Spider Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 19

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Zee Risek
3:40 Bad Guy #1- "What do we do?" Bad Guy #2-"When he swings down throw the vibrator at him." My mind immediately went to dirty place. Then I said to myself "No, it's probably some kind of weapon, surely it won't be a vibrator." But nope, it looks like a vibrator.
wish they bring back Saturday morning cartoons and tv shows, better than the crap on now
Feather Wolf
"Running around in a hot costume... *looks at veiwers* sometimes I wonder _why"_ thIS IS THE SHOW THAT KILLED ME
SRM cricles in the night
they did not have a lot to work with back then but this is so much better then cartoons now
Nadia Naoual
Old school spideman love it!!!!!
Why Me
Grow up watching this show, and i still love it!
Rainbow Dash
The 1960s: back when all criminals were white guys in suits and fedoras.
whos watching in 2018
8:16 "This post gave me cancer."
J Anthony
Top Five intro music of all time cartoons. Season One Jonny Quest is #1. But this intro to Spiderman is #3 on my list
RIP. Laws of physics.
Ed Wharton
The psychedelic backgrounds got me trippin', yo! LOL
how did you get this when it was from 1967????????
0:26 SHAZAM!
Gorn Hegonomy
These were real cartoons. None of that politically correct, whose going to be offended crapola of today.
David De Santiago
Noel Deleña
Old School Rocks!
Shinikia Battle
did he throw a vibrater at him
The Fusion Gamer
i love spider-man
Love how they are driving *sideways*! I know sometimes in the old cel based cartoons it was extremly hard to depict an angled interior view with a moving/scrolling exterior view and have the perspectives match so sometimes it would look like the car was going down the street with all of the wheels turned a bit in a particular direction, but herethe car interior/scrolling exterior are completly perpendicular/90degrees to eachother!Also, "throw the VIBRATOR" at him"....um not touching that one :)
Thomasll Bryant
one of the best cartoon in the 60s
Your Number one fan
9:20 “Mr Stark... I don’t feel so good”
In COLOR! Because we lived in B&W back in the day.
Aiman Shahzad
4:00 look at spider mans private
Даниил дагне
Finch bob
Pablo Ruiz
hope they make a prequel to Spider-Man I would like to see that?
Henri Tuhola
Brains attempt to slit in half from just looking at this story and receiving conflicting cues on what's happening spatially. Sometimes it almost makes sense, then it goes 14:50 and 18:00. Their geometry and topology books must be interesting reading, given that you figure out how to turn the pages.
Hahaha voice acting was so bad back then, Parker sounds like hes 54 lol.
Nintendo Mania
I was definetly not born in the 60s but i still watched this show all the time on teletoon retro lol
Theresa Ciin
Spider man is my fav hero!
Juan Pablo Stohwing Pizarro
Espaidermhan culiao fleto
Neu Street
that intro' just brought back a million childhood memories ❤thx! for the upload
Isaac Healy
Love the Intro!
Sudsy Sutherland
I think they stole that vibrator from aunt may.
Hhiccckk zombie Ceja
this is so old
Amari Rogers
Amari Rogers
he is not good
Kevin Cady
Bad guy "oh no its Spriderman"! "The boy with imaginable strength, can spin webs....catches thieves just like flys".....who would have thought a sex toy" could bring him down!
Влад Шушвалов
this skary
This episode turns 50 this year lol
Fletcher Shepherd
Love the 1967 Spiderman cartoon series especially the really great music! It was cool, jazzy and sophisticated.
Much better Spider-Man than Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland, especially Tom Holland.
Oi Renka
Damn this bomb squad is good
Da_ Raptor
Pls give me bleach
Carl Beer
Best super hero cartoon ever Spidey Rules!!!🤘
Art Porter
I absolutely love this. All old school cartoons rock! 1967 greatest year ever for Superhero cartoons.
Heather Seger
I'm a kid but I downy like this. Show
Sebastian Reyes
La mejor serie de los 60
Warrior Ancient
Spiderman will always be Marvels main icon.
Alfarizi Dhiyaul Islam
Everytime something is blown up they put sweeden and finland flag wtf
Tricia Mae Lim
Matysek Schejbal
Spiderman is noob!!!👎👎👎👎😛
Wow! This is the best voice actor for Spider-Man!
Gonzala Hernandez
😭😭this reminds me when I was 3 years old i use to love this and I love it😭😭
Spiderman's 'teenage' voice is deeper than morgan freeman's
Ben Cool
I remember staying hm from school and seeing this..it was this then price is right then news at noon...
Kevin Pippin
all the music in this episodes were so cool
.... IN COLOR !!! Still my Favourite .....
Atri Richards
Who else just came here for the intro?
Jesus De La Garza
Shrek onion
Woothichai Mum apai
Woothichai Mum apai
Dylan Pierce Crowley
spider man. episode. 1970 classics my you good. my you buddy my you old cartoon
Andy DeGrasse
1,000 Year Beard
he actually did it... he threw a vibrator at him!
1,000 Year Beard
the narrator in the intro sounds more teenage than peter does
Zumu Gaming And more
smg 5
Just turn on captions while the intro plays it is so funny
Kunglaw Ady
that voice isnt sound like he is teenager... ahahahahaha
allah belanı versin puuu piskolojimi bozdun şerefsiz puuu allah belanı versin
only help People
my school day is come again
Inztrumental 1991
Classic spidey
3:17 spidergina
Wali Bashir
I'll never understand how spidey catches supervillans but the ordinary crooks get away like in KING PINNED!
what's up with the sky
Nicky Depaola
I LOVED " SPIDEY " i WAS 4 in 1967 and HE was my 1st Halloween outfit !!
Wali Bashir
Aint that the same car the kingpin rode in?
It is crazy how inconsistent the spider design is on his chest.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.
l miss Saturday morning when Anand and shows the most cartoonist.themeudoc keeps you remember. I know watching Spidey with my brother was kinda of venturous bit eye tingling with the colors of the city heroes and other stuff. I'm from new York it comes o. ten o'clock on wabc tv on channel seven now I'm. Los Angeles. it use to come on kabc tv on of course, channel seven
8:42, Lo and behold, true believer! A meme... Was born!
trevor brown
I wonder if this is Gwen Stacy's dad?
Halli Kellemeyer •ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍɪᴢᴇᴅ ɢᴀʟ•
I'm going to be honest, he needs a better voice actor, because he sounds more of a adult than a teenager—
Brenda G
wow thanks
Charles Lawson
Brookie D
Alf Andrade
Oh my gosh memories!!
Cool Random Vids #10
19 yrs old and tbh it’s kinda boring, no CAP, spongebob, fairly odd parents, rick and morty, etc, who agreed
Midnight Alleykat
I love the psychedelic aspects of Spiderman
Bad guy
Charles Assari
so old i am in 2018
Kin Fui Lee
a time where robbers don't need to cover up their face because there's no CCTV...
Lamont-james Escoe
Dennis S
8:18 and so a meme was born
What is it
Mark Simpson
Is he strong? Listen bud He's got radio active blood I think he'd be dead if his blood was radio active