Kang vs Winter Soldier - wait... what?

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Greater gifting crystals indeed!

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Arjun Bist
Man that's the coolest thing ever
Guys put playback speed on x2 it makes everything better
The Ranger
Kang is a great option for rol
Anthony Ramos
Let me mend your thumbs...
Steven Grayson
My opinion kang is a Weak champion In damage output but he's a very nice Trophy Champ to have in roster.
Tonkla the gamer Th
Kang is space bee keeper confirmed!!
Iam I the only one who laughed !! XD for some reason this was really funny
Abhijit Das
The best mcoc video ever!!!
MCOC vishu 2
From which app did you edit the vedio??
Saurabh Saini
hahahaah.... this is one such funny MCOC video ever saw... that was great but damn 727 hits... and congrats on kang mate... Happy holidays :-)
Ronaldo Perez López
The_Savage_Ware_ Wolf
You didn't let him touch you!
god of thunder
Let me mend your thumbs.....
Favio Diaz
Kang-e- go it? Okno
Alessio Di Fazio
Super funny bro! Great job
Amazing video I figure kang would hit harder lol
The MonsterPotter
Still a faster kill than a 4/40 wolvie
MishHammer84 MCOC
My 4* r4 ghost rider does more damage than him lmao
Quinn Williams
First time i actually did feel sorry for winter soldier.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yan Paing
Haha bcuz of this funny video i sub u buddy damn it’s cool 😎
Wow thats cool!
Prem Legend Of Champion
Well It Was Really Funny To See That And Man That Was Enjoying But One Thing 700+ Hits Worst Champion Ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂LOL
xeuii resa
Get this man some more subscribers
Chiranjeevi Chary
hey man nice editing cant stop laughing :D
Hahaha i lmao....... And the music was also gud
RAY T.H. Yuen
how long did that take in real time ? And what about in dog years?
It's "Yee-Haw!" lol!
Zhry Abdllh
Get well soon to your thumb finger bruh. Lots of hit 😂😂😂
PC Plod
This is an awesome video mate. Keep up the good work 👍🏼
Henry Cardona
what horror of character, just like for the collection
Gustavo Sifuentes
Trash Panda
We're not worthy!!! We're not worthy!!!!! Just fucking awesome bro!!!!! You beat Winter soldier like a red-headed stepchild! Lmfao😄😄😄
Dragon Choppie
Need that jersey son #727
My rank 4 wolverine does more damage than that
More videos with Kang please
vasim shikalgar
That's the best editing i've seen in a while!
Pedro Castro
Damn727 hits nice job
Nisarg M. Vasavada
Well my colossus is stronger than kang!
The GamingRodent
That stun lock is unparalleled by any other mortal across all 9 realms
Los O
That was actually cool and funny. It would help if we knew your mastery setup for that fight.
Mohamed Hussein
Congrats on kang
I am not a legend ,Mcoc ft.
Hahaha 😂😂😂 thumbs up bro that was really funny
Slavi Tabakov
Lol. How long did it take? 30min or so?
I'm sorry you did this, But I'm not sorry I watched this.
MEHTA paresh
he is rare ..but bullshit champ
CP gaming xd
727 hits with 4 star kang
Nani Ruja
Nice video editing!
Nani Ruja
After 3:40 it starts to sound like fapping. 😂 😂 😂
Monkey's uncle
Amazing fight, but Kang does not deal good damage what so ever.
Kirigaya Kazuto
it makes me feel like i just went to a japanese dojo and suddenly teleported to a farm while watching them fight
Hahahahaha man that made me laugh 😂
Khilesh Dhurve
Do it against red hulk 😂 You know which one
LikeDa Boss
winter soldier can take quite a beating
Scott Brittain
the music is nice. its like the ballad of billy bob kang
Lucky Weks
nice video...
Gelo martinez
I seriously subbed after the vid
rock bikram rana
I got kang to
Kraezy Doom
Damn! Kang sucks! 😢😑
Do an entire run of LoL with Kang :P the ultimate dare
Le Louch
Kang is such a terrible champ! Love the music and ws baby voice upon speedup 😂😂
I played 2x faster. It was nuts
Tor The Beast
mr. pilowhands himself
Frasier Films
This is the most satisfying video I have ever seen
Donald Trump
Wtf infinite stun
Ikram Prime14
Great video i just sub
Monkey D Luffy
lol the fringe is real in the editing
Andre Weyhe
Funny video. Absolutely my humor. Thx
Inferno Saiyan
So how long it take all and all
TristanPlayz 21
Haha…saw this on Reddit
Давид Ерицян
Now Kang rip...now 1 spec 2.40 sec , before 3 sec ....Watch my video in channel(
Rahul Singh
One of the hilarious video on MCOC fight I've ever seen.. and i see you took Cap's advice about patience 🤣 727 hits!! gr8..
Gareth Edge
That was brilliant! Shared on alliance line chat.
Gideon Messer
''sigh'' I wanted kang
Sentry &Void
now kabam will nerf Kang and say "bla bla bla...infinite loop..bla"
Alex L.
Que bosta...
Fahaam Khan
I also play this game n also love this game my name is fahaam 1920 in this game
koala lover
Great editing
Victor Barbara
Hahaha that was awesome!!
Atef Dalal
watch the vid on 2x speed its the best thing ever
Kinda tempting to use my next gem on my 5* kang just for the fact he's my only trophy lmao
Boss Boy
600th sub
727 hits wtf
Watching this in 2x playback speed 😂😂😂 also, kang the space beekeeper 100% confirmed!
Now watch the video in. 2x speed!!!
Tushar Chakraborty
Kang is king
Stewart Litano Viera
jajja aunq no entiendo ingles me suscribo jaja solo porq me parecio chistoso XD ..algo diferente jja
Nonoa Sailo
Ali Bayındır
Khushki Khan
727 Hits...Omg..😂
Michael Smith
4 star beast can perfect the winter soldier.
Trieu Hoang Ky
The Кома
Wow, keep up the great spirit like that. Thank you, your video made my day
Halim Muhammad
How did you get Kang's stun last so long? Mine is 1/3 as long exactly 2.4 seconds
Vick Bal96
😂😂😂😂😂 i am happy... Kang isss shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii thhh...
It took my 3/30 x23 the same amount of hits. She's unduped too
Kiss Sandor
rup chowdhury