The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore Live Rock Am Ring 1998

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Best Performance of this song!!!

Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore Live Rock Am Ring 1998

congo tronics
d'arcy in ava adore style is a goddess
Sadland Machines
D'arcy was so drugged up during this performance...
amataratzu d
d'arcy is in the high heavens
T. H
Live version of this song is so much better than the studio version.
I can't stop laughing at how lost D'arcy is lmao
Pope Pope
My god what a live! I even like this version more than the original! Love Smashing Pumpkins
Venus Axe
Definitely the best live version of this song, because I still prefer the studio version!!
Sergio Serrano
i love d'arcy
Ozzkarello Rocks
I Love D'arcy!
Gustavo Weber
yeah, I agree with you on "best performance of this song". Love it.
jimi van orion
ooh billy, why didnt you use a drum like this for the studio?? Its so amazing, but the studio electro drums are terrible :/  But still loving this song
Cesar U
IMO Smashing Pumpkins is Billy and Jimmy.
Marcelo Petters
Best version! 
The studio version never satisfied me....When Adore came out i felt betrayed by this band... But this song played onstasge is fucking great. And oh, D'arcy... Jeez, D'arcy is a devil sent from heaven! i truly believe da Billy after her marriage was devasted , so he fired her...
Rui Costa
1:29, she's cute and cool
This more rock version is badass!
Colby Ashton Stout
This is by far my favorite performance of this song.
Michael Northrup
I could listen to the live versions of this song constantly! The studio version, not so much unfortunately.
Silvia Skull
amazing, I can't stop watching this video!
connor llewellyn
can't recall any other live show from this time where billy dressed normal😂
Jeb De Guzman
Right on. Studio version sounded like an electronica. This sounded crispier (for lack of a better word)
James McDermott
there is only one other girl that comes close . and that is ADEY
Nicolai Vedel
How high can a D'arcy be?
Phunerhal Trhevhas
Sin unites all religions
Machina Adore
juergen joseph
Mit zu meinen besten.. _
James McDermott
Darcy does wonders to my 65 libido, no other girl on the planet does it to me,
Yeah have been there as well...18 years and gone there with a bunch of friends and LOTS of beer.. ;) Remember the HEAVY rain setting in during Rammsteins performance with like 10.000 ppl left with Ozzy performing the last act Sunday night? ;) Damn we were SOAKING wet...
Scorching version....and how cool did D'Arcy look then.
ohh the 90s.. where peolpe knew how to jump and not film :D
Kenny Aronoff
Who's the drummer here?
ϛϯriϞց ϛɭaϞց
i never saw james smile in a live video... coincidence?
wall of sound, impressive live gig !!
Markus Schroll
One of the best Band ever in on of the best Concerts ever... Line up this Day: Monster Magnet; Smashing, Prodigy.... dead... :-))
The dreamteam without jimmy, even was better than everybody else - wish they didn´t ever quit doin this...