NBA CLASSIC TEAMS Playoff Simulation on NBA2K18!!!

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2k put in a lot of new classic teams this year and today i did a playoff simulation to find out who's the best classic team! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks for watching! *Do not own any songs in video - no copyright intended MY TWITTER -

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kobe stapp
Love halftime productions keep it up
Achigle PAOG13
Do the best all-time all-stars (that aren’t playing now)team vs The all-stars right now
Sukmeet Samra
Put the last 16 NBA championship teams into 1 playoff sim. So pretty much put there winners from the 2001 NBA season to the 2017 NBA season! THIS WOULD BE LIT!!! I hope u can do it HTP! Lit vid btw!
Alan Corp
You should do all time teams that have won a championship before.
J & J Gaming
where is 95-96 part 2
Evan FNH
Where is celtics
Bill Roth
First dudes
Jasonthebacon 690
Notification squaaa
Leo Is Awesome
Halftime Productions did you say 0 11 Mavericks and 0 13 Heat??
Wind 64
Why did u say 0-11 Mavericks and 0-13 heat it would just be 11 and 13
Christian Chip
Highlight History
Bulls Kings Bulls Kings Bulls Kings BULLS
steven leeward onofre
Isaiah West
"013 heat"
Gaming central101
The Lakers
Breeze Swann 2
Spurs gonna win this Edit: you have gotta be kidding me -_-
Lebron had 2 chances...
niegel kelly
when the 11 Mavs beat the 01 Lakers i had to cut the video off
Jeffy Jeffy poop
I hate your channel so much
Lit vid as always
Khari Jackson
Chicago is the best
Khari Jackson
And Sacramento
Khari Jackson
Tomas Torres
Since when new jersey is in the west? And New Orleans on the east?
Lindsey Gregoire
Yes the best simulation youtuber is back
Happy Roblox
At 1:45 my team got elemanated in the first round rip spurs
Dem Latney
Nigga where Michael Jordan
Dirty Potato
“And the O11’ Mavericks are gonna beat the o1’ Lakers”
John PlayzMM
Pistons wouldn’t have lost to the 07 cavs
'11 Bulls over '02 Kings in 6 is my prediction
Nick Ze Daddy
Heat or spurs will win, probably spurs SPOILERS Edit : Dang completely wrong not even one of those made to the conference finals
Omega Games and Vlogs
Kidsavage ab
When u gone make a new vid man!!!
EliteKids HD
U see what d rose could of done if he did t get injured 😳😳😳😳😳
David White
Where is part 4 for if LeBron stayed on the heat
Bullet Boss
mavs was bull
YoungaNarrowGaming Is Stealing Your Videos
Ryno Decker
2013 heat
Joeyroms 27
Hit up my channel for similar videos
Dat*Boi*Arstin 23
Let’s Go!!!!!!
CheChe Arellano
why the memphis is there?
Christian Maleck
Tycolej jColeman
The Warriors are going to win this
Beast 24
Kings or Bulls
Blake Davidoff (Student)
How did wolves beat the best team ever
Dorthy Jean
Where okc
Ali Green
Mr. Dew
Gimme Dat Neck
Why didn't you put 96'-97' Heat becuase you put 2 Lebrons in the same playoffs
Mood Set
You have the most annoying voice ever
Jacob Ftacek
Ya go bulls
natan fun Army
Franz Zkie
Background Music???
Hayden Singleton
Hornets and mavericks
Hayden Singleton
DeanO Green 101
Griz Cavs and hornets r my picks
Cooper Davis
We’re 96 bulls
That music and your voice are just amazing xD ❤
Alex White-Eyes
Torien Daguison
Where is the 11-12 Thunder
badboyss badboyss
Rose time
Guess these fans in this game must love white-out
Michael Ohare
Warriors should win because they have a all star team just to beat LeBron. Just like real NBA. Durant is a Snake!!!
Young HeadShark
Boris Brown
This is the second simulation you've done where Sacramento "somehow" beats SAS in the first round. The first one was the Kings vs Spurs all-time teams.
Adamjt10 3:16
Kings the real 02 champions
collier martin
Bulls baby people forget how dangerous Drose was
ThatNewPimpTrickGangstaClickAlbum GonnaBeThatFire
02 sactown is the goat
yeeee bullls!!! un expected! they have the freakin Goat! (white mamba!)
dang the west has 3 contenders. warriors pure offense.. lakers dominance... spurs defense... ooff i would go for spurs... for the east.. pretty obvious its the heat..
Jonathan Cineus
why are the nets and hornets on opposite conferences
Mike Teshan
Lol why you put the nets in the West? And some of these teams shouldn’t be on here.
Joseph the Potato Chip
Mavs will win they always win in my own sims that are not on YouTube
kyree942 the goat
the finals
kyree942 the goat
bulls won
Hriday Meka
Did you see that parachute from 4:45-4:48
Hriday Meka
Yoooo at 1:57 he says Kidd is on the kings
Jordan Kresmer
Jason kidd?
Damien R
He chose the wrong warriors the modern warriors are better than the 2016 warriors
Julie McLemore
Julie McLemore
Lakers gonna take the W
Marshall M
The hornets are in west back then
Jaime Cruces
2k is tweaking
Kavon Gaines
The Hornets are in the West
Adolfo Rosas
How do the kings keep beating the spurs it’s all bs and would never happen lol
Random Guy 13
Chicago Bulls
Eniyalater 13
Let’s go chicagooooooo that’s my home town
Eniyalater 13
Bulls vs mavs
MaddenMasters YT
Heat vs mavs in finals
Matthew Hirsch
How do you do the playoffs
Ben Steiner
04 pistons
Jacob Marah
Jacob Marah
D rose
michael west
I like the idea of these videos but it’s pretty obvious that these videos are set up. You purposely make it so that the games are closer than they should be, just to make a more interesting video
Jeremy Soled
My Knicks wining it
Michael M
Please make a video of what if Kevin durant/KD NEVER LEFT OKC
Epiq D
Miami will win