The Ki-43-III Hayabusa

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The Ki-43 was the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)'s main fighter during the Pacific War. Although overshadowed by the more famous A6M Zero, it featured similar performance and fought successfully early-war. As the war progressed, Nakajima designers made multiple modifications to keep the plane competitive. Original Video Source: /> "Kato Hayabusa Sentotai" (Kato's Hayabusa Fighter Squadron Song):

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The Japanese gave up on that philosophy with the Shiden Kai and went like the Americans, armour and firepower.
It seems that the Japanese Army and Navy over-prioritized manouvreabilty at the expense of speed, armour and high altitude capability
Gabriel Barile
What a beautifull piece of machinery.
The Hayabusa really looks beautiful. The Guy who design her was a Genius. He know about beautiful Lines very well. I hope that Hasegawa finally do a new 1:32 Scale KI-43 II or III Hayabusa some day
Wu Helen
Should 12.7mm be gun ?😂
Jacob Sala
The song is pretty inspiring.
Arctic Fox
you know ad blocker doesnt work anymore when you see a 1:05 ad about you needing a website....
10:04 The Canopy of this Replica was made higher, so Western Guys can fly it, but here it looks like they should have made it like the Original. Would have fit too.
Reza Pratama
K-43 my favorite plane!! Especially Ki-43-III Otsu with twin 20mm Ho-5 cannons is a beast!
Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu
Lovely fighter aircraft !
em forty
Nakajima=Fuji Heavy Ind.=Subaru yeah !
Scooter George
Wasn't the Nakajima engine largely a copy of the Gnome-Rhône Jupiter 14 cylinder engine?
As far as i remember, the Maker of this Replica Hayabusa wanted to build some Planes in a small Series new, but somehow he did not get many Orders i think
Beautiful aircraft and very nice film. Finally, scew anyone who gave this a thumbs down.
Donny Ip
they are machine guns not cannons
Luke Yama
RC Maniak
6:44 What a beautifull song.