The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Emotions run high in this loose homage to the final moment of the season 2 finale of The O.C. Featuring Shia LaBeouf.

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Erik Giovani
This probably sounded really stupid on paper
L Lawliet
Some of the best people from SNL
Seymour Skinner
That's hell of a gun magazine
Ester Grant
ah, the golden age of snl
The Engie That Cried Nope
This never gets old.
Rob Rogers
I feel bad for the sister, she never got the chance to kill anyone.
jay travers
Needs to be a parody of this in Brooklyn nine nine.
Amanda Cooper
whoever said this was the turning point of dark millennial humor was spot on
The Eubtube
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not so bright
I wish I could rewatch this for the first time
Some Random Boi
Haha guys i just thought of the funniest thing *-DIES*
Cola Cotton
Shia LaBeouf's best work.
"What happened?" "Well, he just took this gun and-"
1:57 When Shia commits, he really commits! 😂😂😂
Slim Papi
I wanna know what funny thing Shia was thinking of...
anyone watching in 2018? i remember watching this when i was a kid 😂
The day comedy was invented
JR422 000
“Dave will shoot me, then I’ll shoot dave, then Eric will come in and get shot by Dave” dying😂😂😂
Luk Ying
So this is the original Peralta killing Dozerman?
Anas Anas
*"Got Ourselves a bloodbath"* Sees no blood
Brandon 88
I love how sudeikis and armasin are facing each other but do the look over their shoulder lol
Merv Watson
I was dying when I first saw this... So long ago, must've been 15.
Bill E Zane
So this is what happens when you watch deathnote, the OC, and smoke weed.
Blake Simpson
Peralta thats enough
It's Me Echo
Mmm whatcha say Mmm that you only meant well Well of course you did Mmm whatcha say Mmm that it's all for the best -because- _of course_ it is Mmm whatcha say Hmmmsiweelarneyutosinethis (???) Whatcha say Mmm what did she sayyyy
Still a better death note than Netflix.
Phoenix North
Idk why I love this so much
*_M M M, W H A T 'C H A S A A A A A A A A A Y Y Y Y...._*
So filthy frank stole this.
ci ci
I can't believe detective peralta killed captain dozerman twice
RPF Creates
Best sketch ever, especially if you watched the O.C. growing up lol. Just too on point.
I don't know what it is that makes this so funny but I freaking laugh everytime.
Jade Nguyen
1:23 Shots fired! Officer Peralta down! Send backup! Charles: NOOOOOO!! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!
Still one of the best SNL skits of all-time.
Ryan Rahrooh
everytime they make a face or change a position gets me everytime when they shoot the sister
it's even funnier when you realize there was only one gun.
owen thomas
When you realise that one of the cops was (or looks really similar to, it can't be a coincidence he was) the guy in Brooklyn 99who keeps showing up since the first and to the currently last episode who plays the violin 3:21
Lucas Kibler
Back when SNL was funny.
The amazing trio Gamers
3:20 top ten anime betrayals
I picked up the letter, AND I THREW IT ON THE GROUND
daddy satan
and thus the meme was born
this is cool bc a couple of these actors would work together on brookline nine nine together (fyi the watcha say meme can never die bc .... mmm watcha say)
Hide and seek - Imogen Heap
Pineapple Driver
The dead captain is back only Brooklyn 99 fans will understand that
Sam Mac
This is the kind of stuff where you question your sense of Humor because of how funny it is to you, and not give a shit because it’s hilarious.
Plot Twist: The letter was written in a Death Note XD
That moment when Bill Hader writes in the Death Note
24 shots were fired that day...
Diana Voorhes
*Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths*
The Enlighten One: God's Child
Those actors are very famous and a member of the illuminati
Cheezay Ballz
baby: parents: mama? mommy? baby: *shoots parents* baby: mmm, whatcha say?
No This Is Olli
Omg Jake shot his boss Dozerman 😱
That living room is cursed.
Some Guy
He says he'll be dead, but comes back to life to shoot his sister.
Ghostище !
1:05 *when you got 1HP left*
yeisser toyota
The funny thing is that there was only 1 gun so I guess they all passed it around to shoot the girl
Brandon Stickels
The story of a gun that can apparently teleport between people
maya reese
this plot is so deep, damn it really makes you think
Abu The Alien
This guy is such an internet legend!
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This is garbage. The whole thing is played out, the characters are unlikeable, this is crappy SNL between the good old ones and the new good ones, this is a kind of middle ground where everything is just fricking garbage and you don't know what you're doing. It's not philosophically complex, it's not "Meta," it's not David Lynch-y, it's not in the least bit funny. This is the worst sketch I think I've ever seen. I don't know what the O.C. is. I don't watch it, I don't understand this. It's a very obscure reference so trying to say this is a parody makes no sense to people who don't watch dumb teenage dramas. After they shoot each other, like, five times, It gets old. OK? Now, please, quit doing this crap. You can do better. It's not funn- MMMMMMMMMMMMMM WHATCHA SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Johan Troskie
Did Jake Peralta just kill captain Seth Dozerman? I knew he didn't suffer a second heart attack!!
Sam Mac
The only good thing Shia Labeouf has had a leading role in.
{ɪɴᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛᴏ} #1̴9̷̛́99̸̶
No seriously what did he said my earphones are messed up
What the hell is going on here?
little guy
U only realise uve got shot when u see ur hands stained with blood
It's sad because we never got to know why it's weird.
franek kaniewski
this is funny
Random Gaming Gamer
Too much said!
The crazy Gamer
This vid is more than Indian movies😂😂 but I love it
IceAge Bear
Me and my friends be like.......
The Confession?
Diana's House
Jake and mlepnos 😍
lyndsay april
Idea: a laser tag place but when u get shot the vests play that song.
spinogamer 160
1:42 when some one eat your pizza
DAV 2-0
2018 and still a masterpiece!
Natalie Dark
All jokes aside, this is actually pretty creepy
Still one of the best Youtube videos I've ever watched after 4 years!
Ryer Wilkes
Top ten anime standoffs
Stanley Yelnats
WinterStranger 12
I need to know the inspiration for this skit
This is one of those things in life you keep on wanting to re-live the first time you saw it
So the sister's first reaction when she walks into a room full of THREE bodies is to pick up a journal and read it?
Frequent Videogamer
In an alternate universe they are all actually roommates, that would have been so dope
Homework With Hannah
GoodTimeD 69
Are they gay lovers that "can't" come out of the closet? (Don't get it)
xXSuperXx XP
1:45 when you realise your *pregnant*
Daniel Penrod
This is truly the birth of strange yet awkwardly beautiful millennial humor.
Hmmm... Good ol' 2007. Parodies kings & queens and viral sensation at their finest. Untainted, and just perfecto.
It's Mlepclaynos
Thus a meme was made
2018, almost 2019.... this is still good! Remember seeing this when I was a middle schooler. Like it up!
Griffin Hammond
Finally on YouTube—one of my favorite digital shorts! To make sense of this, take yourself back to 2007, when people watched "The O.C."
xXSuperXx XP
Hmmmmm wat ya say
MLG_yungz 4
I hate when people say 2018? Like no 1846 B.C WaSsUp
If you haven’t watched it already, after watching this, go and watch PewDiePie’s video of him shooting his 5M award, and you’ll se why 😂😂😂
Top 10 anime deaths
Seems familiar