Trump Walks Up to The Camera And Descends Into Rambling Speech — Too Weird To Describe

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✅BREAKING NEWS TODAY : Trump Walks Up to The Camera And Descends Into Rambling Speech — Too Weird To Describe During an impromptu speech outside the White House on Monday, President Trump claimed that a lot of Democratic voters will support Republican candidates in the upcoming midterms because Welcome to GLOBAL NEWS U.S Channel - Updated daily GLOBAL NEWS U.S What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Please subscribe and enjoy more:

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mark allen
Whenever trump says the "country" or "America" he is actually referring to himself. He thinks he IS the United States and only his "LIES" matter. This is a symptom of Malignant Narcissism compounded with Sociopathic and Paranoid delusion. Remove him in ANY way possible before he kills us all.
"Justice Kavanaugh" is an OXYMORON!
Charles Lewis
He is Batshit Crazy.
Suzanna C.
Trump''s frigging delusional!
Theresa Carmen
I hope the people see a lot of change on the 6th. He is so delusional it's scary.
beverly a
we have to get out there and vote blue. trump is mental for heaven sakes and we have to get him out
Michael Chambless
Trump has lost his mind and forgot where it went!
Anne Collins
You've been lying on that tanning bed way too long dude. Maybe the tanning lights burning your brain.
Fukin Lying Lunatic
Trump is crazy period ...unless the republicans rig the election again, which is more than possible, then I can only hope republicans lose every seat ..Manchin should be voted out of office
Varekai Ascendant
Dementia / Alzheimer's has a firm grip on his mind. Trumps Father died from Alzheimer's, and yes it's Hereditary.
Jeff Elm
Carrol Clark
Delusional schizophrenic he believes his own lies women are fed up with men walking away from the crimes they commit
David Jacquez
Impeach this enemy of the american public
DM Tea
Russia told the republicans not to worry, they will hack the election like they did before.
Maria Paiz
He such idiot that look and seat his own replacement koch/putin don't want him anymore he failed to meet with their demands and at the same time make Kavanaugh part his criminal investigation were the judge will be testify against 45 karma is in their way.
First Last
why didn't you play the damn clip of his rambling? People might realize how bad he is if they actually listen to him.
Donna M
Trump is delusional.
Bruce Hauge
There's many still shots where you see dementia in his eyes. I know that look as I've lost 2 family members and those eyes have an unmistakable look.
Putin's mind control program is malfunctioning and Trump is scrambling and mixing words into the wrong sentences. Pretty soon we'll hear and see his brain fry and burn out on camera.
Tom Krohn
Too much meth!
Lindalee Law
Explain how last week he was articulate about Dr. Blasey Ford , calm... I suspect Miller is,dosing him because this,week it's " hide ya sons" . He is,too erratic and OUR COWARDLY FLoTUS IS NOWHERE WITH THE RAPE DISCUSSION. But are we surprised ?
Shay CWL
Nov.6 hopefully you will be crying..your con is up...
Cheryl Adams
He says that because he knows and is supporting the fact that he has invited russia china and other hacking entities into our elections again and hoping it works again. We are bigger than them and we are more than them so this is why we have to go out and VOTE in numbers to make sure our vote in part WILL matter this time and next. America!
Arlene Connolly
I cannot stomach to listen to anymore of Trump...I feel it is an assault to my intelligence to listen to media playbacks of his ridiculous bs
Annette Duval
Eventually The Republican Party will have to admit fault that they failed to recognize tell -tale signs that demonstrate a ongoing pattern of dementia and excessive episodes of mania which truly are significant symtoms Of early stage dementia witnessed in the frequent behaviors witnessed by many top medical professionals observing Mr Trump. To continue to dissuade any particular suggestions that a mandated appointment could force the hands of total control to rule in favor to file for a emergency medical LOA could ever be purposed to over rule their ability to keep this feeble minded fool in captivity just to provide them the ability to serve out his reign . Promoting such a vulnerable position to hold this president in “Check-Mate position is A rather bold and presumption of over reach of power that these evil demons truly must be recognizable villains that everyone should be able to know what level of deception that is truly being challenged by such reckless outlaws . Why does someone not reign in the controls before everyone be fated to experience the consequences of negligent mismanagement of government representation. Are We caught up in a spectacle of disillusionment or are we witnessing the threshold of a species being eliminated by a more dominant life form.??? Far too many movies about aliens and the decent of mankind due to our inability to wanting to adapt to changes being once introduced as experimentation has graduated to a Oder of total down phasing of human necessity being purposely eliminated from any further endorsements recommended for future projects.human genocide has long been utilized in different ways to provide for a quota they keep expanding in quantity depending upon the degree of morphed mentality that assumes the strongest desires of will according to the end game prophesy
Yeah right. Democrats are now voting repervertedpublican. Nope. Only a totally self-involved narcissist would think hes won when hes lost. we know that's what he does every time he loses or wins... no differential. This wasn't a victory for the Republicans it was the straw that broke the the Republicans back. See you at the polls everybody Vote Democrat.
Kay McClain
I'm sorry THIS MAN IS S SICK MAN. O M H. Now Trump .says ( The charg on KAVA were all fake.) It's all in his mind. . He's. Loseing it. Really he's going to have a brake down.
p c
Trump "I think a lot of Democrats are going to be voting for Republicans on November 6th" Is that another one of those in plan site?! The only way that would happen is if there is a rigged system set up by him, Putin, and the Republicans.
Eva Roop
Sounds like he's planning a rigged election again.
300 protesters arrested! If it had been Venezuela..Trump would cry.. Repression.. Dictatorship.. Tyranny. What a joke!
Karen Piotte
He's F-ING high! I don't care what anyone says. There is no one that comes out with this kind of shit unless the mind is altered by something. Unless of course his condition is worsening and he is now in full blown dementia!
Kim Clark
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHAT!
Carl Matthews
I wish he would quit talking so much about all this crap & start working on his book "How to Cheat the IRS".
haven't laughed so hard in so long. When is your next comedy show? can't wait to see!
Jo Nelson
So guess that means prez Putin will be fixing the election again.
Sharon Snow
this guy is so mentally deficient it is difficult for me to understand it, he is down right sick in the head, he is a danger to all that is holy, trump is flat out evil!!
Deb long
Denise Eugene
Trump said Ford and her allegations were an hoax . This is so sad . I am not a liberal or an democrat.
Scott Andrew
More insanity, babbling and ramblings from this despicable and dangerous idiot.
chris nolin
Sounds like trump just signaled the Russians to mess with the votes again.
Kadiatu Koroma
Trumps lies came first class, Trump doesn't know how to tell the truth his a liar criminal corrupt and dangerous
Monica Hall
Who keep lying to this thang? Clearly he thinks he's doing a fantastic job
Ron Mantei
He just looks so incredibly unhealthy... Really not sure what that skin coloring is called ?
It’s a fact. Trump is a true NUTBALL. Yes, everyone vote BLUE so we all can have a normal life again. Other countries think Trump as a complete ass. That’s why they were laughing at him. Our nation needs someone that has some decency, intelligence, “empathy for all people” and general sincerity to unite our people.
Greg Wilcox
Trumps an insult to the American people
Charles Phillips
Trump belongs in a straight jacket
Jonathan Wellman
You know,he might be lying about that.. if his lips move,that means he is lying.
Aileen McMillan
Well, what donny thinks is irrelevant (And probably crazy), if he thinks that Dems will vote Rep because they are , what, impressed (?) with his party's blatant and disgusting mishandling of everything to do with appointing a trump stooge to the SC, who cares?
FIGHT White Supremacy
DANG. . .. .That #45 is one Ugly Orange Cockroach!!!
Demented Don never at a loss for words no matter how stupid.
Deltra Thomas
tony francesco
Trump is an insult to the American public.
HA!HA!HA! Dementia or Alzheimer's!
Kyle Towers
chris nolin
Every one wants to know why he is so crazy . I vote for an immediate autopsy to find out.
Ramble ramble lie lie lie ramble, thank you.....then he walks away.
Young King
National Embarrassment!!
Sonny Haskins
mg try awayne qaBowlby
This man is nuts. If this issue is not enough god help us all.
Lynn McClaine
Trump is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris nolin
Sounds like trump just signald
I think, you’re an insult to the American people, trump! Rambling, deranged sicko!
Pedro Perez
Trump the dump is a orange clown needs to be out of office
First Last
We're going to be Venezuela... Does that mean we'll put sanctionson ourselves because we don't like our government?
Say What?
Kaycie Mosher
Only on Planet Trump!!!
Scott Silvis
Fake President
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Bumbling Trump fuck
pbruc brooks
Listen to "Piggies" by the Beatles. Theme song of Trump and his dead beat Republican Hacks!
Linda Moon
Trump thinks that what is good for General Bullnose is good for the country. He is a lying piece of crap.
Rob Neate
I see a Dem losing his job over this vote.
Larry Snyder
The disgrace to the country is Trump and the GOP.
Greg Hobbs
Stroke me , Stroke me , Stroke...Stroke... The massive stroke is coming sooner than the Mueller investigation findings.
Margaret Barksdale
A fool...
Gene Hess
Practing talking to democrats.
Yvette Bowers
Trump is right. Strange thinks are going to happen because Russia has fixed the electoral system.
Iris Gonzales
😎 this guy has a serious case of arthritis in the mouth...Get'em dah Hell out before he starts WW3. Every nuclear warhead is targeted straight at us because of him.
Larry Betancourt
Of course he's rambling piece of mentally ill man with Russian syphilis he can't think
BananaJuiceJones BananaJuiceJones
Trumpleshitskin had a brain cell but it got lonely and went away. ..
Jim Burig
Thanks for relaying this news, but the computer voice is edited as badly as Trump is running his presidency.
YouTube Moderator
I love this Trump guy! I hope he is president someday. The white Kenyan is very disappointing.
raymond menendez
Confabrication--- look it up.
vile man
Rusty Dunlap
Roli b
I feel very sorry for that woman. Youre own president is mocking her and stapped her in the back in front of the camera. How low and disgusting has nazimerrica's politics become.!!!!!
John Gorte
Trump will sink the US
Jane Hawkins
Chinese hackers going to elect dems
Sheryl Kimball
This moron lives in some kind of f******* weird reality he thinks that the women in the United States are not upset about the Kavanagh thing the guy thinks that women love him and they're gonna vote for him and if that happens the female population needs to become extinct
Irene Gavenlock
trump lies!
mary humphreys
Philip Hampton
Trump is being used by Putin and GOP for selfish reasons, these are like minded narcissist. Screw the people !
Denise Eugene
Umm. Mr. Trump you lost the popular vote and barely won the electoral college. We know Russia helped . Mueller’s report will let us know if you were aiding and abetting this conspiracy against our election.
The Hypnotoad
Donnie Cries-a-lot still doesn't see the facts as normal people do. more Republican swing voters are leaving his party as a result of the Kavanagh confirmation.
This is fake news, or something worse. Trump is an easy man to understand. The media makes no sense whatsoever. Leftist drones, all of them.
Gilbert Thomas
God Bless President Donald Trump
chris nolin
How will you VOTE! If you're allowed to!!!
Dolores Boston
His beliefs are....”I speak it and it is so”.
Susie Lewis
You sick old man go to Russia and live with Putin