Funniest Airport Prank

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Zhar Borneo
The guy at 01:52 talk on the phone be like .. 'OK, I'LL CALL YOU LATER, I'VE TO RUN, THEY GOT ME' 😂😂
William William
The first lady is flawless beauty. 💞
Bruh my heart is not THAT strong 😳
I have anxiety. If that happened to me, I would be found guilty for nothing... Oh😨
Jack Nap
Ok I'll buy Nivea....
awkward and scary....
ȡέέή - ςħάάķ
She was almost crying 😂😂😂😂😂
Fayyaz Ali
These kind of pranks are very dangerous for heart patients
I would have been out of that place so fast
John Johnson
0:27 The most beautiful woman ever filmed.
Benny Thamac
That girl is so cute I want to hug her
summing up 90% of the comments: ,,the first girl is so beautiful, I want to marry her" lol
Rafael Ulloa
that first girl is so beautiful.
Zeus Central
What if someone actually tried to escape and thought he/she got caught forreal.
Prince Antdoll
The first girl was so sweet and innocent 😭😭😭💗 omgggg
Into the Unknown
The guy at 1:47 is like- Oh no I am caught now, I should have payed all my taxes on time.
Arjun R
Imagine if one of those really are on the run...
Bruce Torro
the first woman is beautiful
I feel so sorry for that girl she is so cute!!!!
Eddie kimutai
That is so mean
Bad joke
Rajat Thakur
girl is too cute
pot kantolon
2:25 .... marry with me helga <3 i never seen cutest person before like her <3
That. Was. Honestly. So. Cruel.
Perry das Schnabeltier
The First girls name is halts Maul. For all the english People who ask i live in Germany and i know her
Aww the frist woman, shes so cute
Yash Gaikwad
first girl is adorable! :)
Serchhip Chelsea
I love them.
Jem Peñaflor
I feel bad for the first lady. 😥
We need more pranks like these.
shota kobayashi
1:52 Neuer?
Angie Aglaua
beautiful girl .....girl with scarf
Abdirahman NOUR
The first women she's so cute😍
Kevin Johnson
please make a second part.
Aditya Raj
Almost gave them a heart attack.
Ultra Magnus
The man at (1:51) was like he really did something illegal , i mean , just see his expressions . Like he is saying "Holy shit ! They found , need to slip through here , quickly !!😓😯
0:46 like an antelope picking its head in panic cause it heard a suspicious noise lol
Lmao that iMovie intro tho
Ethan Clarke
The first girl is cute!
shes beautiful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rahul Kumar
what if the victim is really a criminal and is absconding the country?
Raizo rain
it was awesome,
Ashley Star
Guy looks like a young Jon Cusack!
C. Hahn
Am I the only one noticing that the first man resembles John Cusack?
Sharon johnson
first girl is so cute
Bobby Hernandez
I probably saw this video 5 or 6 times throughout the year, only because of that first lady. Wow! What a beauty.
Arky Ar
First girl 😍😍😍
She is poor realy
johnson topno
the second guy is very handsome
Muhammad Umer Tariq
That guy at 1:52 look like agent escaping
phenomenal One
Tell me the music Name at the last.
The girl look so innocent !! so cute!
Buse Mendes
1:45 mood
zia khan
the First girl is so beautiful
salman Khan
Love the First girl. Beautiful
raul cruz
Mike Davidz
This is totally amazing !!!
abhi seng
The first lady, is she single? Anyway I can contact her? Just asking for my friend.
imran mana
Omg I feel so bad for the first girl it probably felt like her whole life was falling apart. She was so scared 😿
Alan Jankowski
I would have happily aided and abetted that first girl. The rest are on their own.
Think of their awkward moment lol😆😆
If it was in America, they would've been shot within minutes!
Contended Beatle
They could have just called lester
TJR Elevation
Ok this is not ok
Ahmad Hanifi
Ich habe nichts gemacht,,,ohhh Süß ich liebe dich, ❤👌
Dr. Joint
this first girl is astrid berges-frisbey from Spain she is beautiful he :)
Rahul Kumar
the first girl is so beautiful
Earl Gillispie
Priceless!! Simply fantastic God bless all take care! 🙏😎❤️:-)👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👌🖐️🤘💥👍✌️
Dapizan Sky
i would have brought out my service fire arm and sprayed bullets everywhere!
marvin loterte
the first lady is so beautiful
sunil kumar
1st very cute reaction
Jasmine A
The first girl looks like she was trying to "revision" her daily life from 0 to now.
John Harison
Man the first girl is like woow
Farhan G
i love the first lady <3 so cutee
Fitrah Bro Vlog
The First Girl Is So Beautiful❤️
Saeful Rizal
I cant stop laugh every I see the guy who shocked when drinkin and look at his face, hahaha, I think he choke down a drink, bhuaahaha
Grab The Crucifix Band
1:47 "oh no, my operation is uncovered. 1:50 *JAMES BOND MODE ACTIVATED*
First girl. she is so cute.
Kaye Felonia
OMG das ist so mies :P Die armen xD
brad m
I think the first girl is beautiful. AND wish I COULD meet her.
Harvey Tan
Guy at 1:48 definitely has something shady going on in his life!!!!!
Johannes Weger
And they say Germans have no Humor
That girl is the cutest thing ever
Willy Wickey
i need the name of the first girl, for research purpose
Wow that 1st girl is really cute!
Sushil Shrestha
that girl is so beautiful as well as innocent I love her 💕💕
that wasnt funny at all. poor thing
Muhammad Umer Tariq
That girl innocence literally melt me
Mark Avila
Damn the first girl Is beautiful lucky man who ever ends up with her😗❤️
I would be like , nice newspaper , mind if i throw it away ?
rohit shubham
The first chick looks like the bond girl from spectre
Grigor Galdunts
That was too hard and uncomfortable on the first cute girl... She was adorable!
Hindistani Jai
She is very pretty
ich liebe deutschlandish frau... so geil....
Shaman Naik
Shud hav done wit a black dude... he would Probably run away
think some of them needed a change of pants not under arm deodorant