How to build an aviary from a gazebo !

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That's some clip from the building of my last aviary. I needed a big cage to keep my young hand raised birds, big enough to allow me to stay inside with them whenever I wanted.. so I had the idea. It appeared to be more complicated then what I expected but in the end it was worth it! Used materials are: the gazebo, the net (30 / 34 meters), iron galvanized bars (5 pieces, 6 meters lenght), fiberglass roll (6x2 meters), iron whire, screws, bolts, washers and locks for the doors. Of course I have to thank the guy who helped me doing all of this, using the welding machine and such. For some reason sometimes the video is jerky, especially at the beginning ... maybe a problem with the gimbal or with the camera app .. sorry! Share and subscribe! Bye! Rubix Cube by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( />Artist:

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fox mitten
I love watching these <3 I wish I had the space to build something outside for my bird but I live in an apartment :(
Gabriel Caldas
The video is very good! I am a Braziliam. My family like your videos.
This was pretty awesome! Some happy looking tiel closeups there near the end! Shows a job well done
keep going 🤠
maybe needs a foyer/airlock expansion room for escape prevention?
Nai nai
This is very inspiring!! I hope I can do something similar someday :)
Wei Yang
looks great! if you can imagine it , you can build it!
Marie M
What a great idea!
Discover PARROTS
Excellent idea!
Ana Bumblebee
Sharon Musick
Thanks for the great video. I did the very same thing in April and I wish I had your video. The fiberglass is a brilliant idea! I struggled with hardware cloth and plastic roof panels. Not fun! I ended up only putting on 4 panels because I'm not a contractor or architect and I had the hardest time cutting the panels to fit the vaulted pie shaped roof! I had bought my 10x10 gazebo new so on top the hardware cloth and panels I put the vinyl roof cover that goes with it. It is holding up well but if I had to do it all over again, and actually I just bought a used gazebo frame so I can do just that, I would cover it with hardware wire Ike you did and create the rain and shade covers inside the aviary. The reason I am building yet another aviary, to my husband's dismay, is because I need to separate my parakeets and my cockatiels. I have quite a few budgies and they think they own everything in the aviary. I use inch hardware cloth's because of rats. I live in the suburbs and the rats climb the trees and wires and rooftops. They were climbing between the vinyl roof cover and the hardware cloth. My Bernese mountain dog caught on quick and sleeps by the aviary and keeps the rats away now. He killed quite a few and now the word is out to the rat population and they don't come around so much. And with the 1/2 " wire, they can't get in. But,I had quite a few holes in the beginning and had to go over the aviary again after it was finished. This next will be very rat/mouse proof to begin with. :)
A Ce
Thanks for making this video. Just 2 days ago I had asked about it. It contains many elements I'm going to use as well. Thanks again!
one of the best aviaries ive see, great use of materials too!
Pasquale Di Maio
It's very intresting...good job
Sunny Sharif
why the fiberglass? also can you tell me where did you get the wire net from ?