Inside a giant bird cage

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Foz do Iguacu and lots of macaw's

Foz do Iguacu parrot macaw

randy goldberg
The cage is still too small. BIrds are meant to fly free and for many kilometers. Why have them stuck in a cage for your pleasure. Very nasty.
The Pheasantasiam - Birds Animals Travel Palms
That's a lot of Macaws!
Martin Zenith
A forest bird never wants a cage!
Seemslegit Squad
wow how much work U put into that?
Sleesk Senpai
My bird saw this video and was all like DAMMMEEE NICE CRIB!!!
fatterthanpeppapi g
i LOVE THIS Edit:this is actually not good, its too small
ask habeeb
These days, most Macaws are NOT wild catch as that's illegal pretty much everywhere. And since they live up to 90 years, their human owners simply give up on them. So, im assuming that these are domestically-bred birds which will not last a few days out in the wild, or probably rescued birds. Either way, they all seem tamed and happy in their large aviary. Lovely Video!
Gucci Peng
It's called an aviary you uncultured swine!
Where did you guys get the materials to build it and where do you go to get that strong mesh to keep the macaws inside
vero m
Is this in Parque das Aves? Omg I went there too!
Pet Paradise
Is this at your own house????
R v
Unless this is a bird rescue, imprisoning birds, parrots in this case is terrible, a travesty and a tragedy. This is as wrong as a kidnapper. Exploiting birds for ones' own pleasure. Please stop this evil. Robbing birds, any animal of their freedom for the sake of human enjoyment is plain wrong. Why don't you hang out with your own kind and leave these poor vulnerable birds alone and with their own kind? They HATE being in cages and with HUMANS. We should have strong global laws prohibiting such behavior.