『FLOW Kaze no Uta』(Full MV)

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FLOW - KAZE NO UTA MV COMPLETE VERSION Música pertecente ao single Kaze No Uta / BURN da banda japonesa FLOW.

Syahdan David
Tales of Zestiria<<<3
YeaH BoY
why the original ver. is banned? anyone knows?
Wibu News Indonesia
the Real Video is Banned
Jasmine Miller
I love this song, but vid is ridicules and I love it!😂
Cristian Carbajal
Wooooo Tales of Zestiria por fin lo encontre. Como amo este opening 🤘
They're so cute omg <3
ஜ♥ Lucia-Chan (Neko Kawaii) ♥ஜ
Flow!!!! \(^ , ^)/
why is the song banned ?
Play GT
this video was deleted, like go from naruto, well, not deleted, but you can't see those videos
Katsuki Kurage
Thanks!!! I love this song and this video!!!! I love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Chen Tatsuya
thank you so much for upload this vid... The real one already unavailable from flow...
Melhor banda de todas
Valkiria Girón
wan wazriewa
this have become my favourite song
Ayush Srivastava
This song should have had 30B views instead of 30k
Ana Rodriguez
Los Amo <3
hidden leaf
Ben DeDoncker
i liked how this song came out during the olympics in Londen :D
I like this song😊
Capella Vayne
so goooood :3
Benny Bagaskara
May I know why original video got banned?
Joel Dioneda
FLOW's music never disappoints. :)
Isa Galle
sorey are tou there?
Yo thx! The original video... Well... If you're watching this version, you probably know why
FhsKntl *
Where is the original video?