2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout (FXBR)│Full Review and Test Ride

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All the details on the 2018 Softail Breakout Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Get a walk-around description and riding footage of this chopper styled factory Harley-Davidson. Review performed by Matt Laidlaw in Baldwin Park, Ca /> Test Ride Starts at: 18:47 Music from Epidemic Sound (

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Laidlaw's Breakout 2018 Softail Matt Laidlaw Laidlaw's Harley-Davidson Cruiser

Zeus _CA
Best Harley reviews. Thanks Matt.
Fabio Bertini Paes
Hey mate, I am from Brazil and I love HD and your reviews. I want to buy a HD softail 2018, and I am with a bigger doubt between Street Bob and Breakout 114. I already did a test ride with Street Bob and I love it the handling, but I prefer the Breakout style. I didn’t ride a Breakout yet but I would like to know the difference if you compare both?
Blacktop Bandit
I just got the anniversary edition in the denim blue and I love this bike hands down its a beast.
Rick Sanders
good review thank You ! looking @ the Triglides alot! Great looking bikes also ! Keep up your work! ~ Rikki~
Keep up the great vids. Please continue to include custom parts add-ons...it really makes the the vids more informative and interesting. Thanks.
Anthony Sparapani
i wouldn't buy this bike. its essentially a downgraded vrod muscle without the amazing revolution engine and on a softail frame. F this. less power, less stopping ability, etc. Fail
Only 883
Was at my local HD dealer the other day god dam they really are not a working mans bike company anymore price of the new bikes are up 5-8 grand and they where already expensive before that but at least it with reachable.
Definition of "hell yeah" .. when Matt uploads a new video 😁
This bike reminds me so much of the v rod. That fuel tank size is stupid. Go bigger HD!
Terry Abshire
why a frickin sportster gas tank?
Mike Magic
Get a tube a Clearasil with your Breakout....$275.99 at your local HD dealer.
The Jersey J
Long and boring ? No way ! These are the best videos on the most beautiful bikes ever. Really, the motor company has outdone itself for '18. I love to just sit back with a nice cup of cafe and just let the autoplay do its thing. Wow, the paint... Oh !!!
Kenneth Wise
Qyick, every Millennial stop what you're doing and run down to your local Stealership and pull the trigger on one of these, NOT!! Why you may ask? Because these are WAY out of every Trophy Generations price range for a motorcycle. Until the Motor Company drastically reduces prices so that EVERYONE can afford one of these bikes their sales will be in a never ending slump. Sorry, just my 2 cents...
busa busa1
Where is the other front brake must be the best break in the world to stop that heavy motorcycle with just one
I'm giving a thumbs up just because you're wearing a FF helmet on a HD where in most places in the US that seems to be sacrilegious (or any helmet, FTM). Beautiful bike.
Tommy D
Matt, I finally joined the dark side! HA! I traded my 2006 Suzuki Katana in on a 2010 XL 1200 C. Man you were right. The pride of ownership is much better with HD. It is an awesome bike. It takes off like a stripe assed ape. I love it. It's like taking the road with authority! I still want that 2018 Fat Bob 114, but for now I am getting use to riding a HD. - Another great video. My buddy had an older Breakout. It was a great bike, but like you said, it gave him trouble on long trips because no wind screen. Anyway, for anyone thinking about trading your sport bike in on a HD, my advice is DO IT!
looks badass to me!
Patrick B
I'm older than much of the target audience, so I like this bike looks wise, but that baby gas tank..it's not so good. Being the curmudgeon I am, not many new Harley's appeal to me, but I like keeping up with new designs. You make great vids on these bikes for potential buyers, so keep up the excellent work Matt.
First of all: Thanks for great videos! so to answer your question: no! These videos are not boring, on the contrary, they are the best videos we find online, and when you look at the number of viewers you have, I think you've hit just exactly the right place. The videos are enlightening and they do not have the product advertising feeling one could have feared, they seem honest, and neutral. For people like myself, who like American motorcycles, these vido's are the best. Furthermore, I would like to say that it is a pleasure that you do not speak badly about other motorcycle brands but concentrate on the bikes you show us. A very important component is also that each video can be viewed separately, so that one can (in contrast to me who see everyone) - watch a video about exactly the bike you're interested in. In the long run, it is best. Thank you for your good work - looking forward to the next video.
bj dunne
Shocked every time you do that shimmying between cars at red lights to try to get to the front. Must be a Ca thing. That shit would inspire dangerous road rage in Illinois.
Mork the Tuba Biker
Is it possible to swap out the 5 gallon tank from one of the other new softail models?
Willman65 Parish
Matt, excellent job. Your videos are probably responsible for 5% of Harley's national sales. Keep doing what you are good at! Bill P.
softail heritage next please then softail slim
Thanks for the review. I am thinking about the Low Rider. Since it only comes in the 107 do you think the 114 upgrade would be worth it? I do a lot of two up riding with the better half and was planning on being able to get an S model in the Low Rider for 2018 but now that's not going to happen. Was hoping to see the 114 in the Low Rider, possibly a mid season model upgrade for the Low Rider, I wish. Thanks again.
Joe Glenn
Rode one yesterday. I was hoping that you would do a review soon. I really like this bike.
You can tell the engine sounds good, even at the higher idle, but the pipes just ruin the sound. Would replacing them with slip ons from Cobra or Vance and Hinez void the warranty or anything like that? These EPA regulation pipes are killing the Vtwin sound that everyone loves. And if you get slip-ons do you have to retune the bike with something from Screaming Eagle? I like the round aircleaner on the 107, reminds me of the older fatboy my grandpa has.
moises castillo
Great detailed video of the Breakout Matt! Are you going to do one for tje Lowrider as well? Hope you do! Cheers!
Micky Brennan
Great review as usual, tells you pretty much all you need to know , seat looks uncomfortable, compared to old model and tank size not good, preferred old breakout teardrop tank, 5 gallon.
Nex Superne
To Honda Davidson, 2018 models. In a word GAY! Fire Brad Richards! Nothing worse than an old man dressed like middle school student trying to discover his sexuality. Explains the Metro Sexual Styling you put out! Exhaust looks like a Honda! Rear peg in between the Exhaust, really? I was waiting for the Milwaukee Eight to be put in the Dyna chassis. Softails are cool. But you ruined the Breakout ! That tank looks like it’s off a 1980 Honda. You guys totally blew it! Harley’s now looks fresh out of INDIA??? Damn it! Finally a great powerful engine and styling that’s butt ugly! I’m sure Millennials with a avg. credit score of 625 and avg. income of 1700 a month will drop 20k at Harley that never sell at MSRP. 🤦🏻‍♂️. Yeah keep listening to what sex do I sleep with BRAD!!! 😂😂😂😂 I’ve seen the new bikes with just frames and motors, they’re Awesome. Than you let an idiot ruin it! Is your new target Transvestites!? Look at them! How did you okay that! Brad Richards is doing his best to cut the balls off Honda Davidson. For the record My Strat still burned a RG 107M8. Easily! On West 6th Ave in Denver! (It’s a short express way about 3 miles long). So you still at least need to have the looks. But you picked Brads design. Honda Davidson “FRESH OUTTA OF INDA”! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Craig Yarrington
I doubt it will be long before either Harley or someone will make an after market bigger tank for them. another great video Matt. looking forward to the Lowrider review.
miguel a wence
I have to admit it and we need to be fair this bike looks beautiful he's a very nice looking bike the only thing that I'm concerned is about it 3 gallons tank three and a half I think I don't know how far you can go with three and a half gallons of full
Danny Murphy
Hey Matt, great review as always. I appreciate you covering the 107 Breakout. I heard the 107ci M-8 has a totally different personality than the 114ci M-8. Also I have a question that only you could accurately answer I think, being so involved with the brand and the fact that you work for HD I figured you may know: Of all the available 2018 Harley Davidson motorcycles; Which model and configuration has the best power to weight ratio? Thanks lol
A Fadhli
midget tank !! 😆
Very cool bike. I had the privilege of test riding one last week and I really loved it. The clutch engagement point was off, but that's adjustable. I liked the power and handling. I still felt that Harley rumble that we all love (I rode the 114). I still love my Dyna Wide Glide & Street Bob for that great visceral Harley feeling, so they're keepers, but I wouldn't mind making an extra space in my garage for this beauty. Great review Matt. Thanks again.  :)
Jean BIGNOIZ Noisette
Harley gotten me confused..too many great new bikes😄👍🏽 but the fxdr..fatboy...breakout...or a street glide....im.so torn.....but definitely a fan..
brian hegedus
I currently ride a Ducati monster 796 and really love the look of this bike. I’m only 5’6” though so I’m thinking this may not be a great fit for me. Plus I’m apprehensive about going to forward controls to start. I love the more standard positioning of the 796. Do they sell a kit to shorten the forward controls? I know the Ducati xdiavel does now.
New softies are awesome !New  tank on breakout to small.....
I would not buy a new Harley without watching your review first.Just bought the 48 and your review was a big factor.Already thinking about the breakout.At least I will get another gallon of fuel.The breakout definitely has my attention.With the trade in of my new 48 it should be doable.
Andy Gascon
Matt why did they stop making the Black Line it was Bad Ass n looked awesome Lol gas gage Matt so u know when you’re running out of Gas imagine wouldn’t take long ✌🏻👍🏻 Nice videos Matt thanks
They screwed the looks of this bike up. That narrow tank looks terrible and the way the front of the seat touches end to end with the tank looks bad along with all the frame showing in front of the tank. The blacked out tree. Blacked out rear fender trim with the reflector all look bad and boring. The removal of the oil tank and visible lines and the cheesy digital gauge all spells one thing folks...a hard core bean counter got involved with this model...less sure as hell doesn't look like more to me...I know, I know...the frame the frame....whatever...it looks terrible compared to previous model...
johan van hullebusch
iam 5.5, 152 pounds, i have gsxr and harley street 750, butt i like the breakout kwa looks, is it possible for me to reach thoose, foward controls?. is it possible to change them to middle rangecontrols
Michael Allevato
12 months from now you will be able to buy them for half price.
Blitzerg Kon
Is milwaukee 8 that different with 2015 model year?
Had to turn up the sound to hear the pipes
Matt Thompson
Awsome, super informative video. A good salesman knows his product!
Cameron Romo
Hey Matt, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Harley’s and this bike has caught my eye, great review by the way. I have no experience on any motorcycles and I was wondering what you think of this bike being a first bike for a rookie rider? I am also 5’10” and would just be using the bike going too and from work which is about a 14 mile trip.
Stevo McSteve
Nice bike to look at but not to ride. For the yuppie crowd. All show and no go...
reza hanafi
John Samuell
lol hawaiian shirt guy and red pants in the harley bike store
Ron L
The gloves you’re wearing on the ride. What are they??
looks a bit like the night-train from 20 years ago.. that was gorgeous too.....
Peter McCoy
You Always do a great thorough review, keep up the good work.
Older models look so much better
6 GEAR !!!
I love this bike!!!
Mike Ferguson
Very nice looking bike. One of my favorite models from Harley. Wish they didn’t cost so much though. Guess I’ll continue to ride my ole 95 Springer Softail until I get really lucky and win the lottery lol. Great review
Pedro Braga
Harley Backhurts
body cream
Dang this is the one I want can't wait to have one of my own!
Pieter Scheerman
Great honest video Matt. The frame is without a doubt a nice piece of work. I think it’s a pitty tho that the old style tank is gone. I liked the mid mounted speedo and the two gas caps, or gas cap & fuel gage on the tank. For me that’s iconicle for a Harley big twin.
Looks a lot like my Suzuki S83/Intruder.
Matt, I just purchased a 2018 breakout with 114 engine vivid black and my dealer in Michigan told me any slip on not EPA compliant would void my warranty and they told me I had to have it tuned for any slip on .
Jeff Morgan
So I recently bought a 2017 Breakout and love it. I admit it is not a "performance" machine but style wise it cannot be beat. I'm sure everyone who purchased a Breakout did so because of the look and how it makes you fell when you ride it. The new Breakout misses the mark big time on style. Where did the turbine wheels go????????? The small tank is a complete fail.
Andy Lace
Another great review Matt packed with plenty of information and honest opinion on the ride and handling.
Top Cop111
The information you provide is the most comprehensive and honest I can find. This was one of your best reviews yet, imo. You covered it all. Passenger riding, bags, shield, even your honest opinion on the difference in the real world between this and the 114 breakout. Great job. Thanks.
A nice bike! Great video review...as always.
Telace Johnson
I think that tank soften the look of the bike...i like the old style better...the small tank doesn't match the the fat tire in the back. in my opinion the old model looks more braulic and muscular. I'm ok with the frame change but that thanks a no..no for me.
Ew side mounted plate killed it for me.
navin babji
The breakout can be a nice substitute to the v-rod, what say you???👍👍
I’d like to know how this bike compares to the Honda Fury in the “chopper” style category.
Can you do some night riding videos please? I'm the type of person that prefers night riding. Less distractions and, heightened awareness of whats in front of me. Plus I'm a light nerd with concerns for beam pattern, brightness, and factory aim.
3 gallon tank... that sucks
ken Krouse
Hey, was the dyno sheet showing HP and torque with a stage 4 kit, did it have performance exhaust??? If not how much hP would it have with performance exhaust? Such as thunderheader???
Thomas Angelo
Best reviews thank you Matt love old and new Harley Davidsons
Not really a fan of this model, but another great review as always.
MT Oli
Thanks for this video, Matt. You do a great job, and have a great job!
Brian Hutton
Awesome review! Thanks!
Mitch Clyman
The pipes sound great! Really low end Listened on my sound system. Saw this bike up close not crazy about the LCD speedo, I grew up in the 80''s so LCD reminds me of Casio watches.
Dark Of Light
An excellent review again sir and no, you are by no means boring or tedeous! I just love all the info. The headlamp is the same as the one on the elec-bike? Well there we go, I just learned something new. Must admit, the Breakout doesn't tickle my bikenerves and I'm not sure why..? Maybe the small tank?
Dewayne Atwell
Matt, thanks. Always look forward to your uploads. Best reviews and most details available anywhere on HD.
RSB Harley
Great review Matt, as always. Keep up the good work. Cheers
Mitch Clyman
BTW Matt you can stick markers in your YouTube videos so guys that don't wanna watch all the specs and add-ons can skip right to the ride!
josue lugo
Thank you for the video. Which would you recommend a fat boy or the breakout? Is very hard to choose please help me out
This is not a chopper in any form ! And to say it is pisses off every real biker out there !
Tuco Ramirez
what was the rational to go from a 5 gallon gas tank to a 3.5. I know you swear that 1 monoshock is better than 2 and a swing arm but I just don't see it. Harley customers and prospective Harley customers are looking for Harley to be Harley. when I look at the street glide, the road glide etc. I think id rather just get a bmw 1600b, you literally have to do nothing to that bike and get one of the best road bikes out there. I don't understand why they did what they did with the gauges on the risers. that was the first to go on all my softails. I like a straight 10 riser with no pull back. doing anything similar or even just reg drag bars would be a pain in the ass with the new bikes....... I don't know, maybe Harley is desperate, and in being desperate making some bad decisions. I did check the 3 Q earnings for this year and they cont to go down. from what I read, the foreign markets are saving your bacon, but cant be relied on for long term. I'm not happy saying this but I see a number of things happening to HD. 1. just folding completely bk, and reorg. 2. china purchasing you guys or something similar. 3. the company going back to being a private company and downsizing, maintaining the cust base that have always been there for you.
Just noticed that in addition to the "torque at the rear wheel" being wrong, the HP cam makes less power than the HT. And the HT makes less torque than the HP. And that's not just on this chart either. It's that way on the CVO Streetglide chart too. They should fix that stuff. Not impressive.
Don't tread on me
M8 looks great in this bike. Harley-Davidson rocked this one. Refined modern bike for those who are looking for that. Miss the Dyna and don't feel M8 was a magic bullet leaps and bounds ahead of TC but this is a nice bike.
Some solid incremental refinements on that bike. Coming from a breakout owner, a nice stock trim improvement the motor company did was to get rid of those god-awful stock dunlop's. 👍
2006 softail standard looks better, older softail has that chopper look more than the newer softtails
Where does the key go.
Glenn Tracey
Hi Matt, great reviews you do, I have spent most of my Sunday looking at them. I ride a 2016 Street Glide Special, had a Road King for 5 years previously to that. I want to go to a lighter screen free bike that is capable for two up ( yes I'm one of those heavy dudes you refer to in the vids, lol ) and am 6 foot 2 inches tall. Looking at the new 2018 Deluxe verses the 2018 Heritage. Will you be doing a review on either soon ? Rgds Glenn, Sydney Australia.
real awesome machine matt!👍
Warren Mullett
Best reviews I’ve seen for Harley’s. I love the full breakdown. These bikes have so much to enjoy..
James T
Love your in-depth reviews! Really digestible info, especially to someone fairly new to Harleys and cruisers in general. Only have a Ninja 250 right now, but I'm really intrigued by the new Low Rider. When will we be expecting a review on that one?
Heavy D
I would say this style is more Street Drag or "Pro-Street," than "Chopper..." That's why they probably offered the 114" in this Model...
Top Cop111
One question. Can this bike be made comfortable enough for 100-200 mile days 2 up. I used to have a Vulcan 900 custom. Very similar style which I love. Sold it because I wanted more power and size to handle my lady and me. I love the breakout style.
Google User
Definitely one of the best looking in the line up. Just wish they were 100bhp stock.
I enjoy your videos , but it seems to me you don't get a reply unless you're a sycophant.
Calvin Noel
not all m8 motors are air cooled CVO is water cooled
Robert Burgin
Love the videos, just an fyi I rode my Breakout from Florida to Ohio =D and I am only 5'6" tall and it fits me like a glove.
This is what I've been waiting for.. Thank you sir..
Test rode one of these the other day with the 114, sure to give you your share of thickets.