Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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We've been asked to sin this movie for years. And finally we did. And now we regret it. This movie... this is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Next week: Song sins & recent sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book:

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PowWow Animations
Wonkanda forever
Isaac Wale
You forgot to mention how Grandpa Joe somehow looks the same as he looked 20years ago.
8:10 But the chocolate isn't pushing Agustus, the pipe itself is sucking him (and the chocolate) upwards. If i'm correct, that means that, although not for the reason you described, it still shouldn't shoot Agustus up.
TwoFoot Giant
HOW did you not sin the change received from the $10 candy bar!?
Hot Lays
I personally liked this movie
Sean Cordi
You forgot to mention that Willy Wonka has a British accent as a child and has zero accent as an adult
Izzy The Illusion
Quick note: the songs in the movies lyrics directly come from the lyrics in the book
9:14 Cinemasins doesn't recognize a f*cking seahorse when it's in pink boat shape (ding!)
K Pendy
As a beloved fan of Roald Dahl (the man who wrote the book) and Tim Burton I would say I prefer this one better only because it's faithful to the book. It's wild and dark at times and so crazily imaginative that I just think that this version does more justice to the book.
Luna17 17
107 sins 107 calories in a KitKat bar
Daniel D Do
Everything wrong with sharkboy and lava girl
Jeremy: "Could this BE more Harry Potter!?" Me: > **Chuckles** "YEP!"
Guitar Covers & Stopmotion
Everything Wrong With Making a Video about Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Tropical Pepper
That shoutout to Hershey, Pennsylvania made me smile so much! Hershey Park is so nostalgic for me!
"you could suck on it the whole entire year, and it wouldnt get any smaller" "gotta get the juice out of her" "that ones got a bad nut" "Why would i want to send a person? They dont taste good at all" "You smell like peanuts, i love peanuts" Sin tally: 5 Sentence: BAD DOG
Brittani Jackson
Wonkanda Forever had me dying from laughter
Emo PandaInk
"Wonkanda Forever" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexandra Sigurdson
Is it just me or does Johnny Depp often get characters that have something strange with going on with them?
You are ruining my childhood memories!!
Edith Jonson
I remember this movie for the sheer fact that the little puppet show thing freaked me out so much I refused to watch that scene for YEARS. It still creeps me out a bit but it's more in the "ooooo that's interestingly creepy" way now...
Purple Peep
Insert the word “is” in between “Everything” and “Wrong”. That movie is creeeeepyyyy
Anime Love Gaming
My problem with the movie is removing the oompaloompa song from the original.
Nova Star Music
Wonka should have been closed along time ago because of that “try some of my grass” part
Bleach Quality
The original was great. This reeboot was shit
Matilda Muller
CinemaSins also underestimates the assholery of children
For the longest time I thought that the Johnny Depp version of Wonka was a woman.
Alican Tulan
You bring my childhood back and destroy it at the same time
nightmare freddy
10:10 .......... I thought this movie was family friendly
Aidan Sabatinelli
Come with me And you'll be In a world of safety violations
It’s not the original. **ding**
Is it just me or does johnny depp look and sound like michael jackson in this movie???
Maybe it's me, but 'importing' darkskinned people that all look the same and communicate in a different language, to work in factories while only getting food in return and having to slave away on a boat and row the white people around, just seems a tad edgy.
Rman Nayr
So Pretty Much: He got Covered in Chocolate, She's Blue now and Flexible, She's Covered in Garbage and Trash and Smells like Shit and He's So Thin and Tall now.
K Jones
3:57 his face looks so face-tuned and cgi. That's some damn smooth skin.
Daniel D Do
8:36 wonkanda forever
Beanies World
6:25 OH MY GOSH UR SINGING IS BEAUTIFUL *claps non stop* 8:38 OMG YASSSS I love ur channel! It makes me laugh!
8-bit Gamer
What candy in that world is allowed to exist I'm pretty sure blue fire is hotter so who made that nitrogen filled candy or something. Also why would they choose to live inside of their crappy house when they could have at least make a proper apartment or something.
Jette Pedersen
The factory would NOT be closed becos its like in 1957
Gianna Staple
willy wonka needs to blend his translucent powder better.
Gipsy Danger
I really liked this film in my opinion.
Rman Nayr
*Jesus, does Mr. Buckets have Beats by Dre sound-cancelling abilities in his hands? Charlie should still be able to hear at least some of Grandpa George's tapestry of profanity.*
Lyndon Jones
There should be 100 extra sins for no Gene Wilder
Things are going to get Crazy
*Wanka*-da forever
Grace Hopkins
nothing says “you’re about to watch a cinemasins video” like a _birth control ad???_
True Gryffindor 101
6:30 LMAO 😂
Bobby Boi
Dad, Papa? 😮😮
Big Boy Detroit
7:36 "little boy" you mean big boy
the king
Did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to play willy wonka but johnny depp got the role instead?
Iwan John
I have some more sins: In the scene where Charlie wins the last golden ticket, the cashier doesn't give Charlie any change back. I don't care how good your chocolate is, there's no way that it costs exactly $10. Second, Wonka says that the Oompa loompas hate the cold, yet Fudge Mountain is so cold that snow accumulates there. Third, I'm fairly certain that Augustus would either suffocate when completely blocking the pipe, or drowned when he gets sucked all the way up. I might have missed some. But there are some I thought of.
super gamer Englezos
Λέω να το πεις για το πάρει φέτος η Γαλλία η Γαλλία η βότκα βασική αιτία των πρόωρων εκλογών ο ευ το πάρει φέτος η Γαλλία η βότκα βασική αιτία των πρόωρων εκλογών ο αδερφός μου οκ και μετά από ορθογραφία και εγώ παιδιά δεν μπορούν και να είμαστε αγαπημένοι μας έλειπε από ορθογραφία του ποδοσφαίρου του Ολυμπιακού.
Phyco Buzzaxe21
what about the "snow" machines in the factory, is it actual snow that's fucking everything up or sugar that's making everything better and gives more of a chance to cause a heart attack
Fanofmoststuff 15
I have a feeling this channel really hates movies...
Monkey D. Luffy
"Someone hasn't been Keeping up with the Kardashians" lol😂😂😂😂😂
I never really understood which country the movie took place in. At first I thought it was Britain because of Charlie's accent, but when he finds the ticket, he's offered money in dollars from the locals.. Also Wonka has a British accent as a child, then moves away and grows up to have an American accent. Does this mean his factory is somewhere in America, and therefore Charlie's hometown??
fruit bat 🍒🦇
lmfao 15:05 i mean i dont think “i love peanuts” was exactly super lucid
Danny JC
Elliot from “Breaking Bad” Anyone else notice lol?
Also what game is mike playing no modern shooter game is that light and doesn’t flash that much
Ronnie P
First sin: *EXISTING*
Nora Diamond DeMayo Lol
6:44 they are standing on a path not the roda Oh unless the Oompa-Loompas wear sanitized boots
“Shitty imitation” I’d have to disagree with that statement. Tim Burton inspired his movie on every little detail and in the same order than Roald Dhal wrote himself. The point of this movie was to be as close and precise to the original book as it could be. When put face to face, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is way less detailed than this movie. (For example, there never was any fizzy bubble drink that could make you fly in the book)
Alex Lee
8:36 Wonkanda forever lmao
Somehow it feels like you guys made this entire sins video only so you could say WONKONDA FOREVER!!
Alex Balliet
9:05 jolly rancher
Wolfie 7879
I clicked on this video and got a add for Charlie and the chocolate factory the new musical .-.
LolliPoppy Cookie
A remake of a movie based off a book. nice
Anthony Garcia
I know a guy who was called Lance and he was missing a nut
I honestly liked this movie, although I haven't seen the original, not in full anyway, but this is a fun movie at the very least.
This video should have only lasted a few seconds. Long enough for you to say "EVERYTHING".
Wonkanda forever is so good
Niv 'Mohnd
6:03 I never laughed SO FUCKING *LOUD*
Legacy Billimon
I liked the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory better..
I'm honestly surprised they made no mention of "DON'T TOUCH THAT SQUIRREL'S NUTS!!"
Rman Nayr
Gaming Vlogs
I miss Grade A under A
Christopher Miles
*Wonkanda Forever*
Simon Augustine
0:00 - 2:11, I always tool the old man's accounts as tall tales, so the practicality of any of the candy shown wouldn't need to really be examined, he's a grandfather telling embellished stories to his grandchild, that's my head canon at least.
Daisy G.
am i the only one who gets creeped out by johnny depp playing Mr. Wonka? 😭
Hedaia Amjahdi
4:15 she looks like bellatrix lestrange from Harry Potter
terence tyler
this movie isn't good enough to be like the dark night duh
Briana Hodnett
I died at, "Wonkanda Forever!"
mascot Smoothie Velvet
I never realised how dirty and sexual this adaptation was
Cianna Alexander
8:38 Wakanda forever 😂😂😂
8:36 = wonkanda forever
Wyoming Ball
I dare you to do Everything Wrong With Frozen. I Dare you!
Jared Jams
I don’t get the lance joke
steven alvarez
Now do Pulp Fiction Black Panther Forrest Gump Karate Kid Justice League Ect!
2:50 😂😂😂
Booz Lightyear
I've got a chocolate factory, it's called my butt
Wonkonda forever
Roblox Party
Now do the 1971 version! You're obligated TO
steven alvarez
I like what Tim Burton does as Visual Director, he pays attention to color and detail. Too bad about story and character.
Everything wrong with Interstellar.
Marcos Galvis
5:13 Did you really saw the entire movie? No? Minutes ago it was told that the last ticket was fake.
LPS_MV_Star 💫
Sean Webb
Depp's Wonka had a very creepy Neverland Michael Jackson feel to it. We should be freaked out that Wonka would like to play with children without their parents. Maybe your sin rating should be a little higher. I mean PedoWonka should count for 50 sins for each child touched.
Water Hazard