How Does a Camera Work?

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Take the free course at: /> Follow us for more videos at: More videos at: /> To understand the basic concept of photography one really needs to understand what a camera is. This lesson will show you the progression of the camera from a basic pinhole-camera into a modern digital camera. For more videos like this one follow us on Twitter @allversity Or at

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Adam Goodsell
If only there was a 2x speed button for my classes when I was in college.
Blackstone Avenue
Dumbed down beautifully. I applaud you, sir.
sam hull
I like the speed at which you speak. These ppl in the comments section are annoying. This video really helped me. Thank you for making this.
Man this guy speaks so slowly that I had to speed it up 1.25 or the video would have been unbearable
Tomas Pressel
10:29 Poiinng....... :D
Danial Bass
Its cool to see how similar it is to how an eye operates
Face Reality
okay but how does it actually make an imitation of actual life? I don't get it. I get what you're saying about how life events are reflected in the camera, but how does it retrieve real life events...
Hriddha Nabi Prassad
thanks a lot... that was very helpful :D
OneSidedScar TwoFaceBlackandWhite
ok that's cool for a traditional camera, but how to does a modern digital camera work?
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Huggy Bear
LOL ! l was watching how to make Paella, and it brought me here. Now, while digesting how a camera work, at the same time, l am also thinking should l add the the rice first or the broth ?
DarknessLost ROBLOX
1.25 speed holaaa
Mike Corson
I've seen and watched many tutorials on photography in the last few years, but, without any doubt, this is one of the simplest and best tutorials on how a camera works. I'm also amazed at how detailed the final drawing was doing it live and that it shows a very good representation how digital photos are taken. Thank you for taking the time and demonstrating your talent to simplify such a complex subject.
Averroes The Commentator
Very nice. You've dumbed this down so anyone can understand. I commend you.
Jorge Filipe Veiga
Again very good one! You just forget how to design the pentaprism! Anyway another good one!
CodedGoat ;3
Aperture science, we do what we must, because: we can.
thanks for the video man helped me get a B on my science project 
Ruhul Alam
Great explanation
Thanks Awesome Video
Thanks man, I love how you deliver your information!
if this video wasnt here i wouldnt, my HALF background info for my science project, so thx dude.
Emanuel Lucescu
Thanks for helping me understand how a camera works and a lot of other important things
Bernice Low
Wow! Great video! Definitely learned something new! :D
bill foley
This is the best video I have ever seen on how cameras work!!! I also love the low key teaching style!
Achilleas Labrou
No information about how focus works.
Miguel D
Great video! I learned a lot of things!
Tutorial Nepali
Is it like Photosynthesis? Light absorb
Gurosama Bltch
And how did  they do to make a movie with a traditional old camera if that captured the light. Or did the film cameras work with digital thingies? And how did they find out about the digital sensors?
Excellent Job, just love the way you explain the complected things very simply.
Andrew Bruce
There are so many errors in this - do not waste your time watching
Kyle Grindberg
Is this CGP Grey???
Iminent &Bowman
So long. Make short
Beach Samurai
Where is aperture video?
Ouch Man
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Lennick Decaires
Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey S1E4. Light brought me here at 3am to learn about photography. 😅
Saurabh Keswani
Informative😊 thanx
Great explanation, thanks for the video!
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He sounds like the guy from khan academy
Abdul-Hannan Ahmad
Incredibly simple, thank you
Nutty NooB
Ppl sayin it was to long but i was interested every second of it! Thank you!
prince Parsa
Very helpful
Jim Williams
Extremely simple. Extremely well explained. Extremely informative. Thank you! :) I've got to check y'all out. (new sub)
Beris Forde
behind the filter is what matters!!!
3:13 *softly breathes*
vishal konde
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This mans an artist
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Tomas Tamulis
BRAVO! Great video,on a gradient explains basics so you can understand
is this ASMR?
I thought this was a documentary video or something, it's so long. I'll just go read about it instead. And btw, that sound you make with your mouth in between pauses is what makes this video annoyingly longer.
Mike Leuluai
thanks mate...nice work...much appreciated :)
even though m a commerce student but i was kinda interested in this n the way u explained even i did not have any problem understanding this .. kudos to you! loved your simplistic approach!
Richard QQQ
a hoes or a hole?
William Gonzalez
Great video!
Bunny Gary
Wow! What a great video
Kaitlynn Rahmoeller
Thank you
Justice Kampstra-Wilder
have a more interesting voice when speaking to an audience
Try. Again.
You forget to write small mirror under main mirror, which direct amount of light to the PHASE detector sensor in the bottom side, amateur.
very informative. thank you.
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Harry Yeung
The focusing screen is missing....
Ivy Tapales
It's amazing that you incorporated science into this course!
Barbara Lee
How does light put an image onto film?  I see light threw my window all the time but it does not copy an image it onto my walls or floors.
Acid Shot
ok i know all of this but i am interesting for the phone cams when i take closer magnets to the phone they gonna stuck to the cam only why ??? is there electric coil or another magnet ???
thank you that was helpful
Robert Lugg
can you explain how cameras work. do they capture pictures in frames and play them back all at once?????
Sahnaz Akhtara
good job
Chris Cole
Excellent explanation, good job
Joe m
Thank you so much for sharing this
You only talk about oldschool SLR (digital or film) cameras and range finder cameras, but do not say anything about modern mirrorless cameras. This was uploaded in 2012, where mirrorless were already here.
thomas crute
Thanks bro. You just helped me do my science assignment
Lee Yy
"A*hole". Haha, sorry that makes me laugh. Good video anyway.
This is awesome. I've been wondering how a camera works for a long time. Thank you!
this is so helpful
Tanuj Karnatak
i really loved this vedio but you speak little slow
Ferocious_Snail Roswell
I only wanted to watch this one video. But you did such a fantastic and clear simple way of explaining that. I subscribed. Cause everyone needs help at times... Great job
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So helpful! :) Thanks!
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THX really wanted to know and nowi do
Desirea Holt
Thanks for the video! Nice sound effects!
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Simple and clear to understand
Nakae Choumin
god bless you
Jaspa Jesta Jensen
In this video you are basically just giving a description of the parts of a camera...and where they are located in the camera and their functions...but you aren't actually explaining how the parts function. What are the parts actually doing that result in capturing and materialising a copied image of what you are pointing the camera at? I get that the first part might be something to do with making a reflection thru the use of the lenses and mirror etc , but how is the reflection (image) actually being recorded/ copied onto the film or what have you? How is the image being perpetually kept? I understand its capturing the image by reflecting it like how you can reflect an image in water or like the reflection in a mirror...but how is the camera freezing that and putting the image onto something permanently?
Sweta Das
thanks for sharing this info about camera!
Husni Fareed
Very useful and clear video, really helpful! <(^_^<)
Lee Stevens
With digital cameras I think maybe there's a magnetized magnet, and it somehow records the image. Am I right?
Noora نورة
Wait how does a picture get onto the film> 4:50
Your khan right
Jacky Llerena
Is that you kahn academy? Anyways, thanks very helpful ^_^
Appature science!
Skittles Candy
Suyash Kinariwale
Thanks !!
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Thank you
Salvatore P
couldnt the mirror act as a shutter? and how does a video camera work? does the shutter just continue to open and close and they get a long sheet of film and run in through?
Bobby The Gamer
13:52 no it would burn the image into the film and then they would take the film and do this weird stuff and put it in develop liquid and it would dry the image into the paper. that is the main theme. but this is thing it just does not even need light.
Bobby The Gamer
11:33 no you just look in the window and see the mirror and that hole was were you would have the image go into so you know what the picture would look like.