Little River Band - The Night Owl (1981)

Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1981: Little River Band's promo-video for the hit single 'The Night Owl' (September, 1981), taken from the 1981 album 'Time Exposure'. Note: This was to be the last album Glenn Shorrock would record with LRB - American newcommer Wayne Nelso takes vocals on this track, indicating the future direction of the band without Shorrock. Band Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia Track: The Night Owl Album: Time Exposure Composed By: Produced By: Label: EMI - Harvest Chat Position: # 18 (Australia) - # 6 (United States) Release Date: September, 1981 Footage Information: Links: - />- />- />- />- /> Line-up: Glenn Shorrock -- Vocals [ The Twilights (1964-1969) -- Axiom (1969-1971) -- Little River Band (1975-1981) -- solo artist (1981-1986) -- Little River Band re-joined (1988-1991) ] Beeb Birtles -- Vocals, Guitar [ The Zoot (1967-1971) -- Frieze (1971) -- Mississippi (1972-1974) -- Little River Band (1975-1991) -- Birtles Shorrock Goble] /> Derek Pellicci - Drums [ The Ash (1971) -- Mississippi (1972-1974) -- Little River Band (1975-1991) ] Graeham Goble -- Vocals, Guitar [ Allison Gros (1970-1973) -- Drummond (1971-1972) -- Mississippi (1972-1973) -- Little River Band (1975-1991) ] Wayne Nelson - Bass, Vocals Stephen Housden - Guitar -------------------------------------- NZOZ NZOZ1981 1981 Australia Early Eighties 1980's 1980s 80's 80s Extended Tags: Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles, Wayne Nelson Musical Terms: AOR, MOR, FM, Classic, Rock, Aussie, Old Australian Band

Little River Band LRB 1981 Australia Early Eighties

I've only recently discovered LRB. They never were really visible in Britain (I was born in 1970). Musically unimpeachable. Vocals are stunning. Harmonies perfectly intoned. Incredible band.
Kelly Sutton
I miss these days such great times and music
jakey clifford
Ah, little River Band. When I was a boy growing up in the 1980's this was a song I listened to on the radio. This is a catchy song with a good feel to it and most importantly genuine soul. I miss great songs like this.
This is the good stuff, not like the fucking American LRB... Long live LRB, Long live Australia!
Peter Vida
Wow i miss when our musicians actually had talent
brad b
One of my personal favorite songs of all time : )
Blonde 1973
Love little river band. Most underrated band. Should be in the hall of fame. So talented and so much harmony. This is what music is 🎶🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️
This is my life theme song. They don't make them like this anymore. Go ahead and try those harmonies, Rhianna. This is talent, not auto tune. But why lose the video on the guitar solos?
Today is my 63rd birthday. I just saw an article about an interview with Wayne Nelson, and I would love to tell him personally that I have admired him since back in the early 80's. Not just because he played great music with a great band but because he looked like Ron Howard- Opie, and that always put a smile on my face. Wayne, you are still a handsome man, as well as a great musician . If You are ever in Hampton,Va. feel welcome to stop by for dinner!
Golden Girl
I was 10 when this came out & I love Little River Band!
Kristin Burton
I wish these original members could get there name back from the current non-original members who don't sound anything like what they're meant to.
People wanted them to rock out from their ballad - style songs. And they did it with this song in "81. I was cruising my muscle car when this song was playing on the radio; I was working as a bouncer back then w/ all kinds of ladies for the night.  This song defined me as a guy & what the game was. Thanks for posting it.
Anthony L
One of the best real songs of the 80s. Real talent, as opposed to synthesizers, etc., that characterized 1983+ 1:20 best verse ever 1:30 best moment of that verse
David Moore
LRB ruled the radio back in the day. This is just one of many hits!
Domenic Mittiga
First class harmonizing
dale davis
My favorite song by this band by far. Much underated as was Firefall.
One of the greatest vocal bands ever. Saw them live,, and it was like studio quality with the raw edge of being live. The best concert I've ever seen from a musical quality aspect!!!!!!
Scott Hornby
The harmonies of these original members is just fantastic. Those guys can really sing. The guy singing did the dirty on them and claimed their name.
jackie stinson kelly
1981 Little River Band , Awesome song love to hear them sing,😄😃😂😀😊
Ruben Delgadillo
Those Aussies can jam!
Alfonso Mad
Lyrics There's a bar right across the street He's got a need he just can't beat Out on the floor, he shuffles his feet away He'll get the girl 'cause he looks so fine He's gonna win her every time He knows he will, he's dressed to kill He's a night owl Move on There's a heart of a night owl callin' To belong She's cryin' in the night Be strong And find the heart of the night owl fallin' Stay up till dawn Until the night is gone What will become of the restless kind Where do they go when they've done their time Wearin' their hearts out on the line For all to see Must be the gypsy in their soul They have a need to rock and roll They always will They're out there still They're the night owls Move on There's a heart of a night owl callin' To belong She's cryin in the night Be strong And find the heart of the night owl fallin' Stay up till dawn Until the night is gone There's a bar right across the street He's got a need he just can't beat Out on the floor he shuffles his feet away He'll get the girl 'cause he looks so fine He's gonna win her every time He knows he will, he's out there still He's a night owl So move on There's a heart of a night owl callin' To belong He's cryin' in the night Be strong And find the heart of the night owl fallin' Stay up till dawn until the night is gone The night goes on and on Until the night is gone. Written by Graham Goble • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group
rebecca taylor
Long live 1981
lisa smith
Good Aussie band, love these guys, wish I could have seen them play, well before my time though
Ron Stewart
Talk about versatility in the vocals harmony superb
Sonny Starr
Wayne Nelson has an amazing voice. He is still rocking with the band after all these many years. This was their 2nd biggest hit.
Pam Moore
They cut off that fabulous guitar solo at the end of the song; I have the greatest hits cd, but still wanted to see the whole thing on youtube.
Randy Hudson
Wayne was just killing it! Man, he nailed it!
Sandy Tonkin
Brings back good memories!!!
Vince Gedeon
this brings back lots old memory s I WANT MY MTV lol
craig nelson
i just saw them saturday.they really put on a show!
Samson Crosswood
Tennessee Martin. That's in my backyard. Shorrock must have had a good time in the Mid-South.
Chad Simmons
in my opinion these guys made it on TALENT-ALONE hell they dress & look like the crowd they play for ! No weird makeup ,costumes,smoke & mirrors. And that style helped us normal folk believe that if we tried hard enough "we could be on stage"
Class J Video Productions
I wasn't even born yet when this came out, but this is definitely one of my favorite songs by this band. I saw them a couple of times in Virginia Beach live at the oceanfront, and I got my picture taken with them. Unfortunately I lost the memory card that had my picture with them. Maybe I'll get another chance soon. 
One word>>> WOW!!!
troy kester
I saw them in a small club in San Diego around 1989. They were fantastic! This is one of my favorites.
Nick Viola
Great song, has kind of a southern feel to it!
Terry Thomas
God this describes my youngest son so well !
Diane Schipper
miss you guys please come back not the fake ones you guys are the only ones we want
rock dawg
this has been my fav songs from the 1980'ds
Chrystal Branham
I have always loved this song i grew up in the 80s and this song was the shit to me anyway rock on !!!
Vince Gedeon
one best 80s songs ever
Ethan Jordan
I've always loved this song. I was 4 when it came out.
Mike Witcombe
They are playing at the Pickerington Violet Festival in Pickerington, Ohio Saturday, July 16.
Scott Janz
Although I like this video, it doesn't have the energy the live from Melbourne 1983 version has.  Long live any version of LRB.
Phillip Bishop
I was a teenager, love this song!
Michael Moon
Rock on LRB! this is some classic shit... I miss good music like this! 
summer of 1981
2028 END
well, alrighty then.
Vic Mohr
You can see the passion in all their expressions. Awesome!!!!
love this song, 80's rule.
KDOA Gameing
found this song and love it
You pass " Little River " on the road from Melbourne to Geelong . My guess is that's where they got the bands name from....
Carol Newson
this song is magic onelove
Stephen Goss
Produced by Sir George Martin.
Aunty Godmother
Great tune and I agree with the other post; not like the crap that's out now! He's too close to the mike. Just wish he wasn't kissing the microphone.
This is one of the great bands I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. The vocal harmonies are perfect.
marrod Rivera
super great
Linda Kilbride
My absolute favourite of all time. And believe me, I am a fan of Beethoven's. I have a very eclectic taste amongst all genres. But, this, over centuries of music, is my favourite, thus far.
Steve Taylor
It's like the perfect friggin rock song, it blows my bloody mind.
I love the guitar build up and stop at 2:44-46, always have!
i wish it was 1981
Kimberly Garcia
I was blessed that WLS Chicago AM89 and 94.7 FM played the heck out of LRB. I was born in 1972, so I was only 9 when The Night Owl came out. But I memorized every word.
Steve Taylor
tragically underplayed rock and roll song on American radio it's a shame
CLASSIC! back in the day when I was about 17 cruising the NY streets, bars, clubs, drug spots looking to get lucky burning the candle at both ends always brings back the good and the bad My people had moved to Western NC but at 16 I had my own place and could not leave NY To me NY was not only my home town but the crossroads of the world RIP all those who did not make it Te amos la ciudad NY Vaya con Dios
Lois Pulliam
going to see them at the golden nugget saturday night !! yay!!!
LRB would come into the Universal Amphitheater ( SoCal ) and completely Rock the House ! In all my years, LRB was one of the best Live Bands !
Tommy Minley
I wonder where he got his Tennessee Martin t shirt
Matthew Dagnan
This Song reminds me of that old 80s movie "Bad Boys", they played LRB all through it.  Such a talented Band.
Ariel Cohen
Is B Sullivan playing bass?
Fred Arbanscub
If you're into the 70's rock thing, check out GLITTER DOGS. New music. Album; COLORS THAT FADE. Hear it on YouTube Spotify, iTunes
Retired Sergeant
Kinda funny that LRB originated in Australia and now is composed of dudes from the USA
long island cereal killer
Looks like he's eating his mic
john Rei
wayne nelson i feel very privilaged to have seen him perform this
gricelda reveco
grandiosa cancion para siempre.
Linc, New Zealand
my favourite Aussie song
Shelley Fairbrass
Saw them live 1978 at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver and they were excellent. They returned to Vancouver and I saw them live at the Colisuem. Fantastic Aussie band and very original music. 
Academics At Work Jax
saw them live! Im so lucky!
I was ten years old when this song came out and I immediately became enamoured with it.
Rocket city joe Jones
Brandon Quatro
Some obscure backup guitar player from the group's later (less popular) years somehow got the legal rights to the name "Little River Band". He now tours the US with what is basically a tribute band doing covers of all LRB songs and raking in all the $$$. The original members you see singing and playing in the Videoclip above have been cheated out of possibly millions of dollars.
Valentín Giaccaglia
such a good music!
Bille E
These guys put more sound out on stage than the rolling stones... enjoy all you can get... long live vinyl
Secret inside Major
^o^ HAPPY A NEW Spring EVER Light Peace & LOVE <3 <3 <3
Absolute legends.
Lori Duhamel
This song does somethin to me! love it!  So many memories.....
Chadric Robertson
2018 who is here
val tau
Nice Eagles song..  :)
Roosevelt McCarter
What album was this taken from? Time Exposure or First Under The Wire?
Amazing song.
Steven brown wolf
Seen them tonight @Prairie Knights Casino - you could  feel that drumbeat - reminiscing those days - cool change oh yeah...
yea I actually tend to sway the Australian way
Mike Weber
After all these years I've rediscovered LRB and realise again that this is what music is all about.
Aaron Wash
Bad boys 1983
One of the most UNDER rated bands...ever!!
one of my FAV Bands from back in the day...
Damian Mahara