Pikachu's Death 【AMV】Legends Never die

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Dante Shadow
Really Ash & Pikachu Death😥?
you really like this song but i too Xd
Billy B
wonderful loved it 😎a big like for you 👍😊👍🕵️‍ active supporter 🕵️‍👁 whole video watched 👁
Drift Fortnite God
Pikachu Is a brave pokemon with a good soul...... He was a pokemon I created for love.....to everyone..
Dante Shadow
Tyson EditZ
your 4rd legends never die amv, nice
Kurumi Kawaii
*Legends Never Die* 😍❤ Awesome 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Dianagames Didi
Nashmeria WeirdGamer
I cried pickachu al most died bc he loved ash...
Cᴜᴛᴇ Cʜᴀɴ
So sad and amazing at the same time ❤❤❤😭👍like
Saarwhale55900 Habraken
So cool great job 😊👍👍
Muf9 Aj
Don't worry guys Pikachu is alive and in the new series pokemon sun and moon!
no one
legends never die they always stay strong
This song really awesome
Wolfie Playz
RIP Pikachu 😞
Princess Minako Mino Mayuki Uchiha
Awesome as always, my friend. Excellent work~☇👍👌
D3mon Amv
Maaan i didn't looked at pokemon since many years but wtf? It really happened? I seen and ash died? Or what happend? I seen at final they seen eachother so that means is all alright?
Hiroshima Nightcore
Wow this is sad and also amazing great work my bestie!! ❤️👌🏻
Waw mache more Pokemon video
great job man! would love if some of you guys checked out my first amv if that isnt too much to ask :)
Rick Plays
Great Bro But please tell which editor you use
Jaybird 7204
1 hour version!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song,Ash,and Pikachu
Ruzayna Tasnuva
I like your AMV😀
Silent Tricks
Fun With Gamer
Hey My name is Mandar.. why dont you start discord server ?
WB bros
This gives chills in my spine bro
Music Star Anime Channel
Wow great video and song 👍 😉
AngryBubbles Amvs
Awesome !!🎧💞 Like
Titok Mester
Fantastic. I love Pikachu😍💕
Osm metro, good job on thiz one!
Shy Incredible
Can I please have a description of how you make your AMV's?
Nooby Pro 377
Pokemon Series*
ayan khan
Good xD now this is going to 1million xD
Kitaco JAK
Like 27 👍👋👋👋👋
Suhaan khan
Legends never die
Tanzeem Fatma
Now u will rock in it
Pants Dudney8
2:10 this just makes me sad look at Pikachu
Jean Sexton
I cried 😔😩😭😢😪
Marco Vazquez
dis is like my 50th time watching it again cause I put it on loop
MV awesome
Pikachu will never die 😔 neither will ash
محمد الاسطوري
This is cool Musik 😘😁
Dragon Blanco AMV's 風
Very good laik xdd
Gothic Rebel
Diana Cobo
Well I guess legends die then though ._.
Ujwala Kadam
The last movie
hey very nice bro !!
no one
amazing not bad
Anime Ture Lover's
l love this song and amv too!!!😉
Rs Fahim studio
Mai hostel collection
Awesome bro..... Great video..... Keep it onn.......
Beatrice Pokemon
Which movie or ep clip u use at the start
Christian Martinez
R.I.P picachu😞😢
super beautiful work bro and really emotional <3
Noo not Pikachu!!!
Kyle Mathews
The legend never die amv are the greatest!👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
a t s u k i
Try out that song all falls down mio remix ,it would me great m working on that
Thank you my friend
Alex_gaming_ TV
I’m a big fan of you Megetron!
Snorlax Pancake
Diancie was my favorite Pokémon, then I just saw this...
MIKE Music And Game
Nice one!! I like it♡♡
Flareon 9.0
😭😭😭😭😭love it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
hassass blob the dragin dude your truly
Never lose hope ;)
Solar Rex
I think ash s pikachu can be EXREMELY powerful when he saw ash is killed
abc xyz
Music dede bhai
Dalejean Rudd
Did anybody notice when Ash died when the Pokemons Powers went away Ash's the legend
One more legends Never die
Vulpix the cutest
I really love this song and vid! One big like!💗
Seanster 2.5
So sweet
José ' Studio
I am in Love With The Song But !! PIKACHU NEVER ARE GONNA TO DIE !!
FroakyTrainer Strame
Morad Anti-Hero
Celine and Ariana
Are Pikachu and Ash really dead?😢😱😷😭
This Is Also Used At Ash's Death, Also Sick Beat! Ash Also Died... At 2:12
BlUeKn!gHt OfChAoZze
Awzum! 😎🤘💥👏💥👏
Lisa Chai
Pikachu is a beast Even vs arceus Even marshadow Even dialga Even palkia Even hoopa (UNBOUND)
PBN trainers asosiation
Love your vids😎👍
magical girl
Wow bff
Just Some Random Girl
Amazing 😍😍😍
Sword Anime
nice one pro keep going
This amv awesome is epic
Fun and games
No pikachui hate watching pikachu die but I mean he always overcomes it but it is always sad
Rly nice AMV! :D and perfect song for this!
Spiros Gkinakis
Katapliktiko Telio Fadastiko!!!!!!!! 💝💝💋💋❤❤💞💞💗💗💓💓💖💖💖💙💙💟💟💕💕
Tonmoy Arafat
Legend never die
Melanie Davis
I love it am so sad
水Wat3r's Edits
these amvs are amaizng but there so sad but they just come back but depression tho
Mr .Koala
Ok can somebody reply to my comment but the movie I Choose You! And the new 2018 movie is it like a remake of the I Choose You 1st episode of indigo????? Or just 2017
gamertime slash
Pikachu comes back 2 life don't worry
The music have copyright???
Stephanie Nguyen
What does XD mean?? LEGENDS NEVER DIE
Kapil Rao
Very nice video. I start crying. An emotional video
Pika pika xD
Koradekxxx LIVE
what a movie title 2:08 plz ?
awesome senna
Your legends master ever in the video
haluk akdin