsen
Why do you show Chris Paul's highlights of his and one threes? They're not even Fouls. Jordan is pushing the defender into him. Glad the Jazz took them out.
Derreck San Juan
Save the GOAT for last! #LeGoat #Repeat #2017CavsChampion
Bilal Saleem
Obviously a simple corner three from curry makes the highlight reel but not Norman Powell monster slam on maker or ibaka on giannis
Mitchell Boyd
Curry getting on the highlights for making a layup in transition and an open 3
Marcis Upitis
How is Miles Turner's dunk over Thompson not in here...
Zion Williamson
Where's Myles turners dunk?
Why in the fuck was Myles Turner's dunk not on here.
Verses GTG
Warriors will sweep Utah. Trust me
kabo moetse
4seconds coast to coast...john
Where are Draymond and Klay's blocks?
_danb _
Perry's Theatre
Still with this crappy 720p quality NBA...smh
Tim Shaw
Highlights of the highlights: 0:29 Durrant illustrates why a rule against carrying even exists 2:54 Wall's stare-down for the jersey grab during his dunk 3:12 Westbrook never looks at his teammates 3:50 announcers praise CP while Jazz players are all standing around 4:10 Bucks also standing around on defense 4:36 CP "broke ankles" and "put the sauce on him" 5:57 Lillard drops Draymond to the floor 6:19 Volleyball spike from Antetokounmpo from behind 6:25 Close-up of how to spell Antetokounmpo 6:46 Antetokounmpo has insanely long arms (both dunks) 7:13 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan 7:24 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan 7:37 Danny Green wants a moving screen call but Marc Gasol actually had pretty established position 8:10 Dwight Howard OMG 8:14-8:15 slo-mo on that reaction from the Wizards assistant coach Tony Brown 9:00 Dwight Howards block is so nasty the crowd doesn't cheer, they groan "OHHHH" 9:20 try throwing an elbow at your defender, that doesn't work, so instead just throw it away 10:31 LeBron gets poked in the head 11:18 Man-bun Muscala gets dunked on while his teammate stands around in the middle of the key 11:37 DeRozan's shake and then reverse, actually quite good with the left hand 12:25 Joe Johnson gets the Jazz a playoff win and everyone is dumbfounded
wheres turner major poster??????
Steven Salinas
@1:00 me:nasty commentator:that's NASTY!
John Cena
Utah beating Golden state warriors tonight cause I said so. Niggah 👋👋👋
Kyle winn-roach
Grant Stevens
Warriors had waaaaaay better highlights. NBA u trippin
Jon .T
Where the one with Myles turner dunking in trist?
taylor hill
So the Jazz Clippers was the only 7 game series but had the least highlights? the Jazz only have 2 of them? Love the NBA big market bias! keep doing you idiots
Ethan Stewart
Man the NBA lover lebron
mofi moti
Cavs in 5 games
Truman Morris
so theres a very average curry corner three, but no norman powell dunk on maker or ibaka dunk (twice) on giannis???
David W
I hope the NBA is happy posting a Steph Curry layup, but passing on Myles Turner (20 fucking years old) absolutely demolishing Tristan Thompson on a dunk
There were definitely some Gerald Green dunks that deserved to be in here, especially over a Curry fast break.
rolaaaaaa ho
No OT tonight... Ballgame. Real Smooth.
NmRs Mk
east conference is so much fun to watch
Up until 4:25 there was a bunch of cool dribble moves that lead to nice buckets, some great dunks, and some great blocks, and then we just see another one of Steph's deep 3s... it's getting a little tired now.
Golden state LEGENDS beating the Utah TRASH because i said so #FACTS
Who was just like 😱😱😱 at the block of Antetokoumpo
AB 84 #ABeast
Devin Booker > Lebum Gaymes
AB 84 #ABeast
Chris Paul will never make the second round in his career.
Lavs would be a first round exit in the west
LeWinning James
Cavs will sweep Toronto. #FACTS
Apple Sauce
Myles turner dunk
Jermaine John
The best moment in the 1st round in my opinion was the LeBron led comeback in game 3 of the Cavs vs Pacers.
Kurt Angle
LePlayoff sweeping the Craptors.
DudeDark darko
Jude Sullano
my favorite was john wall’s game winner
*T H A T S A F A C I️ A L*
Khen Sharief
wow lodi
rasto krupka
traveling fake nba agency?
Giovanni Apetino
6:08 DPOY
6min 22
Juwan Perry
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Flazzy Fire
Chris Paul showed me something! Had me looking at the game drooling !
aleksi heikkila
whether strengthen cool pillow mad gift top guard.
Fatty Last
only 2 pure pg in the nba. cp3 and john wall
Fatty Last
chris paul best pure point gaurd
How can you argue that John Wall isn't all-nba??? You see this dudes highlights. Remember that game 6 vs Boston in the Verizon center when he won the game with a 3. On a play that was supposed to go to brad Beal.
will never understand how NBA youtube channel can't have 1080p videos... I know im spoiled but WTF all that money and 720p
Mohamed Ghaith
looking back the playoffs were not that bad
1.Warriors 2.Rockets 3.Spurs 4.Thunder 5.Trail Blazers 6. Jazz 7.Pelicans 8.Lakers
Next year predictions: 1. Cavaliers 2. Wizards 3. Celtics 4. Bulls 5. Knicks 6. Raptors 7.Pistons 8.Heat
gsw championsss also where is greens block
John Wippermann
Wow this video has no warriors plays like seriously.
Perfect Bape
I'm happy golden state won the finals
anung score
Lit Baller
Where's Myles turner dunk
Ralph David
cavs finals
Shane Lathrop
yo what about IT's deep three in game 1 after his sister died? idk i might've missed it but if i didnt then where is it???
john wall owned!!! shroader lmao
And why isn't schroeder's dunk on here
almost all of marcin gortats screens are illegal moving screens
Pedro Mambino
That move is illegal in every state except Texas Kevin Harlan for president
Project Baby
okc should still be in playoffs
joe smith
nba  playoffs  are  ridiculious  4  out of  7  / 16  teams takes  over  a  month  for   championship maybe  3  out of  5 till  final !!!!!!!!!!!
Kidist Miressa
Curry traveld
nick bowie
John Walls around the back move then Dunk was disgusting lmao
So they're gonna put in a steal leading to a layup from curry but not Myles turner dunking on Tristan Thompson?? 🤔 makes sense to me
Daniel Hall
they did a slow motion replay for every dunk except for the ones by Hayward. biased much?!
INsaN3 xStabz
There was only one Celtics highlight...they had a lot of plays that were better than some of these
Sammie Rodpayan
that's what i'm talking about a 13 mins. highlights keep it up bro
we just gonna forget that miles turner baptized tristan thompson ?
LA Portland Phoenix Seattle Utah Utah Spurs Dallas OKC Spurs Spurs Golden State Golden State Who had a harder road to winning Championships? Jordan or Lebron?
Steven Salinas
that dude from Milwaukee tho
If Paul George were in Chicago for Butler, that Chicago Bulls could win something
Like Jordan, LeBron's defence is scary lol
Alex D.
With how many different names will they keep uploading what's basically the same stuff?
An Sung
when giannis has the same highlight as lebron, you know he is going to run the east soon.
Guilherme 7
where is Eric Gordon dunk?
Jwxo Weeye
tnt commentators bravo bravo
Daniel Carter
MVP - Westbrook DPOTY - Westbrook MIPOTY - Westbrook 6thMOTY - Westbrook Finals MVP - Westbrook
PG needs a better team......It's sad to watch him lose with the Pacers......
Christopher Essieh
jaden colley
Hey nba
Walter Conn
baller boi 0
Ahmad Mustafa
Brsatil RAP
cy :3
Stanphany Stewart
I'm Charlz
no i was
Leo Smith
kynng mekhi