Su Chhe - What's Your Rashee? | Priyanka Chopra | Harman

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"Su Chhe Su Chhe", this fun filled song is from 'What's Your Rashee?', made in 2009, directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. This song features the voice of Bela Shinde and Sohail Sen. Here Priyanka Chopra's character is teasing Herman Baweja's character, who is tasked with finding a bride in 10 days, and he goes dating 12 women in a series, all of these ladies, each born under a different 'raashi'. Song Name - Su Chhe Movie - What's Your Rashee? Singer - Bela Shende & Sohail Sen Composer - Sohail Sen Lyricists - Javed Akhtar Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. © 2009 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Subscribe: Vevo - /> Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: />G+:

Su Chhe Su Che su che full song su che su che su chhe lyrics Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain Aaja Lehraate Ashutosh Gowariker Priyanka Chopra What's Your Raashee? Whats your Rashee? whats your rashi? Harman Baweja Love Story 2050 Jao Naa Chehre Jo Dekhe Hai Su Che Su Che Javed Akhtar Aaja Lehrate Bikhri Bikhri Maanunga Maanunga Sau Janam Dhadkan Dhadkan Aa Le Chal Pyaari Pyaari Salone Kya Koi Jaane Na Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoondhe

LOVE priyanka's hair here :D
Bouchirah MOHAMED
who is watching it in 2017?
Sanjeeda Akter Mim
who is watching it in 2017????
Brij Sen
While everyone is busy appreciating Priyanka, no-one noticed that even Harman did a fantastic job..!!!
Sara Radzi Ravindran
Why I feel this guy only looks good when he is pair opposite priyanka
Ahhhh thats bouncing hair 0:34
simran kalsi
this makes me nostalgic. i don't know why?
Palash Chordia
some songs are not a hit yet they are enjoyable
Ahmed Fallah
i'm from morocco i love harman baweja is a great actor i don't know why he fail in bollywood that man is a superstar
Zubaer Haque
The movie was released in 2009,still I love to listen to the song after 5 years.
Chasmi Vlog
Who is watching 2017?
San xanaa
her hair is beautiful :)
Vaishnavi Prabhu
love her perfect figure and lehenga seems like wo lehenga usi ke liye bana hai!!!!
Khaani Haadi
me nd my younger sister used to dance on this song
Shantell Tejada
Who else is here because of Quantico?
vaniza khan
this song is like isolated  it didn't get known but its amazing..
Anjali Sah
hehe funny
Ireland Maroney
i cannot stop listening to this song omg :D
Im taurus too and yeah we r craazy in love but so affectioned either☺️☺️
Those statues are more expressive than Harman Baweja
Tarak Technic
came here after watching Splitsvilla 8 .
Valar Morghulis
Priyanka 💞💟💝💕💖💗💚💛💜💓💘💘
Rehmaan Khan The Suave
Nice song Priyanka’s hairstyle is so beautiful 😍
I am a capricorn and I am a lot like that... Very crazy indeed! I so hoped she would be shown as a capricorn.. best avatar ever
Samiksha Rai
2:40 to 3:00 is awesme !
This was my favourite song from the soundtrack and I was glad it belonged to my zodiac, Taurus.
Deepak Dhabhai
Priyanka looks absolutely radiant here. So does Harman. alas no more fun songs of this quality come now
Mj Sanchez
She is so beautiful!
Tyrion Stark
reminds me of childhood
Aslam Kasimov
my no.1 priyanka chopra moment
Zille Huma
I like it.. unique Song
Vandana Mishra
Bfore anyone b like Anyone asking Who else watching it in 2018? Ok Guy M watching it ...# njoy song
Real Thug
Wtf that even means....suche su che ???
Irfan Momin
miss you harman
mai bharatwasi
even now I love this song ......haji kena pasand che manne kayi dyo
shahil ali
I like this song now after hearing it in my car for so many times lol
xeeshan jalani
priyanka is just so beautiful man... <3
Saroj Rawat
suche suche Mann kayido........😍
NAR70 نار ٧٠
تدرون انا ما أعرفة اسوي عيوني مثله صعب )::::
Sarita Yadav
They have portrayed taurus very well..happiest soul,complete in themselves,knows how to enjoy life,crazy ,only wants love from their partner ...and wants to ensure every thing...that's why priyanka test him...that if he is good for her or not...
Michelle Ketchum
I had a weird thought when listening to this song. How would have the interaction gone differently if she weren't a Taurus...
hair and knits
beautiful song... old memories with it.
Shanaya Star
A AWESOME TAURAS (vrishabha rashi)
Vaishali Agarwal
Amazing choreography.
firs hd
روووووووعه تجنن
Zahid Mehboob
Lovelyyyyyyyyy this my best song!!!!!*
alice jones
This is my favorite song out of the whole movie, and it's not just because I'm a Taurus. Well maybe not.
ام ياسمين براهمة
رقہہة أنہہثہہى
هدوء الليل بغداد
كلش احب بريانكا
Hussein Aden
Hej då till hus I Stockholm är en bra dag. Vi har en bra helg. Men det
leena Abo Rahma
حلووة كتير❤❤
Farah L Sayed
priyanka 😘😍😍😍💗💖
Joe Smiths joe2556
Who's is watching it in 2018💪❤✌
James Howlett
im a white guy
Habibti Hayati
i think harman is handsome than priyanka😎👌💃🤘
Khaani Haadi
reminds me of something
Bijay Nice movie
Nice song
Pradip Poddar
very good lyrics
Navnath Kadam
dancing priynka
أنتشار الأمل
ممكن اسم الممثل
Basmah Ali
dance like arab😢😂💙💙
Fikir Omar
who is watching this song on December 💞
Ashish Shakya
Here in 2018! This song is making me to travel back in 2009 when I was in 4th standard. I do remember, I watched this movie in theatre cause I was a huge Priyanka Chopra fan back then.
Anwesha Roy
the only good thing about the video is that lehenga
this song izz justzz...!!! 👉💗👈
Babr Malik
Sad to see Actor like harman is not successfull and Actors like varun tiger and suraj are successful 😓
Jyot Adhvaryu
She is so adorable :))
Anesha das
love ths song so much remember I danced in ths in durga puja 2009
Sarthak Kholi
Who's here in 2018,lovely track
Ranjeet Kumar
this song is one of my so favorite song ,& most specially that because PC is my so favorite actress looking so beautiful priyanka u just look like at sakira in this song😊😊😊😊😊😊
Rithik's acting is terrible here.
gobinda biswas
Good song for ringtone
Halim Ahmed
Shaina khan
Halim Ahmed
Su chii shaina khan😱😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗
kashif munawarkashif
Love this song and love priyanka and harman baweja
santosh mahamune
priyanka is awesome
kashif munawarkashif
No doubt priyanka looking gorgeous in the song but Harman's experations in the song dame cute and dashing
Poyosny Kundu
2018 anyone?
Shubh Yadav
my fav song thks for uploding
نغم اسماعيل
واو كتير حلوة بجنن😍😍😍
Suman Mishra
Reminds me childhood
Sena gürsu
what is name this movie
Unkown Princess
he is a copy of abrar zahoor
Midury Haque
One of mah favz
@sonymusicindiavevo plz upload in full hd
vatsal chauhan
what a nice figure
وسام المطيري
waw glue love brykna
Ekanayake Nandasena
E priyanka ilove You okay ilove You welcome Sri Lanka 2017💍👪💘👍
Anamika Dube very nice song
Nice song
Pratik Jasani
su che su che .cool gujju words
sonali vyas
LIKE IT VERY MUCH I like Priyanka's Eye Dance style. 😎😎
xXApple HeadXx
i love it too!
Umay Shah
my fav movie
milli doshi
wow fave song chhe
xXApple HeadXx
she is taurus!
deepankar priyam
I saw this piece of shit years ago and it was equally appalling.
Omg her Haircut 😍😍😍
Indian Democrat
nice song