The Rolling Stones - Ride 'Em On Down

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Taken from Blue & Lonesome, the brand new album out now. Buy it at />Directed by François Rousselet />Produced by Natalie Arnett Riff Raff Films /> /> /> /> />The Rolling Stones - Best of

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Crooked TV
Kristen Stewart playing GTA V. Oh! it reminds me of LOS SANTOS
Vizzy D
I aceppt that I came for Kristen, anyways what a song😍🎶
Pavlos Bakonikolas
what a song! what a woman! what a car!!!!
Cristhian Stewart
Kristen my life🖤
Major Vader
Reportense los que hablan español! 😉.
Johnny Derp
still a better love story than Twil...oh wait..
Kristen Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Mustang.... It's heaven?
Cristhian Stewart
Kristen my life
Naomi W
She's perfect to incarnate the Rolling Stones spirit ♥
v_ u
It's official. I'm gay. 🌈🌈
Olivia Slavin
I like how it takes place in a post-apocalyptic era. No ones, around, you see a burning car and a zebra just walking down in the los angeles river and creepy guy who clearly isn't a cop stops her and asks her where she got her gas, presumably wanting to take it. I love Kristen so much
Hani Banani
She fills the part really well.
Cristhian Stewart
Y love you krisss🖤💛
La Flaca
OMG Kristen 🙌💗
Maybe I'm gay
Lucas bakers
Melhor clip e música que eu já vi!
Eduardo Andrés Sosa
Kristen rockeandola con una de los stones arriba de un mustang Creo que me enamore
Cristhian Stewart
Kristen my life🖕🏼
Juan Jimenez
Am i the only one here who came for the '68 Mustang Fastback?
István Kovács
Kristen Stewart is so cute😍
Cami Dominique
Kristen is so hot I can't stop watching this. Great song too 🔥
Elsie Joanes
i fancy Kristen Stewart . 😍
Pechlivanidis Dimitris
i dont know which one is best... the car, the chick or the song???!!!
The Camcorder
Kristen, a Mustang and the Rolling Stones.. nice mix!!!
dzikieswinie - Motorcycle Club and Adventures
Great stuff. Love these guys since the Steel Wheels concert in Montreal in the 80s :)
Cristhian Stewart
So cute so perfect you are amazing🖤💛🖤💛🖤
Carol Walker
She’s so sexy 😳
Nisa Nacar
I love you kristen stewart
John Wotek
Uhhh... Kristen, ain't really carefull to smoke at gaz station...
The most coolest human in the world
Kookie Bunny
my girl crush as always .. reminds me of the runaways era
Gustavo Schmitt
Kristen and Stones....... thats hot!
David Pattinsson
Kristen 😍
Vernon Allen
i just hate when I am driving along and a zebra just walks across the road!
Its official, I want marry with Kristen Stewart...i think im gay for she!
Oleksandra Voronina
Rock'n'roll is not dead, thanks God
I am really gay for Kristen Stewart
She is a goddess
elisa a
the rolling stones and kristen wow my life looks so good now
Valentina Gómez
Tomislav Krznaric
Zosia001 Spoko
Kristen is sooo hot 😏😏
Ruby The king
gay for kristen
I'm trying hard not to talk just about Kristen. haha ❤ Everything was good! 👍
Алиса Дымова
The most beautiful Russian rock clip: YouTube aria oskolok ljda (ария осколок льда2002)
I now have some respect for Kristen Stewart................... this was pretty awesome
pamela polhamus
Crazy, the band still sounds the same as in the 70's. Bad Boys are back, Just wicked.
Fer Dominguez
Great & Awesome
Mari M
it's her best role
LFD Fede Ferraro
Remember that Edgard use to like this (the journalist that at the early 80's, during the war of Malvinas was to living to Europa, where he worked for the Latinoamerican Service of London). Edgardo Antoñana, hasta este año conductor de TN, trabajó durante la guerra de Malvinas en el Servicio Latinoamericano de la BBC de Londres. Allí estaba cuando se desató en la Argentina la guerra de las Malvinas; volvió al país con el comienzo de la democracia. Use to like this new tune when he presented in tv for all the argentinian country. Very serious journalist was Edgardo, from channel TN, Argentina, and he gone to the other side two weeks ago maybe singing this... who knows. RIP Edgardo we gonna miss you... master of journalism, lot of knowledge you gave to us. Recuerdo que a Edgardo Antoñana el de TN, in Argentina, le gustó esta canción, y cuando se estrenó este año, que fue noticia mundial presentada por él, Edgardo declaró algo así como que "Linda la composición. Tiene ritmo de rock n roll". That was he said about the song, showing this same video. He knew a lot about culture and history, very much for this time.
M a e l o
escuchar esto en simultaneo con esto x.X X.x <3 <3
*turns lesbian*
sabiniano maia
The world needs more videos like this
Mathilde Patin
Kristen Yes💋
kristen makes me so gay
rohith janardhan
I don't think Kristen knows the concept of rest view mirrors
land sea-doggo
This is good for an apocalyptic scenario. Driving your mustang through abandoned cities banging this song at full volume. *FREEDOM INTENSIFIES*
Cosmic Macaque
Oldschool is alive! <3
Ross Goodman
I've never wanted to be a blue lollipop so bad in my life!
living for this post apocalyptic lesbian aesthetic 😍
Kari C
I really don't like her as Bella or even the movie.. but her style is awesome here :) Stones rules
Paolo Pettinato
Kafamda yarım garoni çalmaya başladı
Stop Crying
Kristen is so hot!
Когда тебе похер на всё, и ты собираешся ехать в даль, В НИКУДА..........
Aslan Amca
Yarım Gorani müziği ile izleyenler burada mı? (Muşlu Kuş - Yorekok)
Bonni McKeown
The Stones honor Chicago's heaviest post-World War II blues creators by covering their songs in this Grammy winning album. This song "Ride em on Down" is by guitar great Eddie Taylor, who created boogie and "lump" licks that made Chicago famous. On "Blue & Lonesome," the Stones cover tunes by Willie Dixon, Magic Sam, Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. Never forget where this stuff comes from.
Aaron Norton
Beautiful song. Y'all have never lost that touch.
I feel like we just seen the real Kristen Stewart and not her acting in a video 😍
Chip Schmidt
You left the car door wide open, the whole time you were in that store??
Paula Mariana Moreschi
Yeah baby...OH YEAH !!!!
Reyyan T
Bella slays this video 😍😍
Ayşenur Bollywood
I love her.
kiwi blue
Yes Girl ! i love her so much !! 😍 She ist the only woman i would Date
Milto Acosta
Me gusta esto es lo nuevo que sonido Blusero Rockero El video muy bueno
Javier Villamor
Bapi Routh
Kristen Stewart is world number 1
Csenge Csenge
I thought I was heterosexual 'til I watched this video.
She's perfect for the video
Mascha Hemstra
i understand the feeling of this lady,, if i had this goddamn bloody hot car i would do the same with these blues
Manu *
Nea H.
she showed more emotion in this than in the entirety of the twilight series
Michalina S
Bella Swan after breaking up with Edward
So good
Vincenzo Sallusto
epic blues, ,,,,,,,,,stones *'*'*'*'*
congratulations, back to the blues
baby doll
Rage pas gros
1:10 why is she barefoot?
Lit Führer
Who's the hottie in the video?
M a e l o
crisan 22
i love
Barbara Kvesic
1. Song is great , gr8and ahalf 2. music video alo gr8 3. Kristen is so beautiful 4. the car. love this
hot chick, mustang ,and the stones... what's not to like
Bruno BRF3
Muito bom !!!
Sade Tucker
I never realized how hot Kristen Stewart is. My goodness!!😍😍😍
Nahla Nahla
Steven Stiles
Kristen Stewart dancing barefoot in a torn white t-shirt and blue jeans. She's 26 years old and 5'5"tall. Back to her natural brown hair and green eyes. My favorite barefoot female celebrity.