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rylo camera 360 camera hyperlapse gopro fusion

s a m p l e t e x t
I sure hope they patented that software. The camera quality is less than ideal (but 360 video is still in its toddler phase) and the audio is horrendous but that software seems to be the game changer.
Amazing image for 360!! Audio is a little messy, but if they could fix that, it'd be an amazing little camera
Jake Gleim
GoPro has released Fusion for $699.99 USD. Very similar concept. For solo filmmakers I can see the appeal, It would allow me to simply place the camera at a fixed point and in post production I could use the footage as if another cameraman was there filming. Unfortunate they do not support Andoird yet. As to Audio, anyone who would purchase this camera for quality productions should purchase an audio recorder with clip-on mic etc. Can't expect good quality audio from such a device.
POST-PROfessionals - Robin S. Kurz
Hey Casey… simply wait for *_the next version of Final Cut Pro X_* and you won't need any extra software or plugins to edit that 360° footage… 😊👍🏼
SDG Danny
I think it'll become its own niche, kinda like GoPro's; they will be useful in very specific scenarios
Ben John Walt
That's the thing that always bothered me about 360 vids, the fact that they are so difficult to watch and enjoy... This cam makes it so much easier!
Apparently I'm casual af, but I'm not mad at it because I have a good qaulity phone!
Stark GRB
The camera is overall great but the audio, just no.
John Basedow
You say everything so nicely but the end result of this review is that camera is good for no one....not the pros, aspiring creators or casul AF.
What's up, ladies and gentlemen. If you are reading this then remember that you are BEAUTIFUL! Don't EVER change! You were born for a reason and that reason is to be YOURSELF! Don't forget THAT! <3 -From a YouTuber with a dream!
woah i’m usually not one to get really interested in things in videos but wow that camera looks so cool
Maybe at the $299 price point it would be an option, but it also needs better quality video and audio. It just seemed sub par.
Sean Wan
honestly cant stand casey anymore
I have some 360° content that you may like on my channel. Also have you seen the GoPro Fusion. Its a great 360° camera 😊
Luke Diamond
the footage and software from this product is dope. I think if you are able to clean up the audio it can add a lot to the vlogs. with that being said, without the audio it has dope potential for b roll!
Jake Newby
Back to back Casey uploads!!!! Life is good
Matthew Sutherland
One day our phones will have this feature
Jeff Morgan
Gimmick AF as was 3-D, curved TV screens and now 360 cams.... "I don't know" is a polite way of saying NO!"
Tommy Sands
too bad resolution is low.
Bake Bakir
That iPhone x 😭
Matt Guardiola
I don’t know if YouTube is ready for 360 but as a new creator I’m always looking to try something new! This is actually pretty cool! Especially with Casey’s cinematic flare!
Bho Loo
24 hrs you are watching Godfather movies.
Ubeyd Yilmaz
666 dislikes Illuminati Confirmed
Everything is cool until you check the price tag ..... LOL
Paul Yang
lol people are sending you so many boosted board
Arcadius Kul
audio in the camera sucks :/
Grown Groms
Definitely a cool camera, would love to see it really gain popularity
Loose Card
Useless without Android. I'll never purchase it until they do. (don't have crApple)I mean, I dig it; but I run Android.
Oranges are Orange
OMG Put down a new company. Would it really of been so bad to say Yes ?!?
I would love to have one of these as a dedicated dash cam
Super cool idea, never have to worry about the right angle again
Baha Kharrubi
for some strange reason I am more interested in those orange lolipops he pushed away lol Like if u agree
hellllooooo gopro fusion?
John Jacob
Cnn(Time Warner) likely owns a majority of shares in that camera
Giuliano Giunta
Hey Casey, have you tried the Dji Osmo camera? What u think about that? You reckon is a valuable substitute to Dslr for Vlogging or nah?! Love your work btw!!!! ❤❤❤
Gus DaCosta
Not a fan of 360 yet, maybe it will grow on me in the future.
ivan riobla
im liking this camera ...... is perfect for many things, so much better than 360º ... great job.. i just hope first they do android and the price drops...
Love the idea of the camera- hate 360 cause you never know where to look
David Cutter - Surface Noise
Michael Kurmadas
Can you make a video on net neutrality?
Just when I thought how can somebody vlog with a 360 Casey comes to the rescue and proves why he is the best vlogger!😂
Goober and Buddy
This is awesome...except for the audio
CEO of YouTube
This was so boring y’all should watch the content king Hampton Brandon
S Jay
CASEY! *Do a video on net neutrality* Please help us, there is only a limited amount of time!
Man I don't know I just love how it pans in post production!
Image looks really good for a 360 camera!
Andreas Gobert
GoPro Fuzion already does this
Amazing! Can this do time traveling?!?
andres bravo
I think this is how 360 video should be implemented. Instead of letting the user pick what to be focused on, allow the creator to dramatically change the point of focus in post production.
I'm from the FUTURE! Just send me that little camera and I will tell you if it belongs in my time.
how much is it?
It looks like Candice is always mad at Casey
good job Casey
Michael Morales
Happy Holidays to you and your family
wouldn't want to pay $500 for one of these, but i they were to send me one for free.....
Awesome camera I am hoping you do implement this in your next videos. The quality is so good.
РТС Artistic Dance Department
Thank u for review! Can I ask u please share via dropbox or any other cloud this video file, or may be other clip from camera. I want to check quality of video not compressing by youtube. Thank you again!
Whats about the GoPro Fusion?
I don't trust society to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.
Nathan VARIO Mountain
Is it just me?? I don't see the point really in 360 cameras.. it's cool at first don't get me wrong and I love the immersion you feel especially when wearing a VR Headset, but the majority of people just want to watch what's put in front of them and relax and not have to be constantly looking everywhere to see what they want to in the shot or dragging their mouse so the camera ends up in the right place, it just seems like too much effort for casual entertainment purposes especially like Casey said considering what's already out there
Leahcim Nworb
😲 👏
Edgar Murillo
Hello from Alabama
Julian Rohe
Haven't heard of GoPro Fusion?
Sam The Vlog
In my humble opinion...360 video isn't going to last. It will be a weird phase that we look back on. It's immersive, but it's not realistic. It's not how we see the world. Perspectives and distances are distorted. People will always prefer traditional media.
Mia Lia Sia
Can I get one????
_Bob McCoy
*I prefer 1 degree video*
Guilherme Lopes
Just mount it on top of your camera, it would give you awesome flexibility. Hello from Portugal :p
Clearly Fine Productions
I just got the fusion and I am loving it. Taking it up with some paramotorists today. The audio is even decent.
This Little Critic
These cameras are crazy. It’s like you get one and a month later there’s something new and improved. It’s hard to keep up.
pen art
The intro song💥💥
This rylo is crazy af
Saba Saremi
Dont like yo Dont Care yoR oppinS
Tim Montanus
You should checkout the new Gopro Fusion, it's the same sort of thing but better quality.
The 360 Guy
I've also been using the Rylo and agree with Casey, the software is good and it's probably the future of 360 cameras. Watching video in 360 is not for everyone, but this lets you create normal video with stabilization as good as a gimbal. I've got more videos shot with the Rylo on my channel! (p.s. I have more 360 cameras than CaseyNeistat, do I get some kind of prize for that?).
Anthony Huynh
IMO It’s a 360 GoPro, it’s a GoPro in sense where it’s small and super light but it doesn’t have that weird GoPro action camera quality the video shown by Casey looks like it’s from a normal camera and what’s good is that even though it’s 360 it doesn’t have the big curves on the sides like normal 360 cams do and normal 360 cams are bad quality video like they’re kinda blurry etc. and the fact that you can turn and set where the camera is facing in the app is cool because with a normal camera you would have to turn the camera to show yourself or show something in front of you but with this it’s all in app and really smooth. And like all the other 360 cameras the video is so circular and it has those round sides or the video literally in a circle and I don’t really like that, I feel like this it a true 360 can cause you’re getting all angles and you change what the angle/image you see in the app and that’s really cool But that’s just my opinion ☕️ based on the footage shown by Casey. RYLO hmu
*camera $499.00 dolares, muy cara, pero buena opción, saludos desde méxico*
Cameron Phillips
wow the quality from that camera - for being 360 - was some of the best i've seen out of the 360 cameras
Pop Fun To Play
The editing software looks really cool, the picture quality and the audio kinda sucks. Can you compare it to the Go Pro Fusion? I have seen a few videos with similar edits, I just did not know if the gro pro software is as easy to use as this. Can you do a comparison video?
Smile with Mel
Casey you camera advice is always appreciated! 🙌
Sweet Guy Traveler
boring. anyway i shot with Yi Lite and got 6000 subs in a few days.
Movie Games
This is the best 360 video i've seen so far. I don't want to manually move the damn video around. That's lazy editing. Just move the camera around yourself in post to show the interesting things.
the software seems handy but the video quality isn't up to speed imo
rbshns aesthetic
how about a casey neistat 360 vlog?
How To Make Sushi
it seems cool, and much better than 360º because they are always terrible quality when you stream it. they do need to work on their audio, it didnt sound very good
Sylhet Baula
Casey can make or break a company.
Richard's World Traveler
You might need a warehouse. And I’ll work there for you 😃
..... ;)
You’re the King of Vlogging!
Caylie and Tim
It's insane how trusted you are when it comes to cameras! You know your stuff, Casey!
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Price is absurd. Needs to be $250-300. Software is great though.
Ranzo In Japan
I was pretty impressed with the camera, until I heard $500, the audio and your final thoughts on it. I think the company would do great if they reduced the price and dramatically improved the audio. My initial thoughts was that I could use this camera and get multiple angle shots, without using multiple cameras or taking multiple angle shots of the same thing. That’s a big deal! I think that’s what sets this camera apart. Less time. One camera. If only the audio was better and the price a little lower.
Cameron Phillips
I see casey was using the iPhone X in this vlog!
Uttkarsh Mishra
This is good .. if they increase their video and audio quality it will be game changing... I like this....
Justin Weisser
Why don’t you ask gopro for a fusion?
Cole Eiserman
i like it but im not in any of those category i would use it as a tool for recording snow boarding with my friends so you can see everyone no matter where they are to your point of veiw.
Shubham Vedpathak
Casual AF hahaha, nice one.
The Film Guy
this is a cool product but why isn't it just software that we can edit all 360 camera footage with ?
Super Man
I this a agree that was a 360 camera with sound . But I agree with you about the price is to much . You can buy a few cameras for that price and pay for your family a few $ 50 dollar stakes for that price . living life like a rich person for that moment
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
I love how active Casey's channel has been recently and it also seems like he's really enjoying making these videos. I feel like that season1 and 2 Casey Neistat vlog that we all miss is back.