Top 50 Plays of the 2017 NBA Playoffs

From the sick handles, to the insane dunks, enjoy the top 50 plays from the 2017 NBA Playoffs! LeBron James, Kevin Durant, John Wall and Kyrie Irving each had their memorable plays this postseason. Find out where their best plays landed on this list. Subscribe to the NBA: /> For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at /> Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

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To all saying that No.1 shouldn't be KD's shot, it kind of had to be on this list since KD won the Playoff Moment of the Year award or whatever it is called because of that.
Malig Fontanna
The offseason is more interesting than 2017 playoffs...
"My son Lonzo would make the Top 50 highlights all by himself" -LaVar Ball
Zion Kang
John wall's around the back lefty dunk in traffic and in transition should at least be in the top 5. That's one of the nastiest moves I've ever seen😳
#BennyShoots Videos
Most of these were Lebron or Warriors. And the #1 play shouldn't have been number one. It should have been either John Wall's or Avery Bradley's game winning 3's.
The Beast
Never forget Manny Pacquiao was robed in Australia by two americans
The All Stars
Where is KD's double block on Dejounte Murray
Soy Boi
Peanut butter sure is good
Little Joe
im a spurs fan so lets be honest..... lebron is the best player in the world right now
Ben MacDonald
Turner's play should have been higher than 16
Hank Chinaski
That nut shot Iggy took after he stripped the ball from Labron, sweet jesus that had to hurt, then Labron tried to strangle him, but yeah, 2 no calls that would probably be flagrant against anyone else. #NBAridingLamebronsMangina
caio zamp
The best play is a 3 from Durant ? Wtf
Devon Sharma
Number 23 passing Number 23 in points at spot 23... Smooth move NBA
Dominykas Gaučius
If 1st play isnt Zaza's series winning play, im done
Wtf ginobili's block should be top 5. Give credit to the veteran who will retire soon nba
no highlight of KD breaking leflops ankles and dunkin it?
Chief Beef
4:44 lol he moved out of the way, he knew better
Can Dartan
I think the title should be like '' Top 50 Playoff plays of LeBron James''
Rob Samuels
You can't tell me Kawhi didn't have one play eligible to be on this list
Dundee Vikings-Topic
reminder: warriors blew a 3-1 lead
No kawhi?
Warriors FAN
Warriors 2017 champs 🏆🏆💯💯💯💯💯
Atakan Ayşakar
Just a simple three-pointer gets the 1st place.
You know the drill 1. Curry 2. Westbrook 3. Kobe 4. LeBron 5. MJ 6. Durant 7. Harden 8. Kyrie 9. CP3 0. LaVar Reply so i can see who you got
These finals were so hard for me to decide who I wanted to win cos I wanted javale to get a ring but I didn't want KD to get one 😩😫😤
Nathan Duran
Where was Rudy blocking kd
Girrin 999
First comment of video!!
Jordi Gort Vicente
15 of the 50 plays made by lebron GOAT
B Greive
John wall's clutch shot should have been higher
Adrian Gutierrez
Everything Entertainment Pro
The MVP is... Like: curry Comment Irving: irving
Blazing Nova
number 2 should habe been 1 and 1 should have been something else
How is Kryies 4 point play not in here
Aaron Sutton
Y'all saying #2 was better than #1?? Well first off #1 was most pivotal cuz if KD missed it the warriors might have a chance to lose the series. Secondly Lebron dunked on his own man. Not taking anything away from bron just stating my opinion
Thibaut Nicod
john wall buzzer beater is better than Bradley or gasil or jonhson
Roman Christopher
I'm in awe at why a random 3 point shot made #1. NBA, are you kidding me! A SINGLE 3 POINTER, IT WASNT EVEN A BUZZER BEATER! MIGHT AS WELL FILL THE WHOLE THING WITH ALL OF KD's 3s WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!
Marvi Rivera
Lebron James was like 50% of these
How is kd number one ?
Abel Martinez
Too many good plays for the worst playoffs ever
John Wall really needs some help there, that no.14 play shows what he can accomplish individually, now he needs a team.
Manu !
Dub Nation
Warriors are the best team in history
If you wanna know why these lists often contain a Warrior play at the very beginning.. its for the bandwagons to watch the whole video.
Nicolas Teissier
Number 1 is shitty !! okay this shot was huge, but think about Wall's shot at game 6 vs Boston ? If he misses that one, they loose. Durant's shot was a minute before the end of regulation, which is a lot
Mans Not hot
Curry has a real NBA champion diamond ring KD has a plastic ring bought at Walmart It is easy to be a champion when you have the DPOY, the 2x MVP, and a top 3 best shooter in the league around you...
Ladies and Gentleman, DPOTY at 46
That moment when the NBA Playoffs were so shit that it's best play is a simple 3 pointer.
Aji Faisal Rizki Ananda
cavs in 27
Melih Demir
like that top 50 plays of the cleveland cavs
Mahmoud Salah
Putting #23 as the moment #23 surpassed #23 in playoff points, you ain't slick NBA😂😂😂
it is better if you publish videos on full hd 1080p - not maximum on 720p - we are in 2017
Tyler OConnor
Junki Kajino
Everyone played hard for the win. This video is wonderful. Thank you NBA.
Kaleb Bodden
so the cavs and warriors can have 27 plays combined, more than half and yet not a single kawhi leonard highlight who was great before he got injured??
LeBron James has made this top 50????? Omg. This is not top 50!!!
Football in The Veins
I love how they put Lebron passing MJ on the scoring list at #23
Wizards should have won that series
squartek 7712
et presque tt le classement est dans le désordre
panagiotis machairas
Where is the 3 point shoot lebron made against wizards and went to ot
So when y'all cavs fans say that 73-9 don't matter because the cavs won the finals, why does 73-9 matter when you're explaining how KD took the easy way out
Number #1 Play Shows Clutch Mentality
Did they just put a wide open dunk at number 27? Like I know they love hyping LeBron but that is a play that happens like 5 times a game
Pedro Henrique
puxacão de saco do LeBron
Bill Armstrong
Demar's dagger dunk over 3 Bucks in game 6 is a top 10 play and it's nowhere on this list lmao
Sparkly Raccoon
ginobli play higher
Harry li
I want someone to count how many lebron plays there were because I'm to lazy.
Sydney Spencer
John Wall behind the back dunk finish should've been #1
how many was lebron on like 18 i lost count easily the best in the league
Everything Entertainment Pro
Number 32 (around 3 min and, 35 sec, it looked like curry was on Lebron’s team
Marvi Rivera
Steph carried or double dribbled at 19
Young Sinatra
#1 should be zaza injuring kawhi
Young Vibes
No KD shrug?
Retro King23
This play is so underrated 6:04
Official K-God
The best one was when KD slam dunked the ball on LJ
Dooke DiConti
Iight first off, How's Manu's block on Harden gettin more recognition than Iggy's block on James??? Both blocks secured a Win, but Iggy's block was obviously in the Finals. C'monn Mannn
Cut this annoying background song!
Pedro Henrique
LeBron é um merda
Pop out the cut like hello there ?
1:30 curry gets kyrie back from last year with step back 3pointer even tho kyrie played good d
RoseCurry AndDeRozan
Kevin Durants 3 point shot over LeBron in game 3 changed that entire series. Deal with it, haters. And you don't even have to be a Warriors fan to know that.
The Goat
that shot that KD made for the #1 spot on this list is what changed the series, if he didnt make that shot we would have had a game 7 most likely.
Gabriel Valadez
No Kawhi??
Chris Smoove's hippo should be #1
oh man
Rorschach 0007
Remember 2007? when lebron lost to the spurs and tim duncan joked around that it would be lebron's league and they had laughed about? 'Member 2008 when KG screaming ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE? 'Member 2009 when kobe won his first ship without shaq 'Member 2010 when kobe got help and took revenge on the celtics 'member 2011 when dirk beat the 'super' team 'member 2012 when lebron got his 1st ring and said it's about damn time 'member 2013 the best finals series of all time? lebron crazy game 6 and game 7, ray ray's bang? 'member 2014 when spurs got revenge? 'member 2015 when Lebeast took the team to 6 games all by himself? 'member 2016 when Legoat beat the warriors down 1-3? what do you remember about the snake? 2017 finals? KD is a bitch
Lucky Boy Beats
I don't remember any 2017 playoffs.
Gianfranco Tejada
Umm what...
Ketchupboyz Sorot.T
KD The king KILLER!!
Check out my PG Pacers mix. It's lit. 🔥🔥🔥
Lucky Boy 15
Let this not takeaway from the fact that the CAVS blew a 1-3 comeback.... "CAVS in 7" ?
Kurt Angle
Can the NBA stop D-Riding KD? He will never be better than LeBron if he's not even the best player on his team. Curry > Snake
Kağan Çapar
11:55 :)
We get it the gsw won the championship enough with these shit videos when cavs won they only got like 5 videos in the same week and none after that. Plus where's the Bucks video of beating the gsw
Waddy Maldonado
Top 50 lebron james playoffs plays bassicaly
Nelson Zhang
It's still impressive that lebron dunked on tristan
dion waiters game winner vs warriors??????????????
SZ_ Sports
Anyone else notice that number 23 was when LeBron(23) passed Jordan(23) in playoff all time scoring
Kajanan S
When Norman Powell throws down a poster dunk and gets 36 but gonobili does a normal dunk and gets 34
RyuumaBrad Arieq
#1 should be Zaza Pachulia ankle breaking move on Kawhi Leonard, literally won them the series.
alexander tsetskhladze
Durant N1