New Pokémon Movie and Season Debut on Disney XD!

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/>On December 5, 2016, watch an epic marathon featuring Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, and get a sneak peek of the new Pokémon season on Disney XD! Visit our site for more details. Official site: Shop: />Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:

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pokemon is probably on Disney now because Cartoon network played teen titans go too much and didn't give pokemon a chance to show anymore
Rip animation/ash's gloves 1997-2016
"This is Pokemon school where Pokemon and students study together." Ash you have been on a journey for 19 years, what is there to learn?
Switching from Cartoon Network to Disney XD? Does this mean Pokemon will be on at a reasonable time and NOT AT 7 IN THE MORNING?!
Teen titans go strikes another one down
Espeon The Charmeleon
New theory: The reason Pokemon is now on Disney XD because of Professor Kukui, he looks a lot like Kanan Jarus from Star Wars Rebels which is also on Disney XD. COINCIDENCE!?!
Gian De Guzman
So there's a possibility that Pokemon will air on Disney XD
Uber Hamster
Well at least the anime will have better treatment now than how Cartoon Network treated it.
Fedora on Fire
The Sun and Moon version of Ash sucks.
mark my words.... soon you will see pokemon in kingdom hearts at this rate.....
Mr Tuesday
America's #1 mouse now has Japan's #1 mouse.
Bernardo Gonzalez
everyone: "Pokemon on Disney XD!?" Me: " a Pokemon Kingdom in every Disneyland park lol"
Michael Franc
I really hope Jesse and James return in Sun and Moon
Selena is Best Waifu
After about 14 years on Cartoon Network..... And now it's on Disney XD???? Yeesh, Pokemon really is trying to compete with Yokai Watch
That's what you get for showing nonstop ttg cartoon network
Heracross X
Well, Cartoon Network, it's been fun. (Actually, wait. Pokémon was one of the only reasons I watch you anymore, and for the most part, you've been in a steady decline ever since Ed, Edd, n' Eddy ended) Toodles.
Aiden :v
This new Yokai... I mean pokemon season looks cool on Disney XD
Man poor Cartoon Network. Just can't catch a break
Rose Supreme
I like how the Sun and Moon trailer had a serious tone to it, despite the comedy direction it seems to be taking.
why cant they be more creative with the titles of the series it's beyond basic to just call it sun and moon
Trinity Miller
Pokemon is not owned by Disney there just agreeing too let them show it on there Chanel.
Austin Wood
Let's just say it's a good thing Viacom didn't get their hands on it. They would've made it crap.
So what will Disney XD handle this time is it going to be the same or worse
PokeMaster EX
Pokemon from Cartoon Network to Disney XD =Smart Idea. wasn't Yo-Kai Watch on Disney XD? yeah i think so. however Sonic Boom is on CN. reasons Pokemon is taking a new turn, well what show is without a doubt the worst show in history of humanity? Teen Titans GO has WAY too many episodes and keeping all the spotlight to itself while Pokemon wait till it dies. well Teen Titans GO is sucking so badly that its taking the channel down with it. from Superman 64 (yes the second worst video game ever, besides E.T. on Atari.) to this, DC is dying badly. and that's why my dad said, screw it, no more shows, and i agree. I still play my NES, but no longer watch TV shows. only YouTube is my way out. but i might till the episodes come out.
Will the Dub Fail or Succeed? Find out next time on Disney XD
lol. ash saw tapu koko. i cought one in pokemon sun already.
At first, I thought Disney XD was a bad idea but I realized that Cartoon network shows are now fading and pokemon does not want cartoon network to cancel pokemon and have us wait months to get it on a new channel
When you need more air time for Teen Titans Go reruns
First name Last name
Pokémon on Disney XD? You guys know what that means right? *NO MORE 30 SECOND THEME RULE FROM CN*
Dragon Slayer
the next pokemon series after sun and moon will air on nickelodeon hahaha
I don't have Cartoon Network, and only have Disney XD at the moment so I'm glad it's gonna be on Disney XD <3
The last time we will ever see the good Ash. RIP the Pokemon anime 1997-2016
Looks like they re-animated or got another studio because it looks almost like Generations. Also,Pokemon on disney?! That's like Nintendo doing business with Sega if we were in the old days.
After watching the the XYZ movie trailer and the Sun and Moon anime ... LOLLLOLOL people seriously think sun and Moon has better art and animation than XYZ?! Please...
Mateo King
Random Gamer
This trailer: Volcanion: I promised to save everyone Other trailer: Volcanion: I promised to save Magearna
Wait how does Ash meet all the ledgendarys I mean Jirachi comes every 1000 years and Arceus comes every (input long time here). Oh wait because he never ages -_-
Thank god they're moving it. CN didn't care about Pokémon at all. Airing it at 6 AM when almost everyone is sleeping is horrible.
Veno X
Ash looks like an idiot, sorry Nintendo but the redesign just doesn't feel right for pokè veterans like me
Eric Parazak
I'm probably the only one who's okay with this change. Don't get me wrong, I'm probably passing with this season, but let's be fair, the series overstayed its welcome on Cartoon Network.
Aizakku Analysis
This was way too quick, how is there already a dub for sun and moon.
Beau Cordell
This just in: Teen Titans Go strikes another one down! Oh well at least we're getting the anime at a reasonable time instead of 7 O'CLOCK IN THE FREAKIN MORNING
liz liz
im pretty happy they moved it to disney XD they will most likely give it better time slot and show it more then once a week unlike cartoon network -.-
King oshawott
finnaly cn was terrible the last few years even though sm is silly and XD has yo kia watch pokemon will finally be in good hands R.I.P CN
game4brains 123
If there's an Alola League and Ash wins it, how much do you wanna bet that he'll say "I'm going to Disney World!" in the dub?
Maggie A
Wait are you kidding me?! The only THE ONLY cartoon channel I don't have is going to feature sun end moon?!
I don't see a problem with this show. When Ash fights against Tapukoko it looks pretty serious to me. I think the comedy will even out with the serious parts.
I Became A Married Man When Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Were Released!
Ricci Jacinto
It should have been Power Rangers instead! Or Digimon! Or even Yu-Gi-Oh! 😭
Marvel, Star Wars and now Pokemon. Disney cant be stopped. 😧
lil scoot
does anyone remember kid vs cat back like in 2010 and other good ones and kick in it best thing in my life
Firetail Taevarth
Pokemon actually used a song by Two Steps From Hell.
Lets be honest here, Pokemon moving to Disney XD makes perfect finantial sense
Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta
YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Finally, it was celebrate the 20th anniversary season of the Pokémon saga as the next season of the Rebooted Pokémon anime saga, Pokémon: the series: Sun and Moon is Coming to Disney XD!!!!! Right after the movie, a new movie about the next chapter of the Pokémon anime saga, Pokémon: the movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel as the final XY's story arc and the end of the 2nd Rebooted Pokémon Series AND A WHOLE POKEMON MOVIE MARATHON! GOOD-BYE, CARTOON NETWORK AND HELLO, DISNEY XD!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Ash's new design doesn't match with his English voice but matches with his Japanese voice
I dont care what channel it's on, I just don't wanna pay extra to have a channel that only has the one show.
Dean Rosolen
The weirdest part about this is that they didn't even mention the channel switch even once in the video itself.
First Cartoon Network was amazing now it's gone down hill with Pokemon being on Disney XD like why Pokemon is not apart of Disney XD
You're Ugly
Pokemon on DISNEY XD?!?! Are ya'll serious. T_T
Michael O'Keefe
Now Ash can meet Mickey Mouse, the Disney Pokemon.
Well, then. No more watching the original anime on Boomerang anymore. Now where am I supposed to watch the classic series? Will Disney XD or any other Disney channel show it? Sort of hard to watch my favorite cartoons now since they are disappearing. I also watched Star Wars the Clone Wars and Disney took it away. Disney! Disney is taking over everything! Disney of all things! DISNEY!
At least on Disney they'll actually advertise the show unlike CN
marco polo
I don't really care what channel Pokemon is on, as long as I get to watch it. But I would like to know why, is this permanent? Cartoon Network doesn't need to lose anymore of its good shows, now it's gonna be stuck with its new crappy shows like Powerpuff girls(the bad reboot not the good original), Teen titans go, magiswords, Clarence (the show is ok, not bad, but not good enough to go crazy over). And it doesn't help that Pokemon gets one slot on Saturday morning then they show teen titans go for 8 hours......what happened to all the Saturday morning anime Cartoon Network? Well this comment turned into a rant.....Feel free to dislike.
Zero Todona
So, Disney has the American anime right now, huh?
Eli Fabbricante
Kyle Dutrow
You let Disney with already hosting yo kai watch, premiere a new pokemon movie... Mmm Monopoly, smells like cotton and nickle
R A D fox 420
Is this gonna be on Netflix?
random person
I am eating cheddar cheese right now .3.
Generic Geek 1
CN is gonna lose half of their money
It better not be on Disney XD
super mario Odyssey
booooo! Japan is cool not that
im fine with that. i dont have to wake early in the mornin to watch pokemon if disney xd schedule it right.
Kor Yica
And here no one thought the Pokémon show could get any worse (LOOK AT ASH 😂)
Jonathan flores
New Disney slaves
*Anyone else sooooo hyped*
stanly eggmuffn
They don't own Pokémon they own the tv we watch it from
Setu Meena
when it is coming in INDIA .pokemon got millions of fans here..
ash doesn't look as nice on it
Grim Reaper
I actually don't mind the new art style.
team skull grunt sounds so cool 😁😎Hype!!
Ana TundraFlame
KGL Live
Rip old ash
Pokemon Homie
This better not be a way of Pokémon letting us know slowly that they were bought by Disney. They took Star wars and Marvel. You are not taking Pokémon
Crossover Fanatic
You know I'm actually glad Pokemon is actually going to Disney XD. After all, Cartoon Network hardly ever pays attention to Pokemon, and shows it once a day.
Vanderbilt Alex Singleton
This anime is going to get less viewers because not everyone has that channel... that makes me feel bad.
Sorry but really Pokemon is better off on Cartoon Network because you won't have to be forced to cencer a lot of thing as in Cartoon Network you can put almost anything you can and Pokemon has a better bond with Cartoon Network.
Jonathan Rychlik
Man if pokemon sun and moon are on Disney XD I quit
I watched Pokemon sun and moon's episode 1 & 2 and it's great. Btw when is the release date of the anime in Disney xd??
I Can't Wait To Watch Both Of Them!! I Absolutely LOVE Pokémon!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
UnovaKid 24
Anybody know when the movie premieres? I'm already getting psyched.
archer dan
Michael Sam
you guys made the worst choice of your life. you should have kept it on "Cartoon Network"
Darkness205 AJ
I'm looking forward to see my favorite character again. #Amourshipping
Brendan Ruiz
so I guess CN didint want this mess so they gave it to Disney XD
Hoa Tien
Please let Pokemon sun and moon series air on Disney Channel instead.
UnderDog Chris
But wait.. What happens to the Boomerang Reruns then?
Brenden Kidd
What time on the fifth? I can't load the website on my phone and the Disney XD schedule for the fifth has no Pokémon on it. Every news article just repeats the fact that it's airing on the fifth.
cmlmonstar 007
NO, not everybody has Disney XD 😒😒😒😒😒😒