Pokemon XY Opening 1 [HD] [ENG Sub] - V (VOLT) by 遊助

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I feel like crying, thinking back 3 years ago when this started... and here we are. THANK YOU Pokémon XY for the great time. This was by far the best Pokémon series to me and I'm never gonna forget it.
Ah..XY, when Satoshi suddenly became competent.
Listening to the first 10 seconds on loop.
I don't care what everyone else thinks! I love this opening!
The end of an era. Goodbye, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie. Thanks for the good times.
Paul Allen
Are we just going to ignore the fact that pikachu used quick attack on a ghost type
Decided to watch this after watching the final episode of XY&Z, and watching this again after so long has sent chills down my spine. This series has been my absolute favorite, and it'll be forever missed.
Am I the only one who think western kids would have loved this song?!
I wish I can go back to Oct 2013 to watch this epic Kalos series again. Celebi, I want to travel back to October 2013 plz.
Well, it's been 3 years since we first heard this theme. The writers proved they're sorry for Unova (except when Alain's Charizard took a beating from both Pikachu and Greninja and still wouldn't die - kinda like when Ash's Charizard took on a Scizor, Golem and Blastoise and still won), and now we're here - the last episode. Any favourite moments? Apart from Ash-Greninja vs. Mega Sceptile at the semi finals? (Come on, people, make it interesting). Personally, the first two episodes were my personal favourites since they got audiences hooked. Also, Noivern vs. Zapdos.
side see
Fennekin Lover
only 6 episodes left guys... to say goodbye to this amazing saga.. goodbye best Ash we have ever had...
I will miss this series so much.
quan Tran
So good. They should stop the English theme.
Anime Jay
I love 0:38 - 0:48.
Mmm Cheesey
We laughed.We cried.We cheered.We hyped.We hoped.We celebrated.We smiled.We banded together to form a community.But the one thing we must never do, is forget.I have never been so proud to say that I'm a pokemon fan since diamond and pearl. Thank you so much pokemon xy and xyz for giving us excellent seasons, battles, characters, and a heartwarming closure. Thank you for bringing people together to form such a huge community for the anime. But most of all, thanks for the memories.
Goodbye XY :( Goodbye Serena , Clemont ,Bonnie , XY WAS THE BEST SEASON
Elizabeth H
So much cooler than the english opening... (since it was just stealing from the first theme)
Timothy Lok
watching this after watching the last episode of Pokemon XY&Z just made me feel sad man..
りゅー 攻略画像加工専門 ryusei
Tristan Neal
Is Serena choosing which hat to wear a reference to character customization in X and Y???
I watched this just after watching episode 49, I'm in tears on my bed, goodbye to this amazing region, characters and the best damn plot ever.
Mississippi King
From now on let's leave anime themes to the Japanese
ah its ashley
I'm going to miss this anime...
Jeongyeon Drawing of Nabongs
Its over XYZ. Ending song of last episode and SERENA KISSES ASH!!!!!
I'm going to miss this series, especially the XY gang.
I found it weird that Ash was in the Top 4 in Sinnoh, then downgraded to Top 8 in Unova, but the writers definitely made up for it with having Ash be runner-up. Hey, at least he won the Orange Islands and the Battle Frontier!
"That's what you taught me, and indeed, that's why I'm journeying" Not any more - You're heading to class! "That's why I will study, for my knowledge and for the sake of exams tomorrow!"
Patrick M
XY was a great show. It was the first pokémon anime since kanto I followed from the first episode until the end without a break. It was the first time I watched an entire Pokémon generation in raw japanese (in 2013 I was advanced enough to understand most of the things said in animes like Pokémon). Oh and it was the first time I started the games on the same day as the anime (1st XY episode aired on the same day the x/y games were released). It was like the perfect start into a new Generation of Pokémon.
Geometry Dash Gabe
who else replays the song like 10 times lol
i love the picture at the end :"3
When i was in school, i was at lunch. Then i asked my friend if you like pokemon. Then she just answers with this... (prepare to facepalm). POKEMON IS NOT AN ANIME!! ONLY TELL ME STUFF ABOUT ANIME!!! I was like are u high?
I never skip the intro
ドラゴン ゴースト じめん ひこう どく むし みず でんき いわ くさ あく こおり ノーマル ほのお かくとう はがね エスパー フェアリー 当時すごい練習してたなぁ。今でも歌える。
Kyle Williams
one of my favourite openings. This is so good. All hail X and Y, the series that finally realised they were part of a multimillion dollar franchise
Am I the only one who trys all Pokemon Types of Japanese speaking that fast? xD
Redneck Cast
Goodbye XY, Ash developed as a trainer, he was at his best, had his best companions, I'm not gonna spoil the last episode of XY&Z but the nostalgia is real, thanks for these 3 years, whatever happens in the S&M series, we saw the best series anyway, to that, goodbye 6th gen, you have a place in my heart.
Templar Yvonne
Just saw the opening for the sun and moon anime, this is still better
Mega Rayquaza
Japan is better than US!
as much as I love the English reboot opening this one is way better
Birra Light
Pablo Leroy Jerez
I remember the intense battles, good animations, great voices and great dialogues in the Sinnoh League. Is XY Worth watching? Are there good battles in the Kalos League as there were in the Sinnoh League?
i love pokemon
Cyeonix TFR
Definetly prefer this one over the english version
Hey... XY And XYZ Anime is Better Than Sun & Moon's Anime..... That's all im gonna say...
Samuka Domingues
guess what? gen iv towards is a sequence.... sinnoh = badass ash unova=newb ash kalos=badass ash alola=derpy newb ash
Listening to this theme makes my heart hurt *SOOOO* much. In all 15+ years I've been a fan of Pokémon and watching the anime, *NEVER* have I ever been so invested a Pokémon series than I was Pokémon XY. I mean XY had *EVERYTHING* I look for in a Pokémon Series: Competent Ash who has a solid team, *EXTREMELY* likeable companions, I *LOVE* the AmourShipping subplot, *AMAZING* group chemistry all around, good writing, good plot imo the *QUINTESSENTIAL* Pokémon series. There is so much that I love, and so little that I would change. XY(Z) Imo is *ALMOST* a flawless series.
Pokemon XY was the best Pokemon series. Coming from an old school pokemon fan.
Pikachu can win to a Regice,Can tie to a latios,can take on a mega evolve Gardevoir,can defeat a pangoro with just a thunder,can lose to a level 5 snivy. Because Logic.Like if you agree
DETECTIVE aptx-4869
Pokémon XY St.8 Pokémon XY esplorazioni a kalos St.9 Pokémon XY eroi a Kalos St.10
Its Acey
When I listen to this song the series of XY and XYZ will always appear in my mind... XY and XYZ will never be forgotten, You were the best series ever and always will be. Sun and Moon will be nothing great compared to XY and XYZ. XY and XYZ squad will always be the best! #XYZ4EVA
Now this, THIS was the shit, I'm so sad how time went sooo fast and it was quite insane. the shipping that went unexpected with hints of Serena having a crush on ash not only that a view of character development and how much ash isn't a 10 year old, realistically ash should be approximately 13-14 years old, but sun and moon failed otherwise, if Serena goes to alola then it wouldnt be the same Serena
Ever since I was born in 2002 I had Pokémon games in my house. First game was rse :) good times back in my hometown with the neighborhood kids :') I had good memories playing pokemon
Hiiragi San
This brings back so many memories, I need to go back and watch it now! Both Japanese and English versions Xy and Xyz were my favorite Pokemon series! Who else agrees?
The Giant Bacon Bird of Death
I will ALWAYS remember this series no matter what. I just hope some day... we’ll get to see Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie again. Those were the fun 3 years! If I could rewind my life back to the beginning when XY started back when I was 13 years old, I totally would. I am currently 17.
Pikachu Archives
XY is by far the BEST Pokemon series yet. They definitely did so much better with Ash's friends. They're actually FRIENDS this time, rather than always insulting him (I'm talking to you, Iris). Ash matured so much over his Kalos adventure. I also loved that Ash only had 6 Pokemon so we could get to know them and their personalities, rather than just a bunch of Pokemon always being rotated around (cough cough Unova). This series was so awesome! So many memories!
ああーなつかしいー この頃のサトシかっこよすぎた
この オープニングテーマ 超好き❗
Ramiro Moreno
This song was in today's episode. It made me really happy and kinda sad a the same time. It's quite sad to see the best Pokémon series coming to an end :/
Meanwhile, in North America........
Strongest Warrior In The GalaxyTM
Who's watching this after episode 42 and 43?
Anyone agrees that this is the best Pokemon series??
Carlos Alvarez
Este y getta ban ban son los mejores openings para mi
SuperManyFanz Nightmare Sylveon
Why are Japanese openings always better???
Verrx Gaming
song touch my heart 😍
When 0:38 came I get emotional I don't know the melody is so good
Uchiha Gaming
this song make me think back the 3 years...thanks xy and xyz
Cool Land
Hoooo shit I love it,it just fabulous I love this
Am I te only one who think that Japaneese openings for Pokémon are much better than the openings on US or Europe??
PRT Productions
I remember when this was first released. I was 18 years old when XY got started. Memories of surviving the first year of being an adult, with anime nearby. I've watched every episode. I laughed, got angry, got scared and even cried. And I loved every second of it. The finale was simply perfect. If only fireworks went off at the best part. :D But it was really, really fun. And To Our Own Way.
"I have dreams that will definitely come true one day" hopefully in this life time X(
Empereur Larvibule
Who's here after the fabulous battle between the gym leaders and the giant robot zygarde of lysandre ?
The Japanese themes are always better than the English xD. This has to be by far my most favourite theme song of all the Japanese and English theme songs of the Pokemon series. I was so happy they used it when the Gym leaders returned in episodes 42 & 43 of XYZ :_)
Gerardo Medina
I get chills every time I hear this opening is the best of this saga and I love it so much is amazing with this one started a new era legendary! I miss way to much this type of animation and interaction. I like very much the Mega Evolution Special version too 6th Gen has a very special place in my heart along with some others favorites of mine Thank you Pokemon!
ShinobiStar - The Dank Meme Lord
You have to admit, the XY (and Z) ash was the best ash and/or was the best Pokémon anime! Darn... sucks to see the best anime end so happily... tbh I wanted a more sad ending. That way I would stay with Pokémon more... I actually cried when I watched the episode where Serena left ;-; she was probs the best poke-girl Y GAM3FR3AK HAV3 TO STOP AMOURSHIPPING?!??!?!?!
Mr. Game and Tomsta
Are we all going to ignore the fact that Pikachu used Quick Attack on that Honedge and it was successful?
Red bonds... Blue is our planet ... Yellow flowers... *sudden realization*
Derrick .Denby
Pikachu is still adorable af
Glen ODonoghue
I will miss this and XYZ so much.
Sophie's World
november 30/11/2016, i miss this opening 😢
Blue 22
This was the best Pokemon series yet Sun and Moon has bad animations compared to this I wish they would have used the same animations besides that this series has the best story line out of all them hopefully Sun and Moon can have a better story line.
Luis Kirito Montiel
Ok my favorite generations in Pokémon is gen 3,4,6
Raging boy
I came back years after this ended. Like now. I got chills. The nostalgia hit me like a truck
Dimitri Rodriguez
Meh, I prefer the American version
Just Rant
I don't care about the sun and moon anime, all the characters can rot in hell. I miss everything about the XY and XYZ anime. I miss XY Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, ash Greninja, Amourshipping, mega evolution and more
Dono Shami
cuando vi este op me gusto mucho XDD
STER Gaming
Screw the Alola Region. Ash should have stayed here.
Xy best pokomong, i wanna rewatch it now
Zero Wizard
0:00~0:40 🖒