The Night Owls by Little River Band (w/lyrics)

Description The Night Owls by Little River Band

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HIGHLY underplayed classic....I remember this one from the early days of MTV! They don't make music like this these days....
I never hear this song played anymore and forgot how much I liked it until I heard it in Walmart the other day. I'm glad to see it here with the lyrics.
jerome sutphin
a Awesome song!!
Bree LeeAnn
I love this song so much.
Chris Mac
Great song by the original Little River Band. Released 1981. One of the few hits from the early days where Glenn Shorrock did not sing lead.
Talakag Mps
LRV you're the best... i wanna be a night owl...
Mac888 spectral
Cool tune. I'm only vaguely familiar with this group, but clearly they are good.
Chad Crawford
I like that you can transition to power chords to solo back to power chords then play the intro at the 12th on 5th. This song especially sounds even best when your playing it along on a 100 watt amp on 9 or10 and double humbucker pick ups and the guitar on 8 you can use the whole neck and make this classic scream on a fullbore metal pedal. Im always playing this on guitar great power chord classic.
So DoI
Rocks! \m/