This Is My Affair (1937)

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Starring Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck. With Brian Donlevy. Directed by William A. Seiter.

1937 This Is My Affair William A Seiter Robert Taylor Barbara Stanwyck

Bill j
I like old movies that have a story about an even earlier time. In this movie from 1937, the story is about the year 1901. So you have to figure that many people in this movie were alive and remember the era they were acting about. I always learn something when I watch a movie like this, although you have to watch out for the fact that they may make historical mistakes. In this movie, Robert Taylor went into Barbara Stanwyck's bathroom and turned on the water. I didn't know they had running water in 1901, I thought that came later. Now I will have to look into that. And then there is the part where Teddy Roosevelt wanted to contact the prison warden to stay Robert Taylor's execution, so he took out his cellphone and asked Cortana for the number of the prison. Just kidding! lol.
Sharon Gallup
This is a fabulous woman who overcame odds most of us would never dream of and became a great actress, philanthropist, a woman with great humility and even wisdom... orphaned at 2 years old to one of the most famous women in show business and otherwise. I have a great regard for the force of her great spirit and her ability to endure so much! And, oh how could she act! She is truly one of the greats!!!!!
I absolutely love these old movies -- the clothes, hairstyles, cars, furniture, all of it is so nostalgic...Taylor and Stanwick = what a pair!
This movie actually had 5 very famous stars in it, not just the three listed above, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and Brian Donlevy add Victor McLaglen and John Carradine who were both in John Wayne films and who were also directed by John Ford. As matter of fact, Victor McLaglen already won an oscar for best actor in John Ford's 1935 film, The Informer two years before. Brian Donlevy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 1939 Beau Geste but My favorite movie of Brian's was 1942 Wake Island, based on the true story of the U.S. entering World War II when the Marines were stationed on Wake Island. John Carradine was nominated for and/or won 19 or 20 different awards and more than just one for many of them. He was the "Patriarch" of the Carradine family so with Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and Brian Donlevy, this was a star studded movie.
Robby Bonter
Barbara sings better than Taylor Swift, what else do you need to know?
honey owen
thx for this, my favorite actor, is ms. stanwick, love the movie but something didn't feel right for the time period it was in and i figured out that during that time period there was certain social behavior among the classes, like "bust a gut" loud laughter at social gatherings was reserved for the lower class in the pubs not at party with the type of ppl. that would attend engagements with the President. and little things like the hand buzzer wasn't invented then , the clothes the 36:50 part the guys in the room with guns had hats on from the present day. the wardrobes were completely different back in those days, and the most significant thing is that is was written using the words and actions for the current day not the time period of the movie. this must be some of the reasons the critics were unimpressed. but i love it anyway.
C Clhenergy
I don't know why but Robert Taylor always reminded me of Dracula.  Creepy.
Human Being
Love Barbara Stanwyck in anything. She stole the spotlight from anyone she acted with. Interesting that she was one of the few Republicans in Hollywood at that time and a very conservative one at that!
mary coleman
I love old movies, they have a wonderful feel about them. yesterday. 😅
Rhonda Alonzo
I absolutely LOVE Barbara Stanwyck movies. I can't think of anyof her movies that I didn't like. She was a great actor !! I saw some comments saying she didn't sing well. I liked her singing . She wasn't best known for her singing . but she could hold her.  In the movie  "Lady of Burlesque" she was great , her energy, presence, and beauty made the movie. When she sang "Play It On The G-String" she blew everyone away then and when I see now I still love it! I'm sure I speak for many others.  LOVE HER!!!  :)
One of my all time favorites. Miss Stanwyck had class and elegance.
CherieJ Peden
Wouldn't it be nice if "The Bitter Tea of General Yen" was uploaded. i haven't seen that in years, and Barbara Stanwyck was so sexy. I can't believe Robert Taylor married her but refused to see this.
Adrian Larkins
Entertaining. The bank robbery sequence was laughable by today's standards of authenticity. The actors who played McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt looked very much like the actual presidents.
Amazing to think how the world has changed since this was made...
Juli Finch
I love this movie... and all of her others. She looks so beautiful here, in the turn of the century style dresses.
Jim Boyd
Delightful! Bob and Missy were a lovely couple, both on screen and off! They are missed!
Tom Woods
Boy she was really lovely back then
Chris Allen
Barbara and beautiful together.
Billie Edwards
Oh my. that was so stressful at the end I was like No NO lol. phew. Gorgeous!
cragwyck c
i don't get the whole barbara stanwyck thing. ok, i don't care much for her. there. i said it. but i do like all of her movies.
Roxanne Karney
Thank you so much! Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mike Thomas
Who is Taylor Swift?
Angel Maisonett
Hi Everyone that post a comment an those wishing to but just can't find the words to express your feelings about this picture. This picture had a little of everything, crime, drama, comedy, thrills, vaudeville even dead presidents. "Jolly good show" as president Roosevelt would say. Sadly enough he said in this picture his famous words "SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK." Today his word's would be more technical with today's technology. "SPEAK LOUDLY AND USE THE INTERNET." Don't you agree? ;-) ★★★
Miss Young
I like her style of singing; added to her abrasive but tactful, honest character. My favorite actress.
jean boyd
What a treat Barbara and Robert Taylor
Matilda Martin
OMG that's why you can't tell people anything that was excellent thank you for uploading this film
Mark Gooden
Stanwyck was one of the sexxxiest ever
The most intimate details of the executive branch possibly compromised.... I've exhausted all the means of the creepily prescient of the NSA....
Joy Mars
I absolutely adore Barbara Stanwyck, but unfortunately she sings like a frog. She must have been one heavy-weight Hollywood player to be able to insist that she sing her own songs.
Rabier Nathalie
en francais c'est possible merci je ne suis pas bilingue
keith harvey
Is it her singing voice?It isn't very special.Ten a penny.
Govt. man falls for the sister of the bank robbers he's looking for.
This is My Affair (1937) Barbara Stanwyck (Ruby Catherine Stevens), Robert Taylor,& a cameo by John Carradine. I'm glad I pushed myself to the last 3rd of this movie, that is when I became glued. Ruby was a natural!
Mary Ann McCarthy
Everyone is saying she was a lesbian now..... and Joan, Lauren, Greta, Dietrich and many many more
Chris Canale
love Barbara and William😘
Valerie Purves
Really enjoyed that..stanwyck never disappointed !! Great actress
Tom Woods
barbara can sing some real low notes.
Stanwyck did her own singing in a couple of movies, but was usually dubbed.... she did her own singing in "Banjo on my knee" and "Lady of Burlesque".
Beth Miletti
Good acting all around. Donlevy looks so young...and thin. He became more stocky, but was still good in drama.
Oh my! I love Barbara--but that singing, that singing is just atrocious.
Cheri Lynn
really good!!!
callum robertson
1:12:45 Lon Chaney Jr
Gilda Marlowe
She may have been a good actress but her looks were not the knock out kind.
80 years & counting   WoW   (-_-)
Dr. killpatient
William Sietier di?Good stuff
Reach 4 the Stars
Thank you for uploading this movie.
Naticris Tellavi
Barbara great actress bad singer. Beautiful movie. I didn't see the government traitor get cut, nobody opened the envelope.
Tasha KG
Let's not care about her singing. She's probably acting to be a bad Singer!
how come barbara stanwyck never won an Oscar after a body of great work that makes others look like amateurs , I think its a useless ugly statuette, honorary awards are like charity , no wonder garbo refused it too ! I am glad she had the guts to do that ,
Linda Shipman
Robert Taylor, dear old cousin, just couldn't keep his pants zipped. 
e causey
my Father was dying /cancer-treatment-we were fishing,drinking,and he started talking abot how he thought Barbara stanwyck was the sexiest woman/world. My Mother was a well known model/dancer in 1950's. She was so strikeing,that even after having 6 children, when ever we entered a restraunt,it would go silent. It's interesting to finally see these movies,and equate it to the age of my father @it's viewing.My Mother's hair was so black it glowed blue in sunlight like a crow,Her eyes were yellow shades of green with gold slashes,if she wore dark shades of blue they looked copper.Amazing the diff. between what he thought was the best.
bella roja
I saw Robert taylor get spit on with no response and that was it for me - I knew why this movie wasn't more popular!
Beya Rose
❤️ Robert and Barbara my goodness what a beautiful pair. Great movie 🎥
2:55 I can just imagine a party at the white house these days. Porn stars popping out of cakes, guys telling fart jokes and pulling each other's fingers, and the big pissing contest on the portraits of the former presidents. lol
Ann Macleod
If this is you're affair what are you putting it on you tube for .
Rita Bradford
Amazing movie. They just don't make em like that anymore. Thanks for uploading this gem!
william f
For some reason Robert Taylor never made any impression on me in any of his films - acting or looks
Leon Gardner
some of you talk about her singing, not bad to me, i really think it was sweet...think she can do no wrong, when it comes to her craft n a fan. THX FOR THE POST
Robbie Underwood
They were married you know
Drema Carnathan
Barbara was a great actress but a horrible singer.
Art Johnson
Nice movie, Barbara Stanwyck always gave me a rocket in my pocket. Thanks for the upload.
Candice Christian
Fantastic. ... 😍😍😍😍😍
lmao teddy Roosevelt
Lori Lee
I can't find this film, Kathleen Mavourneen the 1937 film. It was the first one to the Old Mother Riley series.
Jaya M
Loose end not tidied up: identity of Mr Big and his arrest. Otherwise good movie.
26:05  ..................Ishkabibble.... I should care....
Katy Petree
This was a few years before they were married. The smitten-ness is so blatantly obvious it's too yummy for words! 
Angel Chester 091407
Thanks for posting.
Ed Dancer1
Don't let the title of this move fool you folk. Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck both played excellent parts in this move but Barbara Stanwyck sucks as a singer. Ed
ณภัสรา ฑิราเดช
thank you
haris ismail
No fee
St John 3:16! 💖 Only what we do for Christ will last! Time is winding up!
Cyn K
I think I would have liked Stanwyck better if her voice hadn't been so annyingly gravelly or as if she had sinus problems! Probably smoked like a chimney!
Frances Wong
carol craft
Her voice is fine and she looks great in those costumes!
daniel stanwyck
Well, if you like soap operas, that was fair to middlin'.  I could do without Taylor as he is not much of an actor altho' not half bad in this.  Stanwyck however could do what no other grand dame of that era could do: every single genre.  Could read a telephone book (remember those) and make it sound interesting.  
This was a great movie.  Too bad it is shown rarely on TCM.
@ 9:30 That's my dad Eddie Hall in the back row of the bowling alley, smoking a cigar.
Duncan Hackenbush
I've seen this lovely movie before. Thanks for the upload. What is the name of the song that Barbara Stanwyck sings?
Susan McLean Woodburn
Great movie!
Frank Conroy looked just like President William McKinley.
Charlotte Cozine
Stanwyck, Davis, Crawford, Tierney, Lansbury...these stars were in their "retiring days" by the time I was introduced to them. Big Valley, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Baby Jane Murder she Wrote. So after TV gets a little independence (UHF channels) I got to see these actresses in their real glory...Love em all.
Miriam Hopkins
This movie was better than I anticipated. love the chemistry between Missy and Bob.
Great Movie !
Michael Lilly
Another Stanwyck gem.
Luckily - the Fast Forward works just fine. The Hollywood silly stuff that has nothing to do with the plot (singing and show-girls) is easy to by-pass on to the story. And it is really amazing how the writers took so much Liberty with history. That almost ruined the entire movie.
You mean Brian Donlevy, right?- he's always got a bitty, smarmy sort of mustache and playing villains, it was nice to see him clean shaven.
I don't recall having ever seen Robert Taylor without his signature silly moustache. He looked much better without it.
Charles Thompson
Loved all movies with Barbara Stanwyck.
I did not no handsome Robert Taylor was married to Barbara. I like Barbara movies also and Robert Taylor was good in Escape
diabolo menthe
Love this movie !