Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain - What's Your Rashee? | Priyanka Chopra

"Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain", this song is from 'What's Your Rashee?, made in 2009. The film is directed by ace director Ashutosh Gowarikar. This song features the voice of Sohail Sen. In this movie Herman Baweja's character is tasked with finding a bride in 10 days, and he goes around dating 12 women in a series, all of these ladies, each born under a different 'raashi, palyed by the sexy siren-Priyanka Chopra. Song Name - Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain Movie - What's Your Rashee? Singer - Sohail Sen Composer - Sohail Sen Lyricists - Javed Akhtar Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. © 2009 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Subscribe: Vevo - /> Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: />G+:

Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain Aaja Lehraate Ashutosh Gowariker Priyanka Chopra What's Your Raashee? Whats your Rashee? whats your rashi? Harman Baweja Love Story 2050 Jao Naa Chehre Jo Dekhe Hai Su Che Su Che Javed Akhtar Aaja Lehrate Bikhri Bikhri Maanunga Maanunga Sau Janam Dhadkan Dhadkan Aa Le Chal Pyaari Pyaari Salone Kya Koi Jaane Na Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoondhe whats your rashee songs whats your rashee full movie whats hd

Why there is only Priyanka's name in the title ..Why not harman baweja or Atleast singers name instead of Priyanka's
omg he hates a libra so much she isnt even in the dance steps when all other signs there at the end... libraz are known to attract guys with their personality hahaha.. what a joke
Brij Sen
While everyone is busy appreciating Priyanka, no-one noticed that even Harman did a fantastic job..!!!
Sabhyata Sharma
in this virgo is shown as a doctor..nd coincidently i m virgo and doctor too
Tyrion Stark
Priyanka is the best is the proof <3
Victoria Baker
Team Scorpio!
She must have gotten so cheesed off doing the same step 12 times. That's dedication.
Deeksha Rajpoot
the Aries they showed here is pathetic that's not how we Aries are😏
Kpop Lover
I'm a leo!!!
Tasneem B
im a taurus... and they got the taurus sign perfectly right
Gotta love how Aries is totally off sync at the beginning and especially at the end
Eeks she's so pretty 😍
Dibha Ardesia D.
lol I'm a Pisces but the character is so not me 😂😂😂😂 anyways the film was one of PC's bests 😊
Shreya Sarojkar
all songs of this film is awsome !!
This probably wasnt the worse movie ever made, but was the most painful 4 hours of my life. By the end of it I wanted to kill all the priyankas and the bloke.
Ashraf Mzoury
team cancer
swekshya sharma
I am an Aquarius and I was so happy when this movie came out because i am an Aquarius :-)
Udit Jain
I love d way this song is shot
M&T clips
evry character luked so damm diff ,,,,hatts off to her..!
Swagatika Pal
from comment section I can proudly say Capricorns don't care about rashi stuffs 😂😂😂
Xander Zalander
This film is so under-rated. Priyanka portrayed 12 characters - all of which were Gujarati girls of similar age. Yet each was DISTINCTLY different. One of the best performances EVER!
eman douhi
He married the girl with the same rashee of meee ♡♡
Danny Ribeiro
omg just now seeing this video for the sec time I got it .. btw, Priyanka's hands down such a great actress :)
Avec Aastha
i watched this movie because of Priyanka Chopra.... she is amazing, playing all that characters.I liked all the songs, but not the movie......
Duesal Bladesinger
Holy CRAP, this woman is gorgeous.
Shabnam Khan
Priyanka is the best actress
Inaya Islam
I am Taurus and I am also Gujarati but just my father has a gold shop instead if cotton industry
Jimin is hotter than the middle eastern climate
I'm Gemini and they got me CORRECT
Madan Gautam
Am i the only one who loved this movie?
Anushka Tiwari
Hats off to PC.. She did an amazing job in dis movie.. 👏👏
Saliha Hossain
I like this song because this song shows that every girl is beautiful in her unique way
Alex Luna
I watched this movie for Priyanka Chopra, she is beautifull, all this look suit her. For one movie, 12 different look
Diganta Jyoti Bordoloi
I was literally cried.... After seeing this movie.... Y it was failure at box office..... It was an amazing all tym fvvvrt
ganzee explorer
wow what a tune start from 4:10. i love that flute sound i killed my reply button over there 
Apple Pie
loved gemini aquarius taurus and leo.
Shanaya The Devil
Go gemini!
Lauukik Mhatre
im taurus,,,,and bit crazy tooo hahhaha
p 3vedi
Aquarius won!! Aquarius rocks :-D i also like the gemini girl, virgo girl, & taurus girl.
This Was And Amazing Movie I Can Still Watch This Movie Everytime I Can
Saad Mirza
gemini is superb
Love the LEO and the LIBRAN character!  and ofcrse scorpion too! :D cz m one!! 
Mahi Ahmed
ok toh is song mein sab ki personality sahi se nazr ahti hai k kon kese chalta hai kon kese hota hai kon kese dance karta hai n all very nice and creative work i love this movie ❤️😘😍
Shabnam Khan
Prinka is the best actress
Sajal K. Mitra
Priyanka Chopra is just amazing. She played all these characters so flawlessly in this movie.
i m a gemini n i lved the portrayal of gemini in d movie
Ram Nandan Prasad
12 roles PC played.... fantastic...v should appreciate her for this...
sanjana joshi
Team Capricon
Shashank Sharma
I remember was on school bunk for this movie, and parents were calling again again but movie wasn't ending for long hahaha fun days
muntathr ghufran
هل يوجد عربي هنا ؟؟
Tamal Das
Every dance step is different as the zodiacs.... That's Priyanka chopra for you guys.... Brilliant as always....
Rushali Ghosh
huh! Capricorns are not like that idiotic representation of the zodiac sign.
Karishma khan
described gemini perfectly
in a way i love this movie but in many ways i hated this movie as well due to many inaccuracy and also only brought justice to aquarius ppl just because the director himself is an aquarius. im not saying aquarius is bad but then again aquarius was the only one who looked normal.
Harman looked super cute in this song and Priyanka just nailed each and every character..
Manisha Kalihari
Singh is king......leo is the best
Alina Mustafa
i m gemini but i m really not lyk tht i m lyk the aquarius one :D
Shabana Ismail
Described Virgo perfectly as Virgos are shy, loyal and perfectionists.
نور القريناوي
الله اكبر
Anoushka Das
Priyanka is great And i am a pisces
Ewelina Mich
Team Pisces !! xD
the movie wasn't fair with aries. its totally absurd how it presented their personality. i m a aries-taurus cusp. and i always wised if i was a pure aries. aries woman requries one of the strongest personalities one will ever see.. and look how they represented.. DISAPPOINTINGGGGGGGGGG
i like food
I'm so not the Leo they show here
Isha Arolkar
I am gemimi
prayag P
3:03 didn't she reminds u younger days of kangana
who is d leo
Dahba Al
ههههههههخخ رهييبةه
Jawahir Saeed
Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8. (But no joke good song)
Nandini Vig
I m scorpio......!!😀😀😊😊
Léa frenchy
I was looking for this!! I first saw this a long time ago!
Shaniya Raj
I like the one who's wearing a pink skirt
sanghamitra sahoo
kete role priyanka ki super
Mahbuba Shama
Libra is the most social and caring girl but here wrong portrayal
Mystirious Nefartiti
pc..pc..pc..and im scorpion
This was a sweet movie. I enjoyed it. I don't know why it was a flop. Maybe coz of its length.
faizan mughal
At 4:27 every character has same dance step but Priyanka did it in every character's own unique looks same and different at the Same time... amazing...
Mahatma Gandhi
all works of Priyanka Chopra very nice i like it. 👍
Tee Jay
I guess we cant categorize 7-8 billion people in just 12 categories, so please dont decide who you are just on the basis of your zodiac signs. there are many other aspects to our identity than just a zodiac sign.. so dont say that we are not like this and we are like this, dont decide for others, decide just for yourself. The characters here are just written on basic traits of all the zodiacs that's it!
Asavari Gill
jesus christ. got to hand this to Priyanka. Best actress ever. I'm not sure if any other actress could have really pulled this off
sharvari dhond
i am LEO and i am a dancer...and my attitude is exactly like its shown in the film :P
Gaurav Gummaraju
Amazing choreography behind shooting all the characters and then putting it together
hair and knits
Dhaval Vyas
i am Sagittarius
بہنہتہ حہلَبہ شہخہصہيہآღ
مافي حدا غيري هون عربي 😞
seeta iyer
Priyanka has done spot on job with all the different get up and body language
anu das
proud of priyanka
2018, watching this film for the first time and I'm SO ANNOYED by how wrong the signs are. It's like the director took a blurb from a newspaper or two-bit book about each sign and just threw this film together. The concept is good, the execution is terrible! Priyanka is actually very cute in this, I wonder what she thought of how the signs were portrayed (as a Cancer). Personally, as an Aries (Mesh), that was just so off the mark? We're bold and brash, direct and fearless, and we speak our minds! But they took the idea of Aries is the "child" of the zodiac and turned the character into a woman who acted like a 14-years old girl. Come on...! I can't say they got one sign right at all. And the guy's sign (Scorpio - Vrshchik) would not realistically and happily pair off with (SPOILERS) the Kumbh (Aquarius) girl, because Scorpio is intense and Aquarius is chill. Really annoyed that such a good prospective story was ruined this way. And yes, I know all about sun/moon, etc and those affect the signs, too. But this film got it all wrong. I'm American, not even Hindi or Hindi-speaking and even I figured all the signs out in both countries, couldn't this director? Ugh
احمد الابصيري
ماهو برجگ
Omcar patil
M&T clips
12 shades of priyanka😍
Saurabh Minjj
accha actor dancer Tha yaar ye. 2017 mein samajh aayi yeh baat
Sidra A.
Ugh that's all they got for Capricorn?
I feel like all the Priyanka are sims character during the Create a sim stage haha
Kusuma Mallampalli
harman 😍 movie 😍😍
Samruddhi Gosavi
Proud Aquarian.
Archna Yadav
I am aries
Madhuri Bankar
which one is aries
hahaha capricorn
Imaan 1000
LI-BRAAAAAAAA bruh man 😂😂