Drake - Forever - Travis Barker Remix - ( ft Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West) - HD

Drake - Forever ( ft Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West ) Remixed by Travis Barker Sick!

Drake ft travis barker remix eminem lil wayne and kanye west best rock ever

Fajar Fathurrahman
who's watching this in 2018?
Folami Alamudun
You almost can't stand the *original* after listening to this.
Nicholas Neill
Travis barker does not have a butthole, he does not pee or poo. he drums so hard he burns the energy from inside.
Aryaman Goel
Song starts at 4:42, you're welcome!!
Mario Crippen
Drummers don't get enough credit
Travis Chaney
What a fucking beast he is. God damn. Oh, and every time I hear this song, the only thing I can think of is how much better of a rapper Eminem is than these 3 combined. Travis had to speed that tempo up for him.
Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen
240p we meet again...
Ty Rouse
searched up forever remix. saw this one had 3 million views. watched it. best decision ever
CantFightTheSystem DF
See what REAL instruments can do to your music!!!!!! lol
Betty Ponso
still listening to this 2019 (probably)
Sumersingh Rana
Imagine if this guy had 4 hands...
Don Thrilla
I would rather die of passion than of boredom.
Larissa Mahaffey
How the hell is not breaking those drum sticks? 😂
Zack Harris
listening in 2018!! still fire!
Jaylin Jones
travis barker and eminem... enough said
I hate drake but Travis just blew my mind. Go Travis Barker!
Noah Mead
I really wish I could download or buy this somewhere
remy m
didn't know 240p is HD back then :/
Lindsay Khan
Insanely talented
kevin c
i loved this shit like 2 years ago when it came out and I still love it now.....
Rain Marshall
This guy gets me so hot
George Estrada
Ricegum roasted your daughter L
sherroy johnson
Lol Travis Is Hyped!!!!!
Jeremiah Cabral
Travis Barker is the definition of a badass just saying
He is def not as good as I thought he was when I was 11 lol
damn Travis is an animal on the drums!! I luv him
AlexMaister 00
This guy is good, he could have a future...
Beast mode love u brother
ben phillips
Jacob Craddock
All of you RiceGum people literally just typed "Travis Barker" in YouTube, and are now just flooding the comments of his top videos. Go away, people watch these videos because they are fans of his music. All of you don't even know what real music is. This guy is in the top 30 best drummers in the world.
werthy is my name
Love the drum version. Sick
Joe McCarthy
Travis Barkers videos are awesome! Besides the fact that every one is recorded with a potato
Still listen this in 2015. I love it.
Liam Farrell
Dude you are a legend.
Yeah he did that 🙌
Ezekiel Harris
This is why Travis Barker will always be the goat
tiana prom
love this guy.probably sounds even better if you were in the room with him.truly gifted!!!!!!!
Greg Myeeah
are those Reno black suede heads? I need to know for recording they sound amazing and so easily controlled
What font did you use??
josh lott
Killed it!
Perma Chub
Definitely gotta give the drummer some
Alejandro Galvan
Man EM n Travis go hard together... We need an original colabo' by them two!!!
placebo effect
i'm crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!
Miguel Unlimited
Brot und Wasser
Travis can take my L
angie beairsto
travis barker so talented and make any song barker history. my son is drummer in band FLOAT. we are the best p.s. Read Travis biography book. amszing
damn Travis is an animal on the drums!! I luv him
BoLT Ezo
2017 Squaaaad
David Fendlay
I have seen some great drummers. I like going to see local live bands. Drumming is my favorite thing to do. I want to learn but really can't find the time to. But these videos are sick. Subscribed
Iain Connell
makes the tune so much better so talanted a man
I I I I I I I………………………………
Rob Level
Damn this is a good video. Damn close as awesome as the videos on my Youtube :D You will fall in love with it. You really gotta comment to me what you think
best drummer ever no doubt
Unseen Phantom
WAY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!! this one gets you more pumped up! (just my opinion)
Childiish. Anna
i bet them drums was half broke when he goes back to play them
Auxin relari
Stan Koppe
travis is a good drummer but that doesn't mean that no other drummer is good or something ...
Taylor Sherman
this was amazing !
Austin Neel
Should learn to play the danger in starting a fire a day to remember
That was EPIC!
Trim Trimmer
How do you make a Drake song good..... Put Eminem in it. How do you make a Drake video worth watching.... put Rihanna in it.
Kevin Ramírez
who's watching this in 2016?
Mieddza Miekael
Rock Punk grunge Rapper UN siren Blue I ll can't A
Miguel Sanz
2018 and still watching this!! Waaaaay better than the original ☝🏼
Tony Clay
Still the best version of this song.
Mason Petty
2018 this video still relevant
Way2ruf Way2ruf
Song starts at 3:50! The energy from this dude is BANANAS!!!! DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!
Ross H
travis is so talanted that itd like the drums are an extension of his body and my opinion he is the best drummer around at the this moment !!!!!!!!
Noel Gay
Travis is a beast and so is pretty much everyone else in the original recording except drake in my opinion i feel as if he puts a front on as if he's bad but in reality he's a Jewish Canadian that grew up with an in ground pool. Fyi i have nothing against jews and Canadians lol
Charles Mackatoni
Is this also on music.google? I can't find it... =/ post a link in the description if you do have it please, I fricken HATE itunes.. xD
I don't really care that this is a low quality video (as it was released a while ago) but why the fuck did the uploader label it as HD?
When bad people die, they get reincarnated as one of Travis's drum heads.
okami rivera
traviis junto con el verso de lil wayne increibleee los demas tambien perooo muy wooo la cancioon gergregegreg xD
Nickki Jackson
Travis barker you are a drum God!!!!!!!!
i'm back from 2009 in 2015 because this issh is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Tetei Hrahsel
still listen in 2018🙋
k sturmer
''Out of time!'' Hahahahaha! :) Love Travis, he's mint!
Mat Landry
Almost 10 years later and I still come back to this regularly
Gary Mccafferty
After hearing this remix the original just isn't doesn't sound the same!!!!! Travis get some more collabs that you will bring out as singles == make it happen asap 3 3
God dayum.
3 mil.+ views... never thought losses could look so good. lmfao If those who really have a bone to pick with this dude had any brains, they would stop giving him exposure. Wait ... if I had any brains, I wouldn't be writing this since they won't care either way. O.o Welp.
Nickki Jackson
If Travis pit any more passion into this I am positive that HIM nd the drums would explode !!!!!! Travis barker you are superhuman with all I have been through 🎶🎶🎶🎶😁😁😁
Mad Mike
Nidal Yaghmour
Disgustingly sick... drops mic throws a Molotov into the crowd walks away throwing up the peace sign disables the sprinkler system gets into old school Lincoln continental drives it off a cliff ✌🏼️
Brian Gould
say you're the greatest ever...have the worst verse on the song
rajwell james
I mean... Bring any drummer to interpret a modern rap classic and be that on point... that was awe inspiringingly unforgettable
Drake represent #BBN!!! Haters!!
This is the greatest cover of a rap song ever.
Itz Luke
2018 anyone?
Larry Tate
Cool, but rock drumming more than hip hop. Still cool though :)
2017 still amazing... Travis makes basically every song he remixes so much better it's insane
Lil wayne killed it.. lol
pastal girl plays stuff
how do i get a shirt like that? i like the lengthy cut where the sleeves would be
does lil wayne even understand how much travis just made him sound awesome?! ha
Lucas Vinícius
not hating, but this is not a Drake song
Josh V.
that drum set is sooo badass!!! That's like a 20g drum set. all blacked out...awesome!
stamina over 9000
Dongsoo Kang
Travis barker be drakin
Jick Niblet
I hate drake so much I think I need therapy