XXXTentacion - Pain = Best Friend METALHEAD REACTION TO HIP HOP!!!

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Reacting to Pain = Best Friend by XXXTentacion. OK, we had to react to this one as it features Travis Barker and our channel is called Rock Reacts! Leave a LIKE, hit SUBSCRIBE and let us know in the comments what we should react to next SUBSCRIBE for more powerful reactions and review: /> FOLLOW:

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Listen to KING by XXX it’s another metal ish song
Jordan Boak
Xxxtentacion- Imsippingteainyohood its a complete different side of him
infinity (888) ft Joey Bada$$ next please
Tracksuit Andy
React to XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! it was his first major song that made him blow up
Brian Gaede
Listen to: Xxxtentacion- Sippin tea in yo hood And Xxxtentacion- Moonlight Love the videos boys!
Cristobal Salmeron
You guys should definitely react to his old stuff he’s very versatile you guys being metal heads I would recommend king
We need a reaction to “TAKE A STEP BACK” - XXXTENTACION🔥🔥🔥 Just found your channel, keep up the good content!
Gilberto Martinez
React to king and schizophrenia by xxxtentacion
Hey you guys should really react to X’s older music. You guys would probably like look at me and sippin tea in your hood. Those are some of his most popular songs but he has a lot of great other older things
Saw a comment regarding 4:44 and the Jay-Z album, wouldn't mind ''The story of OJ'' within that album.
Do xxxtentacion-take a step back you need to hear his hard songs
Good Music
Brockhampton- Junky Big Sean and Kendrick- Control Kendrick- Maad City J. Cole- Everybody dies J. Cole- G.O.M.D. Greta Van Fleet- Safari Song If you react to all of these I'll be very happy
John Clear
I would recommend king and 777 by xxxtentacion
I found it funny you guys think that this album would be extremely conceptual. It’s really good I enjoy it a lot but it rlly has no concept or goal he jumps from tracks like this to more hip hoppy sounding stuff like Sad! To Spanish dance tracks. Good album but it’s truly all over the place lol
Jack Wade _
Video length was 4:44. Jay z for next reaction?
Lil Kennedy
react to the new JCOLE album that comes out tmr
Lil Windex
Definitely should spend more time listening to X, he creates music that each song can fit into a different genre. R&B, Rap, Trap, Screamo rap, Metal, Grunge rock, and even just straight up singing. He literally has a song in Spanish. And not only does he make all these different types of music, he is good at them
Abel Yonathan
we need more videos of xxx
Its Jesse
Moonlight by xxxtentacion
ca bro
Schizophrenia, roach, I love it when they run and maybe infinity
dead leaf
React to the ASAP forever video!!!!
"be like this guy"...maybe not
Floor 555 is my favorite track by him
justus kraay
Please react Tech N9ne ft serj tankian - straight out the gate Tech N9ne ft Corey Taylor - wither
Nick Wright's Conscience
I like that this channel has 1) interesting reactions and 2) genuine reactions. The react formula has been done over and over but I feel like you two bring something new to the table. It doesn't feel like you pander to the audience and pretend to like something just to please the respective fanbase of the artist you're reacting to, good job keeping it real
isak marken
new jcole album tomorrow btw
LE Harvard
Listen to Alone part 3
Meldins STI
React to his songs “look at me” and “sippin tea in yo hood”
Jesus Christ
Black Friday - J Cole and Kendrick I'm not gonna stop leaving this comment until I see it.
Joyner Lucas - I’m Sorry !!
Hakim St Jean Blot
React to Zillakami- Shinners13 and 33rd Black Glass, hes influenced by rock and has been blowing up lately! It would be an amazing video
Good Music
Ultimate per artist song request guide: Kendrick Lamar- M.a.a.d City, Black Friday, Control J. Cole- Everybody Dies, G.O.M.D., A Tale of Two Cities, Black Friday, Fire Squad, For Your Eyez Only Chance The Rapper- Cocoa Butter Kisses, Favorite Song, No Problem, Good Ass Intro, Pusha Man Xxxtentacion- Look at me, Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares, A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL Brockhampton- Junky, Sweet, Heat, Gamba, Star, Tokyo, Rental, Gummy Joey Badass- Christ Conscious, Paper Trails, Like Me, Big Dusty, Devastated, Land of the Free, Rockabye Baby, Survival Tactics, 95 Til Infinity Mac Miller- Objects in the Mirror, Colors and Shapes, Dang!, Diablo, God is Fair Sexy Nasty, Stay, The Festival, Uber, The Weekend, When in Rome Asap Rocky- L$D, Everyday, 1Train, Fuckin Problems, Fashion Killa, Lvl, Asap Forever Tyler The Creator- Who Dat Boy, See You Again, Glitter, Boredom, 911/ Mr. Lonely, The Brown Stain of Darkness Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) (tbh thats his best song, the name is so funny too) Meek Mill- R.I.C.O., Blue Notes, Lord Knows, Childish Gambino- Sweatpants, Sober, Bonfire, Freaks and Geeks, Heartbeat, Crawl, The Worst Guys, Zealots of Stockholm, Pop Thieves, Redbone, Me and Your Momma, California, Retro, The Palisades Those are pretty much the fan favorites for all these artists. Like if you agree so they can have a nice pool to pull from!
Paul Flint
Love you guys❤️😩
aidan quigley
React to J Coles brand new song BRACKETS
You should react to Dead Wrong by notorious big and eminem; unless you have already done it
I'd love it if you react to Dance with the devil by immortal technique He's a very talented lyricist and is commonly seen as a masterpiece within hip hop Love you video btw keep it up <3
How have y’all NOT reacted to our lord and savior Yeezus. Plz listen to Kanye 👌🏽
Sacha Hamad
Its Jesse
Do more from this album
Jay-Z ''The Story of O.J'' is a must!
didi 3:16
*Please react to his song "LOOK AT ME" *
Kauan Fergil
Love yourz
React XXXTentacion - Vice City / ImSippinTeaInYourHood / I spoke to the devil in miami he said everything would be fine / King of the dead or React to Ski Mask the Slump God, Asap Rocky, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert.
Ahmed Alhaddad
More Cole reactions guys🔥
justin pocsik
Love it did not know Simon from what culture had a youtube channel
Seamus Murphy
You guys should listen to Kid cudi’s new song “Rage” off of the rampage soundtrack, it samples “bullet with butterfly wings” by smashing pumpkins
React to tech n9ne - wither (ft. Corey taylor)
Marshall Mathers
if they liked that one they should hear schizophrenia by X too
Jadendaslayer YT
WingRiddenAngel and King please. Great videos 😀
Cassius Felix
Can They React To That Song Off His Sound cloud
AlexGaming and NickMacCool
Listen to king by Xxxtentacion
Danny A
i recommend reacting to infinity 888 and the remedy of a broken heart by X probably his best songs from his recent album and aqgain are two totally different songs
Triipy Jesus
Suicideboys-exodus, plz it's my favorite song by them
Alex Merino
XXXTENTACION - King & King of the Dead
armonte dunlap
You have to try Xxxtentacion’s tracks that went viral and made him famous like “sipping tea in your hood” or “Rip Roach” I’m telling you he was a totally different artist
Please please react to some of Lil Skies songs. I recommend Cloudy Skies, Welcome to the rodeo, Lettuce Sandwich.
React to Zillakami x SosMula - 33rd Blakk Glass
Dylan B
*"MUST DO"* Ski Mask The Slump God - Catch Me Outside
joseph maria
Plz listen to king by xxxtentacion
Seymore Cosby
Xxxtentacion- Slipknot
parano ia
Zillakami × sosmula - shinners 13
you guys should listen to Lil Peep surprised i haven’t seen people recommend him yet
Please do ghostemane - d(r)own or nails
You should listen to dance with the devil by immortal technique
listen to king & willy wonka was a child murderer by xxxtentacion
Husky Dog
BrennanSavage - Afterlife
Malaya Perez
Please react to Lies Yxu Tell by Scarlxrd 🙏🏻
rudy 31413
Xxxtentacion -schizophrenia
Barry Bonn
Xxxtentacion - KING
Ollie Steers
r e m
cesar perez
Rip X
David Menjivar
React to LIL PEEP
ayiti blag
You both should react to scarlxrd
Victor Ulloa
React to sipping tea in your hood
Something More
Josh Olguin
Simon slap your head
Kris Vickers
Are yous a couple?
do sippin tea in your hood LOL
Cassius Felix
UndeadTurd sanchez
React to Bones Dirt Corduroy HDMI Rocks/AFK CtrlAltDelete OkButThisIsTheLastTime blastzone
David Browne
Do look at me by him
Robert Ferenczi
Just react to the whole album :)
Aries B. Shah
Guyss please react to Biterphobia by Eminem....You will not regret it...Its awesome
I'm waiting for some random J-Pop-Rock react video :) I'm going to be honest his shouting just sounds like my house when the kids will not get up for school.
Lil Scremo
Elijah Soto
Vinny DeSapio
please keep listening to his songs he has so many that u guys would really like!!!
More cole just any jcole songs
I'm curious, what are your guys' thoughts on K-pop and/or K-Hiphop? If you don't have an opinion, I recommend checking out 3Racha (it's a three member hip-hop group), they've got some really good songs like Runner's High, Double Knot, and Start Line. I would enjoy seeing your reaction :)
Jagraj Bassi
Xxxtentacion moonlight and look at me please guys.
Suuu Sil
Melodic hardcore vibes
Dylan Edward
1800 by logic?
Just a villain from an anime.
The beginning of the song is sad and you get the feelings but then after the intro it all changes
WhatCulture Wrestling
Within Destruction - EXTINCTION
Natalie Bigornia
The screaming wasnt travis barker, it was x
Chris Valadez
What Culture Wrestling brought me over here, and I love XXXTentacion. Simon and of both worlds