Pokemon Talk #17: Dragon Breath

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Pokemon Talk is back! This week's episode features a guest that Bulbasaur and Squirtle are having some difficulty getting through to... Season 1: />Season 2: /> I make Pokémon videos of all kinds, and I try to post as regularly as I can. If you’re a Pokémon fan of any level, check my videos out! If you're hyped for Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to subscribe for more news, speculation, and hype! Special thanks to Lord JS for sending me the Flygon plushie! /> Subscribe to me! /> My 2nd Channel JMikeyG! /> Music by Rob-Ez! YouTube: />Soundcloud: /> Aurea Carmina by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( />Source: />Artist: /> Facebook! /> #pokemon #pokemontalk #pokemontoy #bulbasaur #squirtle #plush

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Bird Keeper Toby
Gotta love me some Pokemon Talk :D
Don't do dragon breath kids
"We should start calling garlic bread spaghetti toast" Flygon-2016
Christine (^_^)
So, when you saw that Flygon looking up were you like, "he looks high" and then proceeded to make this
Chloe Chang
I'm totally with Flygon with renaming stuff, we should rename milk to cereal sauce xD
Mr Peanutbutter
And that's what happens when you don't get a mega...
Speed Boost
spaghetti bread. Ill roll with it
Kendrico E. Stubbs
"We should start calling Garlic Bread "Spaghetti Toast"."
Playfull Triceratops
josiah jenks
You know, I always thought that Oddish would be the one who gets High. It is the Weed Pokemon...
I want some of what Highgon was smoking.
Lance Screams
Flygon sounds like professor tree in pokemon rusty
PI Derrick
"I have made an error." - 10/10 best line.
King of Voice Acting
So much hard work must have gone in to this! Awesome!
Weed was the past... Dragon Breath is the future...
Dude... this episode was so... deep...
Travus [ಠ ͜ʖಠ *Stopitstravtime* ಠ ͜ʖಠ]
FUN FACT Michael toke drugs when he was recording the voices
Did you voice flygon? The voice is so different from yours :)
Goodnight moon goodday sun goodbye holiday 2016
Larissa Lysko
Huhuh.. Huhuh. Huuuuuuuh. *thud*
Vincent Cioffi
I'm early better make a joke Pokemon Z
Rare Pepe the 6th!?
Dragon breath more like dragon meth
this was soooo.. laid back B) suggestion: Flareon as guest about how it's the most overlooked of the Eeveelutions
The Johto12
Why not on 4/20?
Lyra Aquilius
I'd like to know what the thought process was when you came up with this.
Sunniva Vangen Robberstad
Daniel Rigoglioso
Flygon is so stoned :) No pun intended bc u know it can learn Stone Edge
1:50 I was waiting for Flygon to say "GIVE ME A MEGA EVOLUTION PLES" XD but it didn't happen :(
Flop Tart
What if there were, like, LAND cows
#420blazeit #flygonhighgon
Curtis Davenport
2:38-4:25. This is the exact reason why you shouldn't do Dragon Breath, kids, no matter how tempting it is!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD
Chloe Chang
Another well done job Mikey :D this was good to watch before I go back to do my biology revision :p. Thanks for making me laugh. Can't wait for the next one
I think flygon is drunk or a hippie but i think drunk like if you agree
Remember kids, don't do Dragons.
I think in Omega Ruby I'm should substitute my flygon's dragon breath with dragon claw
so when i kill something with dragonbreath does that mean they just OD?
Conrad Barnes
go home flygon your drunk
I really wish I had seen your face while recording this...
Gabriel Tannini
dude flygon is sooooooooo drunk
I like squirtle's "catchphrase" "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!"
Check Norres
wait, so does that mean all dragon types are potheads because of their breath?
Niels The Jolteon
hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehee- best line ever
Derek Hayner
Michael is in collage so this is probably based off a true story.
Shy R
i knew flygon was high, I CALLED IT
When I saw Flygon, I thought his character would him just being desperate for a Mega Evolution. Nope.
You performed very accurately! ... should we be concerned for Michael?
Dennis Christiani
Nice video man. High on dragon breath right now, better hit the shower.
Cg Schmitz
Poor flygon, lost all hope and fell into depression and drugs after failing to receive a mega evolution or any significant buffs
Logan Scott
Get ready for comments hating on u for drug promotion
Super Saiyajin God King of Llamas
Is Flygon high or drunk?
Tiger Lily
Stella Rutley
I think Flygons breath is drugs
it makes me feel... MOIST
So dragon breath is drugs?
Quasar King
*Today is a good day*
Muhit Biswas
Heheheee-hehehehhhe-heeeehhhhhhhh FLYGON`s BEST LAUGH!!!
FrostyApple123 FTW
Hypothesis: Flygon is high as balls.
M Gibs
Spaghetti Toast. Genius.
The Absolute Zero
is flygon on some weed in this video
savita chhangani
What if mega charizard x was there instead of flygon!!!!!!
Dragon Breath + Staring at the moon all night = Umbreon?
panthers 708
This makes me lagh ever time 😹
Where did you get that Flygon plushie?! I want one *SO BAAAAD!!!*
Long Huỳnh
There need to be a Fairy in this video! Or even better, a Fairy-type Gym Leader!
Isabelle R
Wats ur favourite Pokemon talk episode per season so far? My list. S1: allergies. S2: this, the lucario one, or the vacation. S3: nightmares or nein. S4: ultra wormholes.
A big horse Cok
I'm hungry Me too We shoulder everything Shush a funny stoner stereotype
Brian the Trainer
I thought dragon breathe is when you eat something spicy and you burp out and you and your friends smell the burning stinks of your breath because that's my way 😂
Tracey Bott
Flygon was on drugs because he was upset he didn't get a mega evolution.
Heh heh heh hehe hehehe we should start calling garlic bread, spaghetti toast
scott smith
I think flygon was drunk oh he was...
Miguel Yuki
"We should eat, everything" XD Who's more in control here, Flygon or Bulbasaur and Squirtle. XD
Clorox Bleach
This floor is delicious- Squirtle 2016
TheOdd Ball
I'm now going to call garlic bread *Spaghetti Toast*
UnovaKid 24
Dragon breath paralyzes, not drunkens oh what the heck, it's hilarious
Alden White
i'm gonna get high with my buddy... he's still a Vibrava, darn it😢😢😢
Isabelle R
Dragon breath makes u drunk.
Albertnator1 YT
Toast Apprentice
Goomy should've jumped out at the end and said "Don't do drugs kids!"
Jade TheGem
Lol this has to be one of my favorite Pokemon Talks so far😂😂 where do you even get the idea to make Flygon Highgon😂😂😂
Gofo Gaming
"we should call garlic bread, spaghetti toast" - flygon 2016
Kaick Filipe
Flygon needs to be high so that he won't go crazy with the fact that he doesn't have a mega!
pablo barrios
Well I could have spected this from a grass type but not a dragon. Still it was very fun XD
Brock Jurging
Dragon Breath more like DRAGON METH
Best episode of all time, I love flygon and I approve
remember kids, go to your drugs, dont do vegetables and eat your schools #unrelatedPEEKOreference
Mike can you do a lets play on Pokemon sun and moon when it comes out???!!
Jason Hurley
Flygon is on drugs
I love this. This is my favorite episode yet. Since moist.
the electric knight
O_O *slips away* I'm not here
Sunniva Vangen Robberstad
I still think you should go back to interviewing me in this show!
Lava 64
I can see why dragon breathe paralyze pokemon
True Townsend
"This floor is delicious!" lol squirtle quote
Supersonic Truth
That Flygon is a drug addict and squirtle and bublasaur got a bit too much of it and fell asleep. lol
SclaleLizard 100
it's not dragon breath. he's drunk
- Envoke
Flygon is my spiritual pokemon
Michael Cormier
"We should start calling Garlic Bread... Spaghetti Toast"
omg this was silly. One of these days we're gonna need an outtakes video just to see how you come up with the voices/feel about doing them.
"We need some chill vibes....the chillest of vibes....vibest of chills.....chiiiives..."...I lost it xD