Draw My Life 🐮 A Cow in Today's Dairy Industry

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In this Draw My Life video we're pulling the curtain back on the dairy industry. ♥ Take The 12-Day Dairy Detox: />♥ Subscribe to World of Vegan: />♥ Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating: /> Vegan artist Sooyeon Jang and filmmaker Michelle Cehn have teamed together with World of Vegan and Vegan Outreach to expose the hidden lives of dairy cows through non-graphic illustrations. See what life is really like for cows in the dairy industry—and remember, you have the power to end this cruelty by choosing vegan. Many thanks to all of our amazing Patreon supporters who make these videos possible! /> ▹▹▹ MADE WITH SUPPORT FROM ▹▹▹ ♦️ Vegan Outreach: />♦️ Meaningful Paws: />♦️ The Dairy Detox: />♦️ Animal Place: />♦️ Factory Farming Awareness Coalition: />♦️ Miyoko's Kitchen: />♦️ Rancho Compasion: />♦️ VeganBurg: />♦️ The Stanford Inn: />♦️ Mercy for Animals: />♦️ ChooseVeg.com: />♦️ Vegan Cuts: />♦️ Wills Vegan Shoes: /> Thanks for watching! Please share and spread the word! And don't forget to subscribe—I post new videos every week :) -Michelle Cehn ▹▹▹ OTHER DRAW MY LIFE VIDEOS ▹▹▹ ♦️ Pigs: />♦️ Chickens: />♦️ Dog Meat Trade: ▹▹▹ ABOUT THE FILMMAKER ▹▹▹ Michelle Cehn is the founder of World of Vegan and a vegan filmmaker on a mission to change the world one video at a time: ▹▹▹ ABOUT THE ARTIST ▹▹▹ Sooyeon Jang is a Bay Area artist and founder of the vegan clothing company Meaningful Paws: /> ▹▹▹ LET'S CONNECT ▹▹▹ ♦️ FB: />♦️ IG: (and @michellecehn) ♦️ TW: (and @michellecehn) ♦️ PIN: />♦️ Website: /> ▹▹▹ DELICIOUS DAIRY-FREE RECIPES ▹▹▹ ♥ Mac & Cheese: />♥ Mexican Rice: />♥ Aquafaba Whipped Cream: /> ▹▹▹ MUST WATCH FILMS ▹▹▹ ♦️ Vegucated: />♦️ Forks Over Knives: />♦️ Cowspiracy: />♦️ Earthlings: /> ▹▹▹ VEGAN AFFILIATES WE LOVE ▹▹▹ ♦️ 12-Day Dairy Detox: />♦️ Amazon: />♦️ Vegan Cuts Snack Box: />♦️ Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: />♦️ V-Dog Vegan Dog Food (Chance's favorite): />♦️ Gunas Vegan Handbags: />♦️ Get $30 off your first AirBnB: /> ▹▹▹ FILM CREDITS ▹▹▹ ♥ Illustrated By: Sooyeon Jang ♥ Filmed and edited by: Michelle Cehn ♥ Narrated by: Michelle Cehn ♥ Script written by: Michelle Cehn with Allison Rivers Samson ♥ Music: Sadness by Contour Chromatic ♥ Made in collaboration with: Vegan Outreach ♥ Producer: Eddie Plotts BUSINESS INQUIRIES: michelle (at ) worldofvegan (dot) com

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Erxn summer
It's very annoying when people see one video about one type of farm and believe that all dairy farms work this way! Our cows stay with their calves until they get a new calf and they decide when they're ready for calves, they roam across hundreds of acres of land and aren't abused or exploited at all and because we have so much land, none of our cows are slaughtered, they die of old age after living a happy life. I understand that people don't like cows being milked however please don't believe that every farm is like this because they are not at all the same!
Feidhlim Farrelly
I live in Ireland and live on a big farm and none of this happens. all of the stuff you are showing happens on 1% of farms its so sad that you have to lie or show things that are very rare to happen to trie and convince people to be vegan
Idont KNOW
If cows don't get milked they will get sick
Cosmico Studioz
I don’t drink milk anymore. I drink white water. I’m not funny ;_;
Rabbit Gaming and Stuff
So how did the cow draw this?
I'm lactose intolerant, but still poor cows..
BlueMoon Wolves
Very touching. But I can’t be vegan! I love animals, but I also love milk, and shrimp (boy I can’t live without shrimp), and those milk replacements don’t tase to good for me. I’ll help instead by raising money against it, polls, signing petitions. I swear I will, but I just don’t think the vegan life is for me. Anyone else agree?
Travis Johnson
To bad this is all wrong. They only put ear tags on so they can track they're health. The reproducing isn't artificial. It is real sperm from cows but they don't want to go through the work of mating and it doesn't hurt them. A common misunderstanding is the milking. They will die if they don't get milked. Seven years is pretty old for a cow and they only slaughtered to not waste the body of the cow. I hope I informed you more than these idiots -Travis bishop, Livestock farmer and anima l auctioneer at the MCJLA 12yrs old raising for three yrs. Hogs and dairy cattle.
Feidhlim Farrelly
The reason you take them away when their born is because if tou leave them for any longer they will grow a better relationship and when you seperate them they will go mad and be even more upset
YouDucka Sucka
Wtf is cruelty free eating?!?
Hannah Klein
I like = 1 cow saved
Milk gives me headache and meat Still animals should be treated with respect
Printhethh Amira
I want to be dairy free and vegetarian after watching this
Mary-ann Pinchin
I don't agree with bad things like this happening to cows but I don't like any other milk except cows milk, but maybe we could find a nicer way for getting milk from the cows! 😄
Taco Burger
Not true in Nc my dad works with hogs I help sometimes and it nice,the cows have a giant field to run around sleep eat and stay with their parents they have two fields enormous, and their is an area in both fields were it’s a lot of trees and area to sleep and the baby making is another field were they put males and females that are ready for mating
You can't eat meat because it's murdering animals You can't eat vegetables because animals will starve You can't drink milk because it's starving baby cows You can't drink water because it's murdering fish You can't breathe air because birds won't be able to fly You can't be born because you're taking up space that animals can use
Evie Riedemann
I don’t like milk not just because this because it taste bad and smells
This needs to be heard
Teal Splash
*Please buy milk from smaller dairy industries* this can really help us look after the cows better and stop larger dairy farms trying to produce more money but not caring about the cow's health. We could reduce cow abuse by purchasing from smaller local farms and purchasing from RSPCA recommended brands if you live in a city.
Golden Retriever Love Vanilla
My family owns a farm but let's the kids stay with there families. They feed them the right amount I hope this video the animal feels better but I'm just a kid.
juliana Centore
1 like 5 cows saved
Caelan Ferguson
Lol I'm eating ice cream rn
Sophie Jamieson
I am crying and my face is all red and pink
Bella Viasmill
I am not vegan because.... God created us to eat meat and vegetables to make us healthy. And tho this video is heartbreaking, a lot of farms are NOT like this. I have been to many farms. And when I see the cows there, they r not sad and weak as they r in this video. They r happy and running through green and yellow fields. I hope u don't ignore this and tell others that not all cows are raised like this. :)
Not all farms do this, actually, only like 5% or something. Vegans eat much more processed food, so it’s actually worse for the environment. Just eat less milk and meat.
Karley Crampton
I live on a farm and are cow have at least 3,000 acres of land and are not abused they are and will always be treated with respect and love. If you don’t like my comment please don’t reply. By the way some of you are arguing with an eleven year.
ruby brown bear
This is murder but killing a human baby is natural umm okay
Camryn Garcia
Thank God the one my dad works in doesnt do this, the babies are treated with love and get to live with their mom in their free time when they arnt being milked and arnt fed just twice a day, they also don't get branded like some do. They are treated great and are much happier. Poor cows ❤
Jacob Caswell
The milk and burger i just had was the best.
Cutie Pom
Cows were always my favorite animal :C
Urte Pliukstaite
I am never go eat cow meat ever again and SAVE THE COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like if you agree to save the cows😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😿😿😿😿😿💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal Nguyen
I live in the very country side of Northeastern Georgia and over here we have a lot of open acres of land. I sometimes take a nice drive with my Labrador around admiring the view and the endless amount of cows scattered on the land. Not all dairy farms are like the one featured in the video. Dairy farms in my area allow cows to free roam. I see calves roaming by side their mothers, if you still choose not to be vegan (which is fine) maybe try supporting dairy farms like the ones near me, to enable a much easier life for the cows and provide us with great clean milk!
a rainbow Fishy
You need milk for calcium.
Tanya Mykhaylychenko
i know not all cows are treated like this but i still cryed 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jeleki Boi
Vegans need to rethink EVERYTHING angry that we are killing cows? Well you are killing innocent plants. "I'm plant #517, I was born on a field with my mother, everything was awesome until vegans came along, they let the cows roam free but they took my mothers arms off. They cut her bumpy skin off (corn) and shipped it away. A few months later I was grown like she was. I saw a man walk up to me with a knife I couldn't escape as he held me up. He put the knife up and I tried to move away (screen fades to white) VEGANS KILL PLANTS
Rubi Owens
Those people are sick why would they do such a thing 😭 i love animals ❤️ i just wanna save any animal that gets abused its just messed up those who abuse animals are cold hearted leave a like if u like animals like me .
It's sad how they make the farmers the bad people , the milk cow isn t as sad a they say there in fields most of the day happy as can be , if the cows aren t milked they get sick and die so it's not a sad life as they say , I have no problem with vegans I mean it's a way of life you choose how you want to live at the end of the day
Just Plain Honest Chicken
Smarty Lion
i like milk but why milk cows with tubes
Braeden Ihrke
And this is why people like us farmers struggle to make a living cause of you vegans
Zerrek The Dog
Not all dairy farms are like this, there are humane ones out there. This is just one of the more aggressive batches. I've personally experience farm life from time to time from cousins and an other side of my family that runs a small milking farm just for themselves because they love the farm life. To those horrible milk farms I say shut em down, but not all of them should be judged by their cover.
Study warrior cats Study
WHY!!!!!!!!! I had no idea what these innocent cows go through so I can drink milk And I still dump away my leftover milk I feel so bad!!!!!!! I now take an oath to drink all my milk at lunch Ahem I now promise to always drink all my milk for the suffering the innocent cows Like if you would or will do this
Cereal Killer
Saira Dhanilal
I was born a vegetarian and I felt that I wasn't enough.After watching what animals have to go through I decided that from tomorrow I will be a vegan.My family may not be vegan but we can stop this one person at a time.Im so sorry to all the animals in the world.Rip my beautiful babies😭😢❤
cold dead hand
Mmmm, burgers. Ahhhh🍔
Deborah Ruskin
Omg this is horrible we need to save the cows! Join me to save the cows!!!
Elektra Southern
I'm vegan
Maisaan luke hd
I'm red as a tomato who dose this to animals this should not be a thing
Josie Peralta
This is so so so so sad! From now on im going to try to stop eating cows!
Kokichi Oma
layna and Caitlyn
My family has a dairy farm and NOTHING like this happens! They live with there mother in tell there 3 years old. Then the females are taken and have baby caffs. They have to have at least 4 baby caffs. The boys make baby caffs with the females. And live Intel there at lest 26. Then they are made into stake. And with milk we spurt them by hand. They r always feed atlest 3 times a day. That's how my family dose it! We only kill 12% of are cows for meat to and the get killed when they are old....
Coolkidtime9 Roblox adventures-and more!
Now I feel bad for eating burgers
ruby brown bear
I’m hungry
I get why they do the mechanical milking, but it hurts cows. Just do it manually. Get thousands of workers, each one taking care of a certain cow.
Naina Leslie
I don't want milk please save them
I was watching this video while eating, my mom came over with a glass of milk, asked what I was watching, I told her the entire story and she threw the milk in the sink and gave me water. and ran to the fridge and outside screaming, "YOU'RE DRINKING WATER AND JUICE FOR NOW ON!"
I wish everyone was lactose intolerant
Fernanda Toscani
Samantha May
I'm crying. It's so sad. Don't do that to those poor cows! All of this should be natural, not like this! 😭
Idont KNOW
Farms are not like this most calves are aloud to stay with there mom till there old enough to live on there own and most of the time farmers let the calves drink from there mom.
Bobcat Productions
._. I am not even vegan and I am scared for life 0_0
GalaxyGacha Potato
Awww... 😢😢😢 So So Sad...!!! IM NEVER DRINKING MILK EVER AGAIN...!!! 😭😭😭😭
River Wolf
Pinkey pie Love
Not all cows are treated like that like my cow who we make sure her baby drinks before we milk her
Teddy List
The Two Vloggers
This made me cry
Arab Vegan عربي نباتي
*Not your Mother, not your Milk.*
Mikey boi
I so sad I going to crys I care for cow
p. f.
I am an omnivore. I am proud to be free, to have the freedom to eat what I want. But still, I respect those who are vegans. They are vegans? Good for them. It is also healthy to be vegan. But I prefer to enjoy my life, for it is short. (No more than 85 years, and if I am lucky enough, no more than 100). If there was a way to choose between buying meat from abused animals and buying meat from animals farmed in large clean and beautiful places that lived a nice life, I would choose the second kind of meat. I think we need to stop abusing animals in nowadays intensive farms, still we can't stop eating and producing meat. Just my point of view, I hope I didn't offend anybody and have a great day :D
CatsLifeAndBlogs :3
Ima make every vegan who reads this comment mad Beef😍 I love beef so much (TRIGGERED VANGANZ and yes I know its terrible how the meat is made but..think about how lions eat rabbits and other animals that isn't cruel? Ok then)
Rich Kane
This is sooo sad😢😢 *Cries*
RandomGuy 42
I like cows but goddamn I love meat :/
FireHood GT
Fk these guys.
Oh, I've seen cow farms. None of them were like this, I saw cows in huge pens with their calves next to them. Of course, they were taken away occasionally for twice a day milking, but the milking things were disinfected before each milking and the calves were supervised. They weren't allowed to drink much of their mother's milk, sure, but they were given plenty of food. (I know all this extra inside stuff because I've been to cow farms.)
Daniel Jimenez
I’m crying it true
B u t c o w s a r e s t u p I d t h e y d o n t k n o w t h I s I s h a p p e n I n g
Dolphin Tail
It’s just cows
Diana Baric
I will definitely become a vegan now
Adison Turak
Every like equals one love to the cows. 🐄
Haydo Gaming Channel
This made me stop drinking milk I hope it's worth it ❤❤❤
Tamsyn Diedericks
I didn't think this happen to our animals😢😢😢🐮
Brianna unicorn
Joey Schmahl
you are uneducated!!
Still gonna eat meat
Angela H.GVevo
Sorry I'm not going vegan
Joey Schmahl
we ARE natrul omnivores!
Stop being rude to animals..... They have their own baby just don't take them away from their mother.... If someone did this to u would u be happy.
I didn't care until now
Bilbo Baggins
I don’t eat burgers or any cow meat
They do this cause they want money. (Stop animal abusing this place should be banned!!!!) No more cow abusing!!!
Amanda Wilson
One day i will get a farm I’m 9 years old and don’t even worry I promise to love take care of my animals let them live there life and not kill them and give them a big open space it’s sad when people don’t do that .p.s. 1 like = 1 prayer for fighting this animal cruelty
Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez
This happens at very large dairy farms that mass produce for perhaps an entire nation. That’s why I buy milk from my local dairy farms, which I’m sure many do without realizing, as that is what is often sold in grocery stores. There, they are not treated nearly this poorly. This video clearly is trying to convince you not to drink milk, however that is not necessary. Simply try to look into where your milk comes from and be assured that the cows are treated well enough, as most are from local dairy farms.
This is an incredibly generalized video. It's tragic when these things do happen, but there are so, so many farms where things are very different. May I ask how you know the thoughts going through the cows' heads? Cows and animals are NOT people. Please look up Temple Grandin if you want to have any idea whatsoever of what a cow could think/feel. And I don't know if you can exactly "rape" cows, because when they're in heat, they go nuts and WANT t6o be bred! Our heifer would jump 5-foot fences to go find a bull, and only stopped when she was bred. We have friends with hundreds of cattle, and some of those "loving mothers" try and stomp their calves, shove them into fences, or outright abandon them (many human mothers are the same). I myself have an Angus heifer I bought from our friends and bottle-fed with the milk replacer because her mother abandoned her. The veal industry is really messed up and creepy though. (btw, a "child" cow is called a calf). Cows only live for 18-22 years. Not 25-30. And as other people in the comments have already pointed out, cows are in pain when they're NOT milked, and that is when they usually get mastitis. And why the heck would "the men" (all dairy people, I'm assuming they mean, men AND women, because saying that JUST MEN can be dairy farmers is sexist) laugh and joke about slaughtering cattle?
Patrick Yates
I love how all the characters have squinty eyes🤔🤔🤔😑😒
Family Tavfog
But this is all wrong not all cows are abused and using a cows meat when it’s at it’s last stages of life is not wrong as said by god animals on this earth are meant to be food for us. Now please stop believing god is not real so you can think animals have the same status as us for goodness sake they have no souls. I know they can feel pain and every thing but this is misinformation most cows are treated nicely and what’s wrong with having young bull meat we might as well use there meat when we have no use for them. I know I might seem cold but I just respect gods laws and truths.
Niya Weeks
I just ate a hamburger yesterday 😷
I want To All The Animal But Sadly iam cannot eat vegeteble sorry i just can if can give me tricks to eat more vegetable please tell me
Put tem to jail and SAVE THE COW BABIES AND COWS
Thomas McAreavey
I live on a small beef farm and there are two dairies near me, a small one with maybe 300 cows and a big one with roughly 1400. I'm in Ireland and there is standards like there are in Europe USA etc. If even a vet, not an inspector which there are came and a cow was in a field without a bucket of water, you could lose the lot. People see one photo of a "bad dairy" and then assume all are like that. So keep quiet the lot of you and get a glass of milk. What will a vegan lose if they don't convince someone with a few lies and generalisation but what will the farmer lose if everyone stops drinking milk?