2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

All the best bits of action from qualifying at the Singapore Grand Prix, where it was a six-horse race for pole position... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram: /> #F1 #SingaporeGP

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Daily Street Racing
I am starting to lose hope for Ferrari!!!
The Racing Monkey
Hamilton OP pls nerf
Steven Heartstone
Now THAT is what we call 'HAMMERTIME' what a lap...
Xeleko - 100% MultiGaming
2017 Pole Position - 1.39.491 ... With new settings for next season with slower car, all theses pole position this year will be near impossible to break soon.
Barry White
Both Hamilton and Verstappen produced the lap of a lifetime..unbelievable..
Riswan AP
Very interesting to see how much time time Lewis, Seb, and Max gained from their respective teammates
harrison duncan
Hamilton is without question the best qualifier in f1 history
Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen... and the rest...
At this track, it seems like the drivers make more of a difference than on other tracks. Men seperating themselves from the boys. Well done lewis and max 💪
Justin McKain
Hamilton can put on a fashion show and do this couple days later, and you're not telling me he isn't the GOAT?
Tom DL
Lewis and Max!!! What a lap. Max verstappen with a car that has 50 horsepower less then the mercedes or ferrari. GREAT!
An amazing result for Verstappen considering the power deficit of that engine
Nik 99
Daaaamn verstappen looks really good
After the quali i asked my daughter if she had seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad... That fly didn’t stand a chance!
Alan Ali 10
Wow, they listened to the fans by putting the highlights first, Nice one Liberty💪
Hamilton sometimes gets into another speed category!
Maz Fernandes
No one saw this coming. Magic pole lap! #LH44 Awesome job by Max too. Couldn’t be a more perfect grid for me.
Pastor Maldonado
The number of people claiming to be "Ferrari fans" or "Vettel fans" but then immediately stating that Hamilton is the best is simply unbelievable!
Explore the World MisterMister
New star on the move.....his name MAX VERSTAPPEN!!
The Porscheist
i'm a Vettel fan but damn Hamilton' s lap was insane!
John Brooks
I beginning to think Hamilton could take pole driving the 2018 Williams! He's a class apart.
A lap from another dimension from Lewis, immense lap from Max and an underrated performance from Grosjean
Samuel Greene
What a lap from Lewis! Holy cow that was lightning.
Stay Open Minded Jay
L Hamilton, Robot driver no blood of fear in his veins. Hat off..
What the hell was that? I mean the coverage didn't show Vettel and Verstapen last lap at all. Not even the sector times at the end. I'm really want to see where made his mistake (Vettel first sector was good). They showed too early the replay of Hamilton mistake. It was poorly directed.
Harvey Yates
One epic qualification lap. This is a tremendous season and I rather selfishly want Vettel to outscore Hamilton to keep the WDC alive. But, given that lap, who can begrudge the chap his brilliant pole. I thought I'd seen the best qually lap when Mansell put the Judd-engined Williams (whatever happened to that team?) into then second place against the turbo-charged likes of Ferrari. I think maybe I was wrong. Well done, Hamilton.
James Lott ッ
Only Fernando alonso can win outside the front row of the grid here? First of all... Piquet crashed on purpose to cause an SC at the perfect time for FA to achieve this. Second of all I'm pretty sure Hammy wasn't on the front row of the grid last year...
Muhammed Ali
Can’t wait for the race tommorow . who’s hyped? 😱
Small Vocaloid and UTAU Promotions
Why am I watching this? I saw it live :P
Antonius vd Klis
This could be the downfall from Vettel. Don't forget Verstappen is in between them and will not show any respect at all, he is racing his race and for nobody else. Hamilton cant take the risks Verstappen can do, If the engine from Verstappen is doing his job, he has the best race position. You could see Vettel reaction in his face, he know its not easy to overtake Hamilton and Verstappen, if he plays the bullet again, his championship is over...I hope no engine breaks down for the first ten drivers, then we can see an amazing race. By the way, Riciardo is now sure he was making the right decision to leave Red Bull, he cant win it from Verstappen, second year out qualified by the so called not experience Verstappen. Its now 12-3 for Verstappen, he is fat up with that for sure...But he is an amazing driver also and I hope Renault will give him a great car. They both take a big risk, Verstappen with Honda and Riciardo with Renault, it should be a very interesting season in 2019.
And then People say that Hamilton is only good because of his car…. All of those People are silenced now. Great effort by Hamilton wow.
Petrônio Cabral
I Hope heard that tomorrow "get in there lewis, you are THE MAN"
And Lance Stroll is going to take the sit of Ocon for next season ... That's just pathetic
George Jacob
WHAT A LAP! Hamilton again delivers under pressure and in a track where Mercedes should struggle on paper and where Redbull and Ferrari should excel. GOAT for a reason!
Choose one of the following: 1. Ayerton Hamilton. 2. Lewis Senna. 3. Senna Hamilton 4. Hamilton Senna
MiXA28 - Mihajlo
1: 36.0???? HAX!
Masterclass from Lewis Hamilton. BEAST.
Ferrari fan here. Seb may have the better car, but Lewis' form is out of this world right now. He will win the World championship.
Jorge Ribeiro
I am a Ferrari fan but WHAT A LAP FROM HAMILTON!!!
Douwe Bloot
Hamilton shows once again he is the best. Max deserves a faster engine.
I think I'll save this video for when Hamilton haters say "it's just the car". He beat these guys on arguably the hardest track of the year, in a car not known for being nimble on twisty short tracks. 3/10ths is huge. Hamilton will go down as the GOAT, next to Senna, Schumacher etc. True racer. Great stuff.
I am suprised ‼️Even Ferraristi and Vettel fans are cheering at Hamiltons monster lap. Bravo guys. This is great sportsmanship.
Amazing job from Hamilton and Max. Thst will be an amazing race between these 6 guys
Ciaron Smith
Raikkonen and Vettel are barely separated by just over a tenth. They maxed out the performance of the car, the Ferrari is just an overrated car by the media - it is not dominant. There is no dominant car between Merc and Ferrari. Its about who can make the Pirelli's work better. That is the single most important variable in this championship - tyres. And clearly Merc found something and we know Lewis is very good at generating tyre temps.
Hamilton: the new Senna?
Driver of the day Verstappen
Joel Hettiarachchi
A moment of silence to those who think Sebastian Vettel is on the same level as Lewis Hamilton
Unpopular opinion: Hamilton is a better driver than Senna. Why? He makes very few mistakes. Although Senna was lightning quick, he did make mistakes on race day and cause collisions. Hamilton hardly makes mistakes.
Raja Ilman Daniel
Ferrari fans looking at Hamilton Q1 : 😂🤭👍🏻👌🏻 Q3 : ..............
2nd in a slower car than Hamilton well done Max 👏👏
Everyone talking about hamilton, max or vettel, and im just happy to see hulk back in Q3 :D
Amazing A The Dreamer
That was some lap from Lewis. Has to be one of his best. Brilliant stuff.
Derrick Best
Super Hamilton fan here. This might be the penultimate race for the championship. Verstappen being between the 1 and 2 contenders is really good racing. I will be happy for the winner of tomorrow's GP *Regardless of who you're backing tomorrow. Can we just enjoy the race tomorrow.*
Bintang Kurik
Damn that 1:36.015 lap by Lewis was pure brilliant. Pure BRILLIANT
Hamilton's lap was amazing but considering Red Bull's qualifying power deficit, Verstappen's lap has to be at least as impressive. Sadly nobody talks about these performances. This also goes for midfield teams sometimes.
The_Rem0tv -
hamilton is the king
Wow the drivers made the difference. What a gaps between teammates and even the different cars. I applaud Lewis and Max! Two really fantastic drives.
Umberto Infante
It would be a dream to see: Alonso with this Ferrari vs Hamilton! It's very tough to say for me( Italian supporter of Ferrari) but although Vettel is a good driver He's not a real champion. Even today Hamilton has showed his superiority.
Frans quality! Ricciardo will be sorry, but he is running away from Max. Max crushed him today.
Yeezy Yeezy
1:30 Ocon at going at 0km/h in neutral still getting that Top 10
Ferrari fans can’t complain about Hamilton being lucky anymore
A lot of praise for Hamilton, absolutely amazing ...but you have to give it up for Mercedes also. They really got on top of their car and qualifying setup for Singapore. Its clear they were at least on par with Ferrari.
Rugare Success
Singapore, Lewis Hamilton? I must say I’m surprised ...now Mercedes are one hell of a team/car ...shiiiit ...well done
David Croft
Hamilton the GREATEST driver ever!!!
Thanush Manohar
I really wonder who would have the pole if Max was in a Mercedes with more engine power 🤔👌
Unlucky Benny
How does he do it? Pole is the last place he should be, let alone in front of a Redbull and Ferrari on this track. Hamilton is amazing.
Concept Creator
for me... Max has done better then Lewis with what he has under him... or well.. behind him :O
Marciano Demidof
Awesome Quali Lewis well done👌. Also a great performance by Max.
Jun Kitami
Funny how people are dogging Verstappen as a noob who is an utter piece of trash but he kept banging out consistent laps and blistering qualifying so I don't know why people are even complaining and if I have someone that could bring back the passion in F1 where he drive like Ayrton Senna and treating everyone else like Mansell or even Prost, that'll be what sticks me into F1.
Mario _
Ocon 9th Stroll 20th ...
Robserg is right "Hamilton is a machine"
christopher Loughran
Take a Bow Lewis and Max. On the front row with inferior machinery on the hardest track on the calendar.
Titit saya kecil dan Saya suka coli, tapi
Only Alonso can win from outside the front row? Hamilton won here from p5 last season
Bradley Fey
Well I think we can all agree that tomorrow will be one of the most exiting starts this season. We got Verstappen that will go all or nothing , we got Vettel that needs to win to keep his chances alive to become champion and we got Hamilton that won't give up the lead easily. I think we all can be hyped for the first lap tomorrow.
Antonio Padrón
Savage Hamilton
Houdinicis Medicis
Ferrari fans' dream : -Hamilton covers off Verstappen -Bottas makes a lightning start -Verstappen gets squeezed by Bottas and Hamilton causing the 3 of them to retire -A lucky Raikkonen avoids the carnage and takes the lead
Keisuke Takahasi
i watched blancpain (gt 3) today in between there was formula renault and it actually sounds more like a f1 car than a modern f1 car lol
Anthony Esper
Verstappen behind Hamilton. This is gonna be good.
Felix Elsner
Oh hell that was some time from Hamilton. Don't like him on he personal note but you can't deny that that was a nearly perfect lap. Terrific drive!
That was some MONSTER lap from Lewis ! He drove that Mercedes insanely !
Prins van Oranje
Kimi should've beaten Bottas. And for Vettel, doesn't look too good for him winning this race. But at least we can enjoy a three way battle.
tito yolo
The strategists at Mercs are just pure genius, plus a great lap from Hamilton, nailed it at the perfect time. And bloody good job from Redbull
Was anyone else hoping Danny Ric would do better today? Ugh I was disappointed.
hamilton is hacking
Denis _v7
If you like him or not, you have to admit that he is a beast and one of the best drivers ever
Tom S
Max his lap is more impressive than the lap of Lewis.
I don't even like Hamilton, but this is one of the greatest laps! Bravo...
Twan Darsh
Hamilton is the best ever .period
German commentators were again just like: "Vettel here, Vettel there, Vettel everywhere!" I cant stand that bias and thats why I like the highlights way better than the full quali on tv.
Joel Hettiarachchi
There was no rain this time so where are the ferrari fans saying Hamilton has luck?
Ceeyou Again
*Can you upload Hamilton's lap as a whole?* Like if you want to see if you missed the quali
Erik Accorsi
Sebastian,Verstappen...please don't kill each other in turn one tomorrow ;w;
Stephen Taylor
Hamilton and Verstappen superb today. It results like this for Vettel that highlight exactly why KR is out . Kimi has done a solid job but he has been comfortably behind Vettel in speed terms on most occasions and this has meant Seb has had a big comfort zone with Kimi and this has caused complacency . Hopefully Charles will give him a much needed kick up the arse for next season. Away from the exciting battle at the front it looks like Kimi will have his work cut out out to get Sauber consistently in the points next year -they are clearly lack that bit of pace needed for top 10 atm and it will be important to work to find more consistency next season. If they bring in Giovinazzi whose feedback as a test driver has been so valuable to Ferrari this year we'll be be good.
tag tag2tzg
My heart jumped out of my throat with excitement ... what a lap. God, save Lewis Hamilton!
Florian Pike
Ferrari is back! They are the fastest on this track! Max and Lewis: 'Hold my Red Bull/Rockstar'
godfrey cadogan
Don’t care what anyone says Hamilton absolutely smashed it the man is a beast
Sang Xü
Lewis pulled a god lap
gladson elias
Hamilton fez essa pole no Braço
Raian Levy
Magnussen... *KARMA*
Noah L.
Although I'm a Vettel fan, that was a perfect lap by Hamilton! Can't wait for the Onboard. I'm just a little sad looking on the championship, don't want it to end like last year by Hamilton just storming away