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Check out my 10 easy, lazy person pranks for April Fools Day! They involve clingfilm, hiding fake spiders and many more laughs! Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/Hiya_Elle Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/Hiya_Elle Follow me on Snapchat: Hiya_Elle Like me on Facebook: facebook.com/HiyaElleMeadows HiyaElle is the YouTube channel of Elle Meadows, a teenage British YouTuber and unicorn. I spend all my free time making funny sketches, videos and vlogs for teenagers, kids and young-at-heart adults. I edit and film all my videos independently in case you were wondering! If you have a video suggestions lemme know either on YouTube or via Twitter!

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hi its my birthday! all I want is 21 likes! : *
Elle: "Print out a picture of a scary face" *prints out Donald Trump* Me: 😂😂😂😆😆😆YEP
DIY Femina
I have to wake up early, I have seven pranks to plan.Wish me luck!:)
Aaron Idelson
I found you just because of dangmattsmith
Dangmattsmith braught me here
Peggy Scott
👍if you like Elle
Shelby Russell
OMG i am defiantly going to use the donald trump one for my mom i already printed everything out just need it to be tomorrow oh i am so excited for her reaction.
Sunny Srivastava
every prank is super awesome WHO ALL R HERE FROM DANGMATTSMITH HIT LIKE
amjad hejazi
i dunno about ya'll but i just watch her videos cause she's cute
David Alano
I love your accent! (you`re beautiful)
Ellen Morris
Hahah the girl at the end was NOT impressed
COLAB WITH JESSIE VEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan Jacob04
Best scary face ever!!!!
Fernando Lagos
you know what when i see donald trump face i jump from te bathroom because that shit would scare a lot of million people BEST PRANK IN THE WORLD!!!
More Kitzia
Just Peachy
you are so cool. you are upbeat and happy and make made me laugh. This is the first video ive watched of yours and i instantly subbed xx
abdalhkim ksa
who is came from dangmattsmith ?
Talya That Dancer
May I ask what the vegetable was?
Adelle Page
so dark skinned guy on youtube was doing chatrulette and I saw you so I have meow subscribed youre welcome
Omg the insect thing would freak me the hell out.
dangmattsmith, hes the reason. I like the videos tho
Akshay Lal
I am glad matt stumbled upon u on chat roulette ! You are one adorable person ! :)
dangsmith lead me here
Damn why you're eyebrows bouncing around like that
amethyst games
I LOVED the video it is really going 2 help me get back st my sisters also I know a REALLY good prank
James Binger
anybody else is here because of dangmattsmith
Peggy Scott
wow that's awesome pranks right
Aavas Rana
I'm surprised you do not have a few million subscribers yet!
Naija Leonard
She said find a scary picture and she printed out a pic of Donald trump
zoë sofia
Your personality is so nice! You're so positive
Jessica Harris
Here are more... 1.shake the soda bottle before giving it to the target 2.put a picture/print-out of a face peeping at the target from a window or anywhere else. 3.since april fools is near easter, wrap up some grapes in easter candy wrapping 4.smoosh up tootsie rolls in poop-shapes then put it in kitty litter (works best for cat owners.) 5.put something white like frosting in a toothpaste bottle and eat it in front of someone 6. download a cracked screen app on their phone 7.switch out the clothing that they would wear the next day with a smaller size 8.take away all the toilet paper in the bathroom 9.melt a candy bar 10.put a rubber band on the sprayer thingy in the sink (I do this every year)
Kaleb Bunker
I'm doing a fake computer virus prank for April Fool's
Kittenfight_ 326
I did a prank on my brother (the classic toothpaste and Oreo one) he ate it, didn’t suspect anything, then threw up a few minutes later....
Buri Puikkonen
this is try not to laugh challenge...
Artūrs Kašs
I love the face on the toilet idea 😂😂
Bella's MinecraftAdventures!
I'm a new person to the chanel love this video
Ares Xena
I'm trying these out. Appreciate the tips. c:
ha ha
Thank you dangmattsmith
Hashtagjesusfreak :-*
Those are some great pranks! I will definitely be following them
Ismail Khan
Damn, I looked up pranks, this came up, the only reason I clicked was because your hot! Will you marry me?
Shakenna Sings
Go on google and look for a scary picture "takes out a picture of Donald Trump" that was hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂
Qaisar Lalani
they just took a bowl and poured the water in it
JollyRancher J #SquadGoals
Haha the scary face was Donald trump hahahah lmao 😂
How do u edit your videos
Teia Shannon
I love your channel and your videos so much!! You're a great inspiration and I hope you continue making videos! :)
Rohit yadav
who is watching on 1 April 2018
Zahra Kamara
You are funny
Zee Zen
eyebrows on fleek
This is amazing and we have the same name but my name is pronounced Ellie!!
Gabby Rodriguez
Those are really good pranks
Dangmattsmith brought me here.
Pretty Bow
1:54 is that perkbeingsoft?
Thecatbear Unicornbutt
hii 2018
The Colvin Bros
I also have a YouTube channel called colvin brothers
Midgie B
You look like two other you tubers 1. Sophia Pruett 2. Kamari Noel
ketsueki uki
Last chick has the pouty face on fleek. ;D!
The Hunter
Awesome by the way my sister uses facebook
vortex gaming
How are you nineteen you look like a really attractive 16 year old ( as apose to a really attractive 19 year old)
salma .b
• Roses Are Red •
Elle Lively McBroom? Anyone?
MicxiaThat GachaTuber
2018 anyone?
Gracie Thogmartin
But when she said Amy Amy Amy Amy Amy Amy I died🤣🤣🤣🤣
Do you moan a lot?
bhavana Jain
All r the best pranks yarrr
JFields Dembogurski
Number 7 hahaha.
Infinity Magic
She's so beautiful oml😍
gaming pug
Elle you are so good don't let those ugly comments stop you okay
Miri Kind
Mean she should be able to do what ever she wants
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April 1st is my bday
Official fake films
Who else is here because of Dang Matt Smith???
Elio Chavez
Thank u so much!!!
Evan Sprouse
I saw her before
Tahseen Malik
I just wanted to prank
The Colvin Bros
This is so funny
Taylor Arnold
nAuGhty pEPe
Nandhini chari
She is looking like a good girl and I am brand new to this channel so she wins a like button
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victoria loves u
OMG your soooooo cute I'll subscribe right away 😍😍😘😘
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hi im new
Scare the Schnitzel out of them xDD
Jillian Logeren
lol i found many of them hilarious and i really think i will do most of them
Kevin Tan
I saw you on DangMattSmith!!!!!!
Big gay nose boy
When she said insects I thought she said incest
SO SO Happy
Confession time....Who got pranked today??
JFields Dembogurski
Very cool your videos,
Ayano Aishi
I once stacked EVERY SINGLE STUFFED ANIMAL AND BEANBAG IN THE HOUSE directly in front of my sisters door. Irl. Lol lol I wish I had a pic of her face when she opened it and they fell on her! ^---^ ( |_| ) |>🌭
D Bishop
That’s so cool!you should check out zoe’s videos there super funny to thanks for sharing that!
Karleigh Jordan
Another prank is to tape uncooked small noodles under the toilet seat. When they sit down they should think they broke it.
Hilarious!!! LOL. You are so much fun to watch.
Makayla Samountry
These are actually so great i'm impressed
can anyone please tell me what is the name of the track played at the end after she says bye? pleeeeeaaaasssseeee
What is the name of the music played at the last. sounds beautiful
Create with K&J
Your accent is so fantastic. And you're hilarious! New subscribers 💕
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You are so cute😊
can someone please tell me what is the track played at the end after saying bye? music was too too good. any help appreciated thank you