UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE | 'Pep is disappointed to not be here'

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In the absence of Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta previews the UEFA Champions League fixture against Lyon. Subscribe for FREE and never miss another Manchester City video. /> /> /> />www.instagram.com/mancity /> About the Official Man City YouTube Channel: Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more. Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.

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Amanbir Singh
The next Pep Guardiola!🙌 What a coach!
Shark Team
Player rotation vs manager rotation! what a team.. Cmon City
no worries, Mikel is still leading us to victory! its going to be 3-0 city
Hopefully when Pep leaves, Arteta is going to be our next gaffer.
Collins Nnadozie
The Best Assistant Manager in the World!
Daniel Gouws
I'm nervous but... Mikel Arteta is amazing 😁❤
Don Wilson
Uefa referees are corrupt and have a campaign against city !!! Pep knows this !!!
This guy looks very Determined to win !!! #CITYGANG !!!
hamouda yebda
I think that arteta has the same philosophy of playing as pep and i think that man city will win
Fred Manchester City
Let’s go Boys 💙💪🏻🔥
Travis Miller
Man City playing with the feeling of We are the Champions,not with the feeling of We Want to be the Champions.
canturk yilmaz
Wow. He was looking at them right in the eye, giving straight answers, Arteta is so confident. Loved his style. We won’t miss pep in this game that I can tell. Hello from New York
ali hassan
next pep
3-0 Man City
abdulla buhussain
future city manager
Hanis تاكحت
Vive riad mahrez
منصور الشريف
Mourad Bika
Football Football
Don't worry we will win like 4-0
ssw -
Speaks like Guardiola... Talented coach and rightly Pep's right hand man !
Dave Heaton
Rite at the end when he call Ronaldo a MASSIVE WEAPON!!🤣🤣🤣
Gadiaga B.F.
Mikel handled it well 👍
Yasser x79
Why is he absence ?
Jaryd Larsen
Mikel aka Mini Pep
After, pep retire from man city. I hope arteta will be a manager of man city.
Travis Miller
Khaldoon lost Pep Guardiola his Man City Xavi in Jorginho. If Pep Guardiola hadnt yet come to Man City and said i will need this 60Mill guy Jorginho,would Khaldoon still handle Jorginho deal same way?
Samsun Green
Great man to step in for pep, understands him completely, the game and the players, he deserves all he gets, top man
BORA 2004
When Pep leaves Mikel is definetely worthy of being manager after him
Aashish Maharjan
Our future manager😍
Mohamed Henni
50 vews are you here 🙌🏽
Joseph Sky
Andrew Gurney
Class act
iJustDontCare 1
Why is pep not there? What happend?
The New King
Sorry for not being up to date but why is Pep not going to be there? No offense to Mikel of course but just wondering!
Hugo palestrino
Man city mais uma vitoria na conta
At 3:24 I thought Arteta said something different than "Very hands-on". Had to rewind lol.
Karlz Karlo
Reposted...and tomorrow what does that have to mean!!? 1:26
Samuel Essel
C'mon city... let's make this easier for ourselves tonight at home ❤❤😍🤩
Ssini Rafa
Wow that was a good pre match he was tellin all the truth nd he know us very well nd hopefully when pep leave he be our next bestcoach that will be a very good deal nd we will keep on growin more nd more we are the best ManCity all day everyday🔵💯💙⚽️
Gaurav Verma
only thing i don't like about mikel is that he dislike messi..if you know what happened two years back when barca was here to play city
Shahriyar Uddin
Wait why want pep on touchline
living master
In fifa 16 arteta was a beast on fifa for me
Leo Clinton
Very calm and straight answers. Good job mikel
Why isn't pep at the game tonight?
vamos mikel
Korv & Bröd
Why will not pep ve there?
Abdifatah Aguero
Arteta man u can
Deep Tech Underground
He is so cool and calm.
Fifer McGee
Best of luck Mikel and get well soon Pep.
Sharpy'sgaming 06
What's happened to pep
Obama You Idiot
Can we kill Delph
Aaron Beecher
Arteta master class incoming ❤️
IFF Tayfası
Why is pep not there
I can’t wait to see how can he run the team today
Rafik Aldo
is the one who dont like mahrez and the one who dont give hime more times to play
Saied mehran Jalal
Hope he takes over as manager when pep leaves
Vephi Chiero
For hw many matches he ws suspended can anyone tell me ?
clems n
2:0 will be fine
Ethan Davies
I like this guy
ابراهيم مهاجر
step by step to be a trainer
Bouzidi Ilyes
Lat's go boys 💪💉🔥0/3
Kun Gurung
Future city manager
It’s Jami
Come on city
Alexandru Duma
480p ?
Frass Kid
Very good job..i see city winning this one
Jake Lloyd-Lewis
It’s year 2238, Mikel has retired from city as a football manger legend with 7 UCL and 12 league titles to his name, and man united have been relegated to league 2 with Liverpool still saying it’s ‘their year’
Finn Roberts
Why is pep not managing
al machzumi
MANCITY WIN マンCが絶対勝つ なぜならペップの青白軍団だから
Why isn’t Pep there?
Play Football 10
Arteta next season must be head coach to other team
Lester Naidoo
Citygang Citygang Citygang Citygang Citygang Citygang Citygang...
Rohan Dyer
Can someone explain why pepe cant be there?