Rare Jinlin Grotto | BattleClaw Season 1 | Episode 17

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Team GoGo discovers a secret grotto of extremely rare Jinlins. When hunters show up to capture and sell the rare Jinlins, Team GoGo must protect them! #MattelAction ! #Battlecaw Find out more about Battleclaw toys here: US Battleclaw Tornado Battleclaw Starter Pack - Green: />Battleclaw Dark Flame Battleclaw Starter Pack - Red: />Battleclaw Thunder Battleclaw Starter Pack - Blue: />Battleclaw White Frost Battleclaw Tournament Pack - White: />Battleclaw 2-Player Melee Battle Pack: /> CAN Battleclaw Howling Crusher Beast Pack II: />Battleclaw Beast Pack - Blue (Styles Vary): />Battleclaw Beast Pack - Yellow (Styles Vary): />Battleclaw Beast Pack - White (Styles Vary): />Battleclaw Beast Pack - Green (Styles Vary): />Battleclaw Thunder Battleclaw Starter Pack: />Battleclaw Starter Melee Pack - Styles May Vary: />Battleclaw Beast Pack - Red (Styles Vary): />Battleclaw 2-Player Starter Pack: /> Watch more BattleClaw videos: />SUBSCRIBE: /> About BattleClaw: BattleClaw is the most popular head-to-head beast-fighting sport in the world! Harnessing the power of the Wu Xing, Tyee and the rest of the Clawfighters capture Jinlins with their BattleClaw gauntlets and combine them to create mighty beasts that battle one another. Who will be the champion? Connect with BattleClaw Online: Visit the official BattleClaw WEBSITE: /> About Mattel Action!: Mattel Action! is the not-so-secret headquarters for videos, packed with mind-blowing, rip-roaring, gut-busting adventures! From Mattel Brands to WWE to MEGA Construx to BattleClaw, these videos really pack a punch! Connect with Mattel Online: Play Action games: /> Rare Jinlin Grotto | BattleClaw Season 1 | Episode 17

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Mattel Action
All that glitters isn't gold! Sometimes it's translucent! Have you added any of the super rare Jinlins to your collection?
Troon Playz
This needs to be a mobile game
I have notifications to always keep a claw out
silverfan753 123
Batttle claw is the best in the world
Not a bad episode. But I have to ask out of curiosity: what do "Jinlin" and "Wushing" mean in English?
Dreed138 second channel
great episode can't wait for next friday
Jesse Rodriguez
I love this
Susie Chea
Battleclaw I LOve it and the song mostly
Rick Cordova
When is the episode 18 coming out
Jer Gross
The pitch of the end theme was funny.
Lathan Mcknight
Cooooool! Battle claw
Awesome A.X.O
I LOVE battleclaw
TheDiamondBro 10
You guys should make an online game it would be cool I would play it also u should call it a rainbow jinglin
Imagine doing a two tone ultimate battle beast
We’re better than you podcast
The most powerful jinlin would be jo ju and a 5 element jinlin.
I want more two and five tone jinlins
Derrell Zulkarnaen
Did anyone notice that when tyee was going to get the two toned tiger jinlin when he was pushing the leaves out of his way one of the leaves just dissapears
noenator _41
I love this show
Rimsky Powell
This is great and amsome I love battle claw
Mike Hua
tyee made a beast using a tiger and eagle jinlin,but tyee ordered it and said it's name as soaring flamecat,but it does not have the power of fire,so you should have tyee called it soaring woodcat or soaring treecat
bakublader 96
Greg Berge
A wildcard jinlin? More like a cosmic jinlin
Jane Noi
Joju is super funny
Justin Marks
Did Johnny young Bosh voice acted in this? Thats so awesome!
all activete
Battleclaw full episodes in hindi
Alolan Greninja
Wild Card × Jo Ju = Jing Kong
Power of Gospel Church
He be like "Beat It" Tyee said no. GOT EM
n Fraire
How old is this? :/
Peter Flynn
cool episode
Gaming Midnight Form
Trogon playz I agree or a app in iPad and cellphone
Richard Mensah
Hello anybody 😥
SuperHero 123
can you do this ever single day?
Kevin Liu
You should make the vid faster
Nine tail beast Mode
This need to be a game
sina sina
you are awsam team gogo
that jimlin is  so awesome
David Zhang
I really like its my favourites show
Great it's awsome this is the best episode yet
Mike Hua
is there a wild card jinlin as a toy
BattleClaw is fun
best video ever
Morgana Kurusu
This probably be famous
Yay. New episode. So how long is the season going to be anyway?
claudia castellanos
Linda Chancellor
Bolanle Folorunsho