BMD-4: The Most Powerful Airborne Combat Vehicle

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The BMD-4 is an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). Originally designated as the BMD-3M, the chassis of the BMD-4 is the same as that of the BMD-3, because it was developed on the same basis. This armored fighting vehicle is one of the lightest and one of the most heavily armed in its class, possessing a substantial amount of firepower in comparison to its counterparts. ................. If you have any questions, please leave a message below

So many cool Russian vehicles, so many model kits to buy and build.
Swami Vrashtacharya
The most natural sounding computer voice on the internet- so much bearable than the robotic voices you hear everywhere
Great and innovative vehicle
Abby Babby
Fast, nimble, small, deadly, very nice.
Let's not fight any more wars against Russia. In fact let's take them into Nato and go conquer the world :-D Can you imagine a Nato with Russia? Biggest nightmare for all islamists and communists running around. Russia understands the insidious and oppressive nature of communism. They've felt it. In fact that was the only reason for the wars in the first place.
Jean Guy
cant wait for those to be dropped in washington......
Nathaniel Thompson
For Mother Russia!!! 😎
Armored Warfare RePlays
Thanx for the video mate :)
Fatmanbatman XD
Is it amphibious ?
beautiful video: thanks to you I discover military equipment that I do not know, I register
Brenda Proffitt
These vehicles are incredible and three crew members the capabilities of this is impressive too.. Thank you so much for your videos
Viscous Force
Russia will crush the USA
I have a few questions: What about 2S25?It is less versatile,but what is it's place in Russian airborne formations? Also,can you do a video about 2S9 Nona airborne SPG and it's role in airborne formations.
Al Macias
every country that has fielded the bmp and bmd and fought American armor loses!
Dung Tran, the newest versions are the BMD-4M and the BMD-4M2. The latter (BMD-4M2) utilizes the Sineva turret, a slightly improved version of the Bakhcha-U turret used for the BMP-3M, the BMD-4 and the BMD-4M. The Bakhcha-U combat module designed by the KBP Design Bureau based in the city of Tula of the Russian Federation, it is equipped with a British made Katherine thermal imaging system. The Sineva combat module on the other hand is a result of the Russian domestic economic substitution program and is thus entirely comprised of Russian made components to bypass Western sanctions.
Negovec 1881
Always loved the BMD
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
Also, the Sprut SD
Travis Thacker
I like the dual coaxial canon and smaller machine cannon for good AP and infantry support
Travis Thacker
Lets see.............10mm and 40mm explosive shells for dealing with buildings and infantry in the non direct fire the 100-mm and 40-mm can be used on thin skin armor or trucks. The 30-mm and 100-mm can be used against the Bradley and other old AFV and small Tanks when used with APFSDS or HEAT ammo. Then you got the choice of using 7.62 and 5.45 for machine guns against infantry! This thing is a rolling infantry street sweeper waiting to clean house. Let the Russian use a canister 100mm round and it's lights out for infantry in the open.......................ooooops enemy infantry has fire support from a AFV, no problem 30mm or AT rocket to the rescue
Music plz?
James Bra
This is what makes Russia the king of land invasion. Their army storms the enemy by airborne units and amphibious units with lightning speed.
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Hey boy! When at last you will to subtitle the info in English words !!! This narrative its a disaster! You want to a more wide audience? , Do it man!
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What does BMD stand for ? Brave Men Dead?
What's the difference between BMD and BMP?
Love the channel, if I could make a suggestion, could you look into the Canadian Lav 3 / and or Lav 6
Tell us more Russian robot voice that recently was more disguised as a more western voice. Haha
Isn't the Kurganets-25 the successor?
john harker
Why doesn't it have any of the active protection systems that Russia has developed? That seems to be the ideal upgrade for it.
thi tran
When dropping them off the plane do the crew stay in the tank or jump separately?
lovely vid
"most powerful airborne combat vehicle" yeah, until the Stryker MGS shows up and places a 105mm hole in your BMD
Al Macias
The BMD is crap! this aluminum armored vehicle can be destroyed by the Gustav with one shot!