Top 5 Reasons Michelle Obama Is A Man

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Had a bit too much fun with this one... You're uninitiated into the conspiracy, this video is for you. You wouldn't believe the amount of research that has gone into this. Apologies for the voice, by the way. Hah.

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After a year and a bit and over a million views, YouTube has finally demonetized this. I'm not happy, it doesn't go against any of the rules that they set out, and I have appealed. But it's good to know that, thanks to Michelle being a man, I've made quite a bit of money. In fact, if MIchelle hadn't been a man, I'd have a harder time paying for college! So cheers to Michelle, and keep on doing what you're doing. As for YouTube, well, I figured this would happen sooner or later, though that doesn't make it right.
Ja Z
What women in America doesn't have pictures of being pregnant?
Gabriel repetto
Calling his wife Michael is one of the reasons I think she is a dude the other is watching multiple videos of her grabbing the crotch area like if she had a roll of quaters in her I ment HIS pocket just in the same fashion as we guys do well most guys anyway. She should be in the next transformers movie. Who knows the opening song on the original cartoon. Transformers more then meets the eye..... Oldballs out.
Ernie Walling
wow a Gay prez and a trannie first lady. wow they pulled off the greatest hoax in history
I'm a gay man and have had many relations with trans women. Michelle is definitely a trans woman.
what the heck who mixes up thier wifes name with a man's name?
Dr Wolfgang Tritt
The USA has been ruled by two gay men. But now the american people are having a President with real balls. God bless Donald Trump. We Germans are admiring him.
Jimmy Cain
The Obama’s are straight out of hell, they are the devil’s own.
Another Deplorable
You have to add that thing grabbing its crotch. Women don't grab their crotch as much as it does.
I don’t think Barack’s gay but I know his boyfriend definitely is.
general mayhem
obama is a catcher not a pitcher
Rick Tata
This is what you get when you vote for a democrat
Blue Carbon
Trump needs to sterilize the Oval Office.
Alan M
Definitely a man
John Taylor
Yes , and I don't care . I care about his efforts to destroy America and citizens .
Frank Mgtow
Of course, he's a man. Hell, look at him!!
Helen S.
She’s a dude! Had Joan Rivers killed. Obama lied to us!! Jerk!!
raul gomez
She makes me sick
Gwen Defir
Michael is a man
Jason Jones
Rivers was not joking. Thats why she was murdered.
Dave K
His name is BIG MIKE.....NOT Michelle!!!
Dee Smith
Point one, she looks like an ape.
Hillary had hoped to be the first Woman President, but Michelle Obama was definitely the first and only man to be First Lady! HA! HA!
she is even bigger than obama
Who refers to their wife by a mans name.....?????
Teri Matich
Michelle is not a man so stop now.
Nobby Bobbinger
Have you seen the video where the kid asks her how long she and Barry have been married? She doesn't know!!
Chico Oda
its 58 genders if you're a libtard.
Trey Wilson
Barry loves Michael's donger in his ass.
Obama hates guns but his “wife” appears to be packing heat.
The facual structure is 100% of a man !
Lynn Sager
Why do you think they call her BIG mike😆😆😆
olivia-J Trans
There's nothing wrong with being Transgender [ I am too ] but in their case it's outright deceptive
NPC 20421771
Big Mike and Barry
Rene Aensland
RIP Joan Rivers. =/
Derek E
Look at her as and hips...there isnt a black man on the planet built like that...No pills or surgery can do that
chris walker
Neither has birth certificates.
michaeladam caira
It's a man baby
Enrique Benitez
Haha haha ....who are the morons behind this?😁🤣😂😀 And most important who are the idiots believing it ?
Edward Johnson
#6 she’s married to a woman!
Mama Ames
There's a LOT to unpack here, but let's start with this: For the record... THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS; ● MALE & ● FEMALE!!! Count them: 1 (MALE), 2 (FEMALE)!!! ONE!!!...TWO!!! THERE ARE ONLY TWO!! TWO GENDERS!!! In the REAL world... In ANY WORLD!!! JUST TWO!!! TWO GENDERS!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T St
She's evil also
Josh King
I want to see Barack and Michelle and their children swinging from a tree that would be true Justice for the world to watch true Traders being executed for treason the children are only brought into this because they target people's children and unless we start doing the same thing is never going to end it will be a continuous cycle their children will grow and continue the legacy of dictatorship tyranny child molestation rape murder robbery everything the Democrats have been doing for hundreds of years
weasel Boy 2.0
It's a man baby !
Microcult Ben
Michael Obama
Charles M
yeah except for there are all kinds of photos out there of her pregnant.. and others of her in a bikini.. there's a conspiracy theory for just about anything and those that will believe it.
Lita martinez
What a sick world we live in it's called total deception!!. Thank God those two demons are out of the White House!!.
Morgan Dennis
U people must have hated this black man so much, that u wish he never existed,sick.
Andrew Johnson
Explain her childhood pictures.
Mike Barnes
She is twice the man Barrack is lol
ronald tanner
Reason no 1-because Mike is a male!
Geno Bourn
You are completely ignorant as hell!
Doug Carter
Give it away you lowlife...I am no fan of Obamas BUT sick of you depraved people picking on a woman without having the guts to ask her directly to her face. You are more than lowlife...even a snakes belly is higher in statue than you!
Obama indeed called his wife Micheal instead of Micheal so strange? It is possible. The effidence is becoming more bluring by the years,
Mark Whalley
That's because she is a MAN
Brendan Lucero
Berry married her.....what more evidence do you need?
Bo Hunter
Yeah, a man Wooki.
Lily Sandoval
o com' on ! now one has to show a "birth"-certificate, to prove children are MMICHELLE's ?
howard fine
of course its a dude,the joke is on america.
Lt Krytzer
Trump is the best President since Reagan
Robin Hager
To say that about any woman is a disgrace! If you are on the left ir right it doesn't matter. Shame on all of you.
sang rasConnie
Oh hell,why speculate?Why don't you just go ask them to their faces?!?!Lmao what's this world coming to?it's a sin to falsely accuse anyone,remember?
Varghese Nadar
The WORST American president so far in the history of the US.... GOD will punish him.....
Sabrina Gray
Do your mother look like a man, she is in good ahape, jealousy won't get you anywhere!!!
I seen her when she was a child in dance class and she is a black African American woman. The kids look just like her and husband. Don't listen to these crazy hicks .
Maya Bennett
Don't you guys have anything better to do ???
Be Quiet
Ask Michele's mother is she birthed a boy or a sure you'll get the TRUTH! You people keep trying lol
Constitutional Patriot
I have been challenging liberals for years to produce a pregnancy pic. Hint, there aren't any
Oprah Winfrey
Michelle Obama isn’t a man. She isn’t an ape or any of the other things people say she is. She’s just a Baby Mama from the Hood. All she knows is crack, violence, and the culture of the ghetto. She isn’t going to be graceful. She isn’t going to be refined. She developed that grunting, spitting, chest-pounding aggression as a method of survival. She may look like an ape and lumber around like a man, but she is neither. She is a woman in the biological sense.
albus kahn
Whatever she is but too Ugly to be my wife yuck.
Lee Gammons
False news and many fall for it
Mark Hall
Major Bulge reporting for duty
abdelhadi nadif
I remember when mike was pregnant his mom sacrifice 2 Moroccan chickens in the white house for a sake of "yes we can"
Jess lloyd
The finger thing is rubbish. Apparently I’m a man 😂😂
Frederick Detzer Jr
It's a dude
Carl Helbert
Bunch of racist POS! There is a special place for ya! This is a wonderful human being! Period! Great First Lady! Miss the honesty!
Barbara Washington
Lady Tahnee Crain
LMAO!!! 😂
Look at those deep set eyes and his brow ridge. . That is a transgender satanist. . Look at all the first "ladies".. All of them were men. Satan runs this world. . The bible tells us this.
Sabrina Gray
God bless you jealous people!!!
Rodney Johnson
Yall are really just sick
Dary Kinnaman
She is a Man. The media has known this from the beginning but they where happy to perpetuate this fraud. Good work!
Keith Lindsay
Yo momma is a man
Doc Vega
Hell, the Aussies have known it for a long time! They think Manchelle is bigger than a lot of their Rugby players! I agree!
Michael Sena
Your a bunch of idots. Anyway who cares
Steve Jovan
Are you confused about your own gender given that no sane person is having this debate? Studies show that persons who were the victims of sexual abuse tend to focus on this kind of topic.
paul is love
michelle fudge pack s her hubby barrack up the one way.
Iris Gonzales
So what if she is or not... She is intelligent. She sure as hell doesn't waste her time on trivia reality and propaganda.
Ken Shiro
36 genders? Maybe she's a theyby lol
Wolfgang The technician.
So what you're saying is all female body builders are men? I THANK YOU! BEEN SAYING THIS FOREVERRR
Lol. Oh shit people talking shit about trump quick let’s talk shit about the Obama’s even though he’s not president no more.
it is me
Are you kidding me? They killed Joan Rivers!!
Hate Monger
Well I'm convinced
Whether they are gold before people,they are still sinning --homosexuality is complete sin!
gina farrell
Michele is without a doubt a man, and a Line Backer!
Steevy Horton
She hasn't produced , produced to whom?# GTFOH