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Do you want to learn Portuguese? Why not start by learning the most basic useful phrases first? In this learning Portuguese video, you will learn some of the most basic Portuguese phrases. This is a great foundation for further learning!!! Have FUN!!!!!! This is Brazilian Portuguese with Rio de Janeiro Accent. Also check out Learn Mandarin Chinese While you Sleep /> Learn Spanish (Spain) While you Sleep Learn Japanese while you Sleep Learn Korean while you Sleep Learn Italian while you Sleep Learn French while you Sleep Learn Hindi while you Sleep /> Learn Russian while you Sleep /> Music: Music "Zen Meditation" Eric Bartel. How to Learn Portuguese and How to speak Portuguese

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Eko Languages
Brazilian Portuguese is here!!! Si quereis una version en espanol/portugues, dimelo.
Milton Santos
Obrigado. Thank you Eko.
Rosalba Rodriguez
Hola saludos si me gustaria que hubiera una version español /portuges gracias por sus magnificos videos.😁
Luis Gacia
Es un idioma hermoso
Fernando Brasil
Gostei tanto que até me inscrevi no canal!
Greg K.
Here's another EKO TUTORIAL METHOD that's absolutely the best. The languages are both read out loud. MOST IMPORTANT: The Portuguese is read out loud three times (once would not help the learner much!). There's no background noise or any distraction, and the producers/readers were apparently NOT in a hurry to quickly wrap up and upload the video. Thus, a very considerate, thoughtful, and very efficient method for really learning a language. Please try the other EKO methods, if you're interested in ITALIAN, SPANISH, etc. Thanks very much for this tutorial. Finally, do please click on THUMBS UP, which this video definitely deserves.
Joe L
ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT TUTORIAL - With the Portuguese and English appearing together on the screen, as well as both languages read out loud, including the Portuguese THREE TIMES, I consider this tutorial perhaps the VERY BEST on YouTube for Portuguese learners. Please click on THUMBS UP for this video, which it certainly deserves. Thanks very much.
Juan Diego Davila
tu chanel es epactecular
SAMI sss
Por favor, adicione mais lições com tradução para inglês e árabe. Obrigado
Roger Dsa
Um momento PURR favor
Joao R. Sousa
A good way to learn Portuguese is with Brazilian soap operas, especially those produced by Rede Globo TV, there is a great novel, very good, almost all available here on YouTube, is called Roque Santeiro, great success of the year 1985 to 1986 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ9eJBPmm-k Also, in another channel that I have posted another very cool novel, there are almost all the chapters, which are in full 115, the novel is called Vereda Tropical, from 1984 to 1985 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHDbaLPjHmU
Luis Gacia
Soy hondureño y me parese que el idioma português es muito bom
Brian Mikaelson
Why there’s Brazilian flag ? Brazil was a Portuguese colony ... their language is Portuguese
is this brazilian portuguese or portuguese from portugal ?
Xyler Cox
Sergiano Carvalho
Nossa! seu português é perfeito...
DLsoul Slims
Portugues e mo facil
Luna Chan
Eu sou brasileira
Lucas Cavalcante
Anyone who wants to learn Portuguese for free talks on whatsapp +5583988235391 or Instagram lucacavalcantt, but you need to give me English tips too, I'm fluent in Brazilian.
the fighter
More lessons with translation in English or Arabic
the fighter
المزيد من الدروس مع الترجمة باللغة الانجليزية او العربية
Dennu De Jesus
Pedro Medeiros
Neste caso é português-brasil, mas tudo ok😎
donn GREG
Very strong Carioca (Rio) accent.
Eu nao se , nao entende
Portuguese de European?
Edipo R. meneses
Hi I'm from Brazil rigth now living in Rio de Janeiro and I'm learning english with vídeos, musics and movies but I'm lack in coversantion. If someone wants to change some mind knowledge about something it'll be very interesting for us. It's my whatsaap 5521972976341. Have a great moment!
Kennedy H
Trần Sơn
I love the culture and language of Brazil
Roliga Tobbe
Perfect this one
Berg Araujo
quem fala 'olá' neste mundo?
Jeremy Chin
Muito Obrigado. your teaching is very slow and clear. I like very much. Upload more.
doniyorbek sotvoldiev
Eko. What's your nationality?
doniyorbek sotvoldiev
Eko. Tanks 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
Christian Zaldivar
Uma versão do lusitano (português de Portugal) por favor!
Osito Reyes
Ups😱😱😱😱😱 pense q se leia literal😟