Nightcore - Gives You Hell

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Picture Anime
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Zen - Kun
AMAZING. I also love the picture, its art reminds me of your profile pic. Sorry for being laate ;_; Aaaand good job for 31k subscribers <3
Picture Anime
Enjoy :) Upload Monday/Friday ! Pic on my facebook page.
Am I the only one laughing at the fact that if u take away the - in the title it's "Nightcore gives you hell"?....yes? Ok then....
Aleksandra Merci
When you dislike this Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell!
Bloodsworth _
I remember listening to this when I was in diapers…memories
Alexander Hamilton
I feel like sending this to everyone I hate
Scarlett Richards
Anyone thinking of showing this to someone u hate (smirks) :)
I always love listening to this song! Its one of my favorites!
this song is too happy to be talking about hell ;-;
why are you not on soundcloud? I wanna listen to your songs with my phone
Tumblr Phxxbx//
When teenagers scare the living hell outa you and you give them hell 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Historia Reiss
I was still in middle school when this song came out... ah memories
pfft, exactly what I wanna say to my ex. He tries to get under my radar sometimes but it ain`t working. Now all he cares about is the number of girls he has his arms wrapped around.
Papyrus Skeleton
That face could never give me hell. He's just too adorable! ;)
Some Random Girl Who Plays Minecraft
Oh if the picture was Sebastian... then I'd be able to make puns...
Kathryn Peterson
I love the happy go lucky theme of this song, even though its about a guy whose wishing someone hell
Darlene Riveros
🎵When you see my face I hope it gives you, hope it gives hell~🎵 💜 it!!
is this an anime?
Weird Contents
Is the pic from an anime?
supreme games
To all my bullies.😈😈😈welcome to hell.
Ma. Lorena Aborot
crowley brings me here!
Me to all my ex-friends because I have no lovelife
Cheesy Pizza
Shannon Demon Lover
YESH HOPE IT GIVES YU HELL Sorry i got carried away.. I LOVE IT
Stephanie Pop
this song should be playing in the background whenever I see someone I hate... that would be funny if that ever happened though XD *next day* Me: *walks in the same room as the person I hate* *song starts to play, after I stare coldly at person I hate* Me: Hell yeah!! Person I hate: what???.... Me: *starts dancing and singing along* Person I hate: * also starts singing the song* Me: WTF!!! *gives them the evil eye* *song stops* Me: *walks out of room*
Golden Doom249
is it weird that i prefer nightcore version?
Kayla Baguindo
Truth be told i miss you...And truth im lying!!!! omg, sakura and sasuke breakup song...Time to go to Naruto, Sasuke.... MWAHAHAHAHAH
Irrelevant Rat
<3 What I say to my bullies :D
Amya Mage_
lol i sent this to my ex-bff
¡Vivan los zumitos! :3
I love this *_*
ticci toby
hope it gives hell
Freezy Carrot
Happy early April 1st XD :)
Casualy watching nightcore at 2 am
Cheyanne Rice
I love this song
DudeManGuy 1
Play it at speed 1.25 it's so epic xD
Camryn The Lover
I LOVE THIS SONG I mean it's cool 😊😄
KaDarria Monroe
this song makes me laugh 😂
This is Ya boi CANCEROUS
☻/ /▌ This is bob, he loves nightcore. / \ Copy and paste him on the nightcore vids so he can enjoy it bob: I love this song
Daddy Jesus
Connor the cat
hope it gives you hell, hope it gives its hell : is talking to all the people that knows:
Jasper Rose
Picture Anime what have u done to meeeeee? i'm obsessed o.o...
imalivingmem e
"truth be told I miss you...and truth be told I'm lying" xD favorite part. Great job!
Nebula onCR
I dunno if I'm right but I learned a little about DJing and it's kinda pretty simple to make this .. correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it's just sped up and if this is true this would be very easily done just saying ~~ No hate 😉
Kayla Baguindo
Neko girl
i remember this of glee....
Nattie Parks
This song "see my face hope it gives you hell" Thats sad :(
Ice Cream
Is it me or does it sound like Kahoot?( the beat)
Joe Perry
loves it! :)
Scardy Kat789
*S* *C* *H* *O* *O* *L*
Mandys world
I'm I the only emo Pham girl here .... no oh ok counties sighing
Awkward Potato
Jinx :
Nice I hate a girl named Alyssa she needs her stomach sliced open while she's still alive for what she did to me and I would watch as she screams and slowly die 😡
DudeManGuy 1
This song is too good to be only 3 minutes long ;-;
Simone Williams
Welp...this gonna be in my head for awhile
fairy boi
😳 I miss this song I'm now in high school 😳
Another sub earned mate (;
Casie Dragmire
This song helps me deal with loosing a friend recently, thank you :)
remix anime
love this song😍😍😍
Why do people make these...???like you can at least name it something like “gives you hell sped up” because this still has nothing to do with.....that thing
Jay Walker
I just died from watching 'Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' so I need songs to pick-me-up
Kassidy Ruiz
The ending tho
Julie Hennessey
omggg AAR! >~<
Alora Smith
"Hope when you see my face it gives you hell " haha me to my ex 😋✌
AAR ❤❤
Tumblr Phxxbx//
Me:singing to this friend:. ;-; -gets annoyed- me:Sings- You can look me in the eyes with the sad sad look that you wear so well! xD Friend: Go to hell me:meet you there ;) friend: .-. me:WHEN YOU SEE MY FACE HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL!!!
Smallerthanyou 413
Is it ok if I use this to do a cover to make my ex stop texting and talking to me?
definitely gay
I love his eyes and I love the song. I once sung this song to someone, brings back good memories.
Darlene Riveros
Deez Nuts
Weebs... Weebs everywhere...
Bailey Rohn
THIS SONG IS MY LIFE.... just literally this is the relationship with most of my friends they are all bitches but it's ok because so am I 😂
rose kings
Anime ?
Snowing Jacobs
isobel w
This was on my playlist but when I played it it just says this video is not available and I can't find a good nightcore version is it just my phone or is taken down?
This is rad!
Gerard The muffin
All I can see is Gerard way in this picture I'm sorry I know it's not
Aliya Taleon
Is that miyamura?
gaming assassin
I was born in 2005 not the 90's but I wish I was
Doedpool Guy
you my friend.... r great and get a new subscriber😉😉😊😊
My life.
The picture looks like my brother. :3
The song doesn't play on mobile... :"(
I love this song 😁❤
Some Person On the Internet
What anime?
Nature Girl Jirou
"And truth be told I miss you... And truth be told I'm lying!" LOL
Natalie Castro
Total me
Lulu Caluca0101 Lulu Malu
nome do anime??
john doe
Everytime I hear this song I think of my EX, Good Job with the song, ^8^
Scarlet River
What's the picture origin? Is it an anime? or visual novel? and if it is what is it?
SCREE. ._.
I let my ex listen to this XD
Christian Butler
I just got sad because my girlfriends sis just hu rt my feelings so I listened to this and idk but it cheered me up and I got back with herl
Christian Butler
I just got sad because my girlfriends sis just hu rt my feelings so I listened to this and idk but it cheered me up and I got back with her
Little Undertale
Send this song to your ex HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL XD
Maya Gooch
I generally love this song-nightcore and original! TuT