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Starring Penn Badgley, YOU is a 21st century love story that asks, “What would you do for love?” When a brilliant bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring writer, his answer becomes clear: anything. Using the internet and social media as his tools to gather the most intimate of details and get close to her, a charming and awkward crush quickly becomes obsession as he quietly and strategically removes every obstacle – and person – in his way. The series also stars Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, and Shay Mitchell, with a special guest appearance by John Stamos. Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble, Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo, and Marcos Siega serve as executive producers. Executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble also wrote the first episode of the series, which was directed/executive produced by Lee Toland Krieger. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, YOU is from Berlanti Productions, Man Sewing Dinosaur, and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television and A&E Studios. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more YOU season 1 promos in HD! YOU official website: />Watch more YOU Season 1 videos: /> » Watch YOU Sundays at 10:00pm on Lifetime » Starring: Shay Mitchell, Elizabeth Lail, Penn Badgley Contribute subtitle translations for this video:

dont trust him beck!!! he seems nice, but in secret his gossiping all of your secrets!!
David Orla
No shade but having the Riverdale executive producers is not really something you should be proud of
Evi Yuanita Chang
Spoted, lonely boy caught in the act with new girl..its not B or S..xoxo 💋💋GG
teodora kirova
What Dan Humphrey was supposed to be when he was revealed to be Gossip girl - a crazy stalker obsessed with a beautiful girl, thinking he knows what's best for her. Anyway, Pen was born to play this role and i cannot wait for this to come out.
Gossip Girl went Psycho
blue maven
Lol. All of these gossip girl stars crawling out of the woodwork after all this time. First Leighton Meester is in a comedy on ABC and now Penn has this series. Hope both shows work out☺
Shaye E
For anyone curious, the song is 'Tonight You Belong To Me (feat. Lola Rhodes)' by Joseph William Morgan
Bouchra Imene
Shay Mitchell is in one second of this trailer .. barely
So he basicly plays Dan again, accept he even kills now.
רוני זקן גלילי
Just finished the book....sick and twisted af. I wonder how much they will cut out
Khushi Barnwal
He's gonna be a murderer now? Well Riverdale does have a thing for murderers.
Fearless Chelly
I'm reading the book right now. Dan Humphrey is perfect for this part
As I was watching this, lol I couldn't wait to see all the gossip girl comments and honestly you guys didn't disappoint 😂😂💀 ...anyways this looks like its gonna be awesome
Is Shay playing a lesbian again? Is he going to kill her (or try) because she's secretly in love with the main girl? That's what it looked like to me anyway.
Suz Gue
Lonely boy 2.0 ( psycho)
Azalea Meruno
I love HIM!!!!!!
Valley Girl
Sooo.. he's basically a psycho gossip girl?
constance okeke
I hope he is a good main hat character and dosnt betray her
Nadia Moriarty
I didn't know that I needed a show with Dan and Anna xD But know I do
This movie is like more realistic and creeper version of Gossip Girl xD
swag talk 13 swag talk 13
shey for pll is in here.
The guy from Gossip girl?? O.O
Darquanda Mhmm
Spotted. Gossip Girl fan girls making Gossip Girl references. Xoxo Not Gossip Girl
The song reminds me of American Horror Story
Peggy Classe
I love the book!!!!!!! It’s a masterpiece! I’m getting Hidden Bodies (The second part to YOU) by Caroline Kepnes. I seriously hope that the show is as good as the book! I also love the actors!!! SHAY MITCHELL IS BAE AND PENN BADGLEY IS MY BOI!!!
Dahlia Blake
You know, one look at the thumbnail and I was like "Penn Badgley looks like a stalker here"... I guess I was right
Anonymous Group Is Back
Love this tv serial
Stefania Portaluppi
Elizabeth Lail & Shay Mitchell in the same series? My ovaries.
This looks so good
Blair turned him psycho
Scarily enough I think I would do the same.
Song? its a cover but who is the singerrrr
Leonard Adams
Serena Finally Broke Him.... smh
Trixia Gaviola
Dan Humphrey took it to the next level
Jivantika Arun
This is incredibly amazing 🌸😍
This psychopatic gyu is genius! Genius of psychology. Tragical.What the abored between love and obsssesion?
Justin Makwata
Obsession 😍😍😍 he's always a stalker, gossip girl, you...
Angie Beaver
Does anyone know the song name during the "masturbation scene" sorry but idk what else to call it (around 1:19 of this trailer) that part... that song was dope!!!
π There
This went from 0 to 60 super fast
Tap Water
he looks like glenn howerton. they shoulda got glenn for their psychopath
Song in the trailer is called Tonight You Belong To Me by Joseph William Morgan & Lola Rhodes
imp PerlerArt
This book had me on edge of my seat also "Hidden Body's" Joe don't play.
OMG I didn't know this was happening, I haven't read the second book yet. Hope they do it justice
Debra Mallory
People crack me up having to put thumbs down on something they obviously dn't see or get...
Mira Dantas
I will watch.
Barby long
GG meets Dead of summer...who is the true psycho? Be careful,dan..
Captain Yethie
Emily from PLL
macchiatoaddict 05
penn's voice-over though.. charming as always 😍
Serena Potter
The trailer is perfect. The music is perfect
Serena Potter
His voice is everything
Monique Laidlaw
Hey does anybody know who sang that cover of "tonight you belong to me"?
This looks too good for a Lifetime production.
The best TV SERIES and ATYPICAL :)
liu travis
There is no shot of Shay Mitchell in the trailer, yet her name is in the title, is Elizabeth Lail that nameless?
Love it!
Anna Sheasby
Will it be on Netflix?
chris broadway
Who sings this version ???? Please help!!
Only reason I would watch it is to see Shay and the hot girl who's the main make out.
Brandon Ninja
The song sounds creepy as hell.
Azzlack Pdizzle
The music remember me on Titanic
Justin Ramcharitar
What is the theme song?
David Orla
Wasn’t this planned for ABC
Lydia Ross
this is literally why i don't put anything personal on my social medias
lexi styles
What song is this ??
Dinah Graham
Dan maybe should go back to writing, your inner psycho for Serena half hair.
Alex Cabrera
Girl. (Don't tell her I said this but) Lifetime might've actually made something good here.
lasvegas richiee
can someone pls tell me the song??
Tamstar Queen
I'll do anything for YOU. Xoxo Gossip Girl.
Daniela Nováková
This cover is really bad. Eddie is much better
Elaini Young
If anyone is trying to figure out who the main female lead is, She played Anna in OUAT. I love her!!!
Justinna Chheur
1:21 🌈🌈🌈
So is Shay always going to play a lesbian from now on?
wow, just thought it was another melodrama........did not expect that
Ameenah Starks
Does anyone know the name of the song?
jolly jally
Shay Mitchell!!! Omg!!! Queen!!
Nusaybah Saad
it's gossip girl gone sinister 😂 Why is he always so shady?
Mike Jackson
What's the name of the song playing?
Elienai Sousa
Name of music?
Esther Vogt
Which book is this based on?
Sara Mahfud
Girl don’t trust him that’s dan humphries aka gossip girl xoxo
Now this looking good
virline honore
looks like lonely boy ditched S for a new girl
wine icecream
what in the gossip girl rip off is going on??? LMAOOOO
Sanam Singh
1:07 oh God
I am literally so excited
Spotted at 1:15, UNCLE JESSE (John Stamos)
Elvina Paris
Ok I don't get it what happen I'm not even close to finishing gossip girl
Miranda Solomon
Oh my God! How did this slip under my radar?! I loved the book, and I've been waiting for an adaptation since I read it. So far the casting looks incredible. Happy to see that it'll probably have his running commentary. Being able to see the story play out through Joe's eyes is what really elevated it from a cliche stalker thriller.
Dan Humphrey spent too much time behind his computer...
Jane P
Enserio, enserio quiero este libro, pero es imposible para mi tenerlo. Vivir en venezuela no es fácil :C
Whyou hatin
I cant stan Dan Humphrey
Live4 Lovenmusic
I just watched this again, can't wait for ep2!❤
Nicolettas Homestory
Kann mir jemand verraten wie der Song im Hintergrund heißt?
Anis Laidouci
Damnn! Gossip girl went psycho, I can't wait for this one.
I have to read this book before this airs.
Johny Suhartanto
her smile, make men very happy.
Time Is illmatic
So is this a movie
Um Mais
1:21 eita...
catherine muthoni
I can see we are many gossip girl fans...