Green Day At: Guitar Center

Billie Joe, Mike and Tré of Green Day took over Guitar Center West LA during our recent photo shoot for our September catalog to talk about their new Gibson guitar, Fender bass and Gretsch drums as well as their trio of new albums ¡Uno!,¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!

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Next stop: the Eyeliner Center.
Matteo Favretto
every time i listen to tre' speaking, even thought he's talking about serious stuff, i feel like he's telling a joke
Thepumpspook Kylo Bren
I kinda cringed when Billie said he was inspired by the sex pistols since John Lydon openly hates green day
Sanctuaries Proxy
"Hey I'm Tre and I'm at guitar center."
Zion Benitez
Lol, that's the guitar Billie smashed on stage at iHeart.
Only 2:34? This should be an hour long at least with lots of jamming. Opportunity missed!
Alexander Koronczay
Hi I'm tre cool and I'm showing my drums at a guitar shop
My mom had a roommate he showed me how to play some guitar and banged my mom?
Mario Brenes
''My new Gibson guitar that I just did is basically uh, a Les Paul junior. It's uh, got one volume and one, one tone knob :D''
billie broke the gibson lol
_ Discocal
Whoever says that rock and roll can't change lives is full of $h¡t because it can. -Billie Joe Armstrong
Boddah Lennon
"Don't waste time playing with someone cause they have a van or PA" That's exactly what their drummer before Tre had lol
Eddies guitar
i get mad when people say green day are no longer good cause oh love is amazing
Alex Creed
They don't look a day over 25
Richard Poschmann
mike has those handsome squidward cheekbones
Lenin Vieira
I love green day, but painting that marshall should be a crime
Y'know . . . . . . . Y'know
Max Rockatansky
They spent more time on their hair than the length of this video. Lol
Gage Poulin
green day is freaking awesome
{ Ashlie }
They should make a series called "40 and hot"
"Hi I'm Tre Cool and I'm at guitar center!" xD
Am I the only one that noticed Jason White isn't there...
Erick Vera
Hi Im Tre Flip and I'm at zumiez
Alex Macnair
I love Tre "musicians" hahaa
Jason Lee
Haha Mike durnt sounds like a fake name you would give a cop
Wasnt the guitar Billie Joe got the same guitar he smashed at the iHeart meltdown?
Heather Martin
" My name is Billie Joe Armstrong" HE SAID THAT SO ADORABLY OMG
Noelia Alonso
my name is "Billie Joe Armstrong" <3 ♥u♥
Forrest Billman
Billie still looks 17
Bille joe is what made me start playing guitar, and I'm really good at playing guitar
Daniel Trott
I'm pretty sure that is the Guitar that Billie Joe smashed to pieces at the I Heart Radio festival. lol
FC17 Productions
"Play with your friends" Mike, what if I don't have any friends? What do I do then?
Conner Edmunds
They still all look like they are in their 20's
Louie Showers
these guys still look young.. must be all of those power chords.
Joe Hill
I started playing guitar about 4 years ago after seeing Green Day live. I feel I am still in the beginning because there is so much to learn. I first started learning Green Day songs, then Oasis, then Metallica and The Beatles and The Who. I know loads more but I owe it all to these 3 men. If it wasn't for these and rock n roll I wouldn't be happy with myself and wouldn't be here. Rock n Roll changes lives. Those who say it doesn't and those who say Green Day are shit I have one thing to tell them. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. 
Where did billie joe get that jacket?
asia apiata
Cool i wanna meet them so bad
Tyler Paris
0:12 Did anyone else notice what Trē was doing with his drums?
Captain Obvious
Sex Pistols did more for music in under 12 months than Green day has in 25 years. And they did it without eyeliner.
Lauryn Henriquez
Billie looks really hot in this
Tre's voice is just really cute and I want Mike's bass so badly
Uno dos and Tre is so great because it's not political
Boss Reptile
you can tell they didnt want to do this
Joe Verstynen
They all have such full, thick heads of hair.
theepicr rotmg
is that the same les paul he smashed at the iheartradio thing
Justin Coyne
"Ya know" Bllie Joe Armstrong
Kid From Burke
does Billie Joe Armstrong age?
Justus zebula
Hi I'm tre cool and were selling out
The Geat
"Musicians". yeah ... with some sarcasm added.
DarkHorse Wine & Spirits
Tre looks like Rod Stewart. Yesssss
hugo ruiz
I like their old songs
Max Amillion
Well... i cringed a bit. Im gonna go back to listening to insomniac
Mark Dee
Billy cutie
Logan Rosselli
Billie looks the same now as he did then, Mike looks way cooler now, and Tre looks the same with a different hair color
Drew Tracy
Trev x
I remember when I met Derek saint Holmes at guitar center when I was a kid back in like 2007 or 2008. And he had me play strangle hold with him on bass.
pistol goo
Billie needs to go there a do a guitar interview
Gabe Santacroce
"Don't waste time playing with someone just because they have a van or a PA," if that isn't a shot at John Kiffmeyer I don't know what is.
Charlie T. Sanford
I used to love these guys. But I really can't take a dude wearing makeup seriously.
Tristan Carino
Amanda Johnson
What a sexy gutair bille Joe has
Amanda Johnson
Clutch Skits, Gameplays, and more
Is that the guitar billie smashed?
GuitarAlex Rock101
Not trying to be rude, but Mike the bass player looks like Duff McKagen from Guns N Roses with short hair
San's musical planet
Best band on earth
Lee Whitworth
I cant believe that a "fan" comes to a Green Day video and doesn't know the song in the background, like, what the hell?
The Privateryan5671
"My new Gibson guitar that I just did"
Plugged Hornet68
Billy joe look young for his a he was 40 Jesus
0:57 oh god, that awkward laugh
Elax23 23
What song was played during the video does anyone know pls tell me asap
mister faustus
If I ever get better than suck at drums, I will still never never endorse guitar center. They are the capital of douche.
I didn't know that RWJ played in Green Day
Killer Meme Star
The Emp center
I went to guitar center in Denver and they didn't have the bilie Joe model. WHY I NEED IT
Joseph Kool
They suck
Por eso odio el ingles
Joe Mama
song name?
Trinity Livingston
I don't understand why people hate the new Green Day. Their songs are still badass.
where can I get the left handed version of billie’s guitar
alexd 08
Donde carajos Estan las fenders
Supergamer 184
And here I am with a Harley Benton 100$ bass
chance human
0:25 that's the guitar he smashed at the I heart radio festival
Orion Cruz
"Hi I am Tre Cool and I am at GuItAr CeNtEr"
Jackson Wolfe
Hi I'm tre cool and I'm at guitar center!
Bryce Byrne
Corey Feldman
Hates Mushrooms
Billie:cmon' guys lets make this work Mike:why are we here Tre:I've got better things to do
1:18 I disagree, the only reason Eddie and Alex Van Halen joined up with David Lee Roth in the early days was because he had a PA. Then Van Halen was born
what song is that
TheNative _ samuria
What's the song in the video
When Mike Dirnt said "I'm obviously at guitar center", he sounded like he would rather be dead than be there 😂
Name a more iconic duo. Mike and a bass I will wait
Elizabeth Arnold
this is amazing
Ed Markham
Ray William Johnson is secretly a lesbian. Also he's Billie Joe Armstrong.
Julian Potter Music
Tré - "My new Gretsch kit sounds great" Billie - "My new Les Paul Junior, one volume, one tone' Mike - "Fender P-Bass, 51 Tele Body, badass 2 bridge *bass garble*"
Biffy Clyro Songs!
This isn't as good as the biffy show but I love biffy and Green Day so I don't care
I’d love to play with my friends, but none of them play any instruments. ;-;
Zephyr Wu-Zucker
who knew drumsticks were bouncy
Gelo Reyes
Billie's Les Paul on this video was probably the one he smashed at iHeart Radio Festival 2012.